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MP Rwabwogo 'stalker' Brian Isiko granted bail

The High court has granted bail to Brian Isiko, a student of YMCA College of Business Studies, Jinja, who was convicted of cyber harassment and offensive communication.

Isiko had been granted a 2-year jail term for stalking Kabarole Woman MP Sylvia Rwabwogo, by continuously sending her text messages and calling her. But Isiko challenged the sentence by Buganda Road Grade One Magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu and asked that he is released on bail, pending hearing of his appeal.

In his application, Isiko stated that his custodial sentence would deny him an opportunity to complete his course at YMCA.  This morning, he was granted a cash bail of Shs 500,000. His sureties; Grace Regan Muganza, a retired UPDF officer and Wako Godfrey, the assistant academic registrar of Kyambogo University, were each bonded on non-cash bail of Shs 5 million.

Brian Isiko has been granted bail. Photo:@912CroozeFM

Presiding High court judge, Jane Frances Abodo said that given the fact that Isiko has filed an appeal against the sentence, he retains the presumption of innocence. He added that the reasons presented by his lawyers; Katuntu and Co. Advocates, were substantial to warrant bail.

He, however, was cautioned against contacting MP Rwabwogo until the matter is dissolved completely. He is expected to report to the registrar of High court Criminal Division every third Friday of the month.

Meanwhile, Isiko's trial and conviction has sparked off mixed reactions from a cross section of Ugandans, many arguing that the sentence was too harsh for the student while others believe that such youngsters need to be tamed as a way of addressing sexual and gender-based violence.

Grace Bantebya Kyomuhendo, a professor of women and gender studies at Makerere University applauded Rwabwogo for taking action against Isiko's antics, which with no doubt tantamount to sexual harassment and abuse of personal and private life. Prof Bantebya says Isiko could have drawn courage from a patriarchal society of men who claim entitlement on women's bodies

"If his claims were for love, the moment the MP said, she is not interested he should have stopped there. He shouldn’t have continued harassing and sending messages because he is drawing from grounds that he’s a man… He should have stopped. That history of saying when a woman says no, she means yes, we have moved on. That is so many centuries ago." she said.  

Fred Kindi, a lecturer of philosophy at Makerere University says Isiko could have acted out of infatuation. However, Kindi says if it's genuine that Isiko was looking out for love, there was no reason for him to be prosecuted. He said stalking is not only done by men but women as well. 
"Yes men are also stalked but the threats presented by a lady stalking a man may not be taken seriously like a threat of a man stalking a woman. Otherwise those cases are there because of the culture still men fear to talk about it that a certain man is stalking me. People will even laugh at you," said Kindi. 
Lauben Muhabuzi, the executive director of Men's Forum against Domestic Violence says that the country doesn't have clear laws on how to date a woman and he thinks that there could have been something that intrigued Rwabwogo to take Isiko to court.


0 #1 Akot 2018-08-05 19:49
Uganda is catching up with technology & will be in real trouble as developed countries are today as modern technology is accepted blindly/naively as advancement & no one sees it's alse means to destroy lives, cause wars...as it's not controlled!

Any one can take photos of any one/events on streets, post them on line, use them as evidence even against police...!

This leaves violent people who cause trouble, especially during public events, got away with it while police who come to ensure people's safety are considered violent because they have to handle criminals with force to subdue them: yet no one asks why police handle trouble causes with froce!

No one remembers police/security agenst are there to ensure safety of all & people are protected from trouble causers who are today considred victims of police!...
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0 #2 Akot 2018-08-05 20:01
...People taking photos, posting them on line, give evidence against police/security agents are not even aware they are working to encourage criminality!

Just as Brian Isiko uses technology to harasse MP Sylvia Rwabwogo & does not see how cruel/inhuman it is, besides being a crime!

Would police/security agents go to stop criminals with force if it was not to protect people?

Ugandans may not see this the way I do as Museveni's police/security work for him & not for Ugandans: but Ugandans must know technology is used by them & they use it against one another as in the rest of the world!

Today with uncontrolled use of technology, the very people who cry out loud for police protection are the ones giving eveidence against the very police they want to protect them!...
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0 #3 Akot 2018-08-05 20:06
...So, as criminals are now portected by the people who are helping them provide evidence against police/security agents, who will protect the people from criminals?

S.Korean females are photographed in thier privacy by secret cameras & thier privacy posted on line!

Yet, with so much dudity, pornography...on line, not even developed countries see this incite more crime!

Ugandan situation will get worse under Museveni where Ugandans have no say though!
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0 #4 Akot 2018-08-05 20:32
Lauben Muhabuzi, really!!!

Ugandan women chose which men they want!

No man can force himself nor marry nor live with a Ugandan women who doesn't want him, so no law will force Ugandan women to be robots!

While parents want their girls to get married & culturally it is called for, non force their girls into marriage!

Or has Museveni changed Ugandans to a point they need laws to tell them how to breath, date & Akot is not aware of this?

But I understand why MP Sylvia Rwabwogo took Isiko to court: if she was not mp but just a girl from a village, she would have ignored the man or told her village/girlfriends what that self styled superman is: a spoilt little boy who believes he is a man!

Where is this boy's mother?

How can one with such level of education be so uncivilized, uncultured, uneducated?
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