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Gov't seeks Shs 1 trillion loan for infrastructure development

Government has tabled a Shs 1.2 trillion loan request for the municipal infrastructure development program.

David Bahati, the State Minister for Planning tabled before parliament a loan request that will be financed by the International Development Association (IDA) of the World Bank. 

The loan which is to provide additional financing for municipal infrastructure development was last month approved by cabinet. 

The funds will be used to address different challenges through the provision of grants to municipalities and refugee hosting districts to support rehabilitation and construction of urban roads and associated infrastructure.

David Bahati

According to a cabinet statement issued recently, the loan is to help address infrastructure development in the Local Governments hosting large numbers of refugees by constructing small bridges and box culverts on impassable sections.

The loan will also see the construction of market stalls for vendors at bus, taxi and lorry parks, construction of markets, slaughterhouses including provision for waste management, implementation of the drainage master plans and others.

Also to be addressed by the loan is the urban solid and liquid waste management through addressing bottlenecks in the solid waste management cycle, provide information education communication materials, institutional capacity, and waste reduction strategies.

The cabinet statement further says that the loan will help develop infrastructure for promoting sports and culture playfields, resource centres, community buildings and also be used for urban beautification of public parks, playgrounds,  urban landscaping and urban greening like planting of trees on roads edges.

Deputy speaker Jacob Oulanyah referred the loan request to the committee of National Economy for expeditious handling.


+5 #11 rubangakene 2018-08-09 21:56
Never use refugees as pawns in your plan to borrow money; Ugandans are not that stupid to hoodwink easily.

Refugees are supported by the United Nations through several international agencies. This money is forwarded to the hosting government to effectively manage their stay in respective host countries.

If the money is diverted for other purposes, then the government should answer directly to the world body. Why does Tanzania manage their refugee issue effectively is something Uganda should emulate rather than burdening us 'wanainchi' who have got our problems.

So if you request for a loan leave out the refugees and explain how you have used the taxes collected over the last thirty years. Good God, the cheek of it reeks!
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0 #12 Akot 2018-08-12 19:37
rubangakene, thanks!

Just to add that Musevnei's government gets 33% of money given to refugees in Uganda by UN-EU & this percentage is meant to develop local areas housing refugees!

Is this what Museveni does with the part of the money given for refugees in Uganda to help local areas/people living with refugees?

But of course, Akot forgets that UN-EU consider Uganda a well governed democratic country at peace & Ugandans don't need help because they are well served by Museveni!
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