Ugandans in US protest against Anite's admission to Tufts varsity

A section of Ugandans living in the United States of America held a protest against the admission of State Minister of Investment Evelyn Anite at Tufts University, a private research university in the state of Massachusetts.

They accuse her of corruption and violation of human rights. Anite, who rose to fame when she knelt before President Museveni in 2016 to ask him to stand for another term in office, is a student of International Relations and Diplomacy at the prestigious Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

Anite was also at the forefront last year in pushing for the amendment of Constitution to lift presidential age limits that, bar this week's Constitution court ruling will open the only remaining hurdle for Museveni to contest again in the 2021 elections.

She recently requested for permission to take leave from parliament and cabinet to attend classes in the U.S.

Some of the protestors against Anite's admission

Anite's is paying $90,000 (Shs 342 million) for the course that is sponsored by the Uganda government. Some Ugandans in the U.S. are questioning her admission, saying that the United States, as a democracy, should not encourage corrupt government officials to seek refuge in its territory under the guise of undertaking further studies.

A group of Ugandans on Saturday gathered in Medford, Boston for a protest, in which they demanded that Anite's admission be cancelled. The protest spearheaded by the Common League of the Ugandan Diaspora (CLOUD) lasted more than eight hours.

Several Ugandans held placards with inscriptions challenging the admission and demanding the Tufts University suspends Anite, in public interest. "Anite should join Russian schools, USA is a democracy, not an Autocracy," read one of the placards.

There were several others in the same line, some offensive, some demanding and others recommending action.

Martin Byakuleka, the CLOUD president who also spearheaded the protest says Anite is an enemy of democracy and human rights in Uganda and has no right to attend a free world top school of International Affairs.

Byakuleka called for Anite's admission to be cancelled as an honour for global peace and security. He says if Tufts University does not listen to their call, they will plan a massive round of demonstration in August.

Attempts to speak to the University about the protest were futile, as online contacts were not responded to by press time.


+4 #11 Socrates 2018-07-24 13:25
90,000us dollars to be wasted on one person.An amount which can construct a modern and well equipped primary school or a dispensary.

A gorvnment which claims there is no money to buy cancer machines is wasting such a huge sum on an individual project,which is not at all of social benefit.

Oh! Poor Uganda,under poor leadership, who will liberate you from these predators.?
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+4 #12 Socrates 2018-07-24 13:49
Hello Mr. Okiria I would like to know if Anite is your representative in Parliament and if so what is the state of your school presently?
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+1 #13 Mubiru 2018-07-24 18:30
What a convenient trick of going " for further" studies when allegations against this girl of having "eaten" billions are spreading all over the place like wild fire!

In any case this girl doesn't need to hide under "further" studies. She doesn't need to waste tax payers' money when the only reason she was made a minister was to kneel down and "beg" the President to stay in power for ever.

She should repeat the same comedy if she wanted any more favours and promotion without wasting more funds.

Could "further studies" be a cover up for something dubiously suspicious? Another woman minister from Anite's area never came back despite Museveni's alleged assurance of her safety.

Did that former minister "ate" also? People have really "eaten" Uganda to to extinction.
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0 #14 Kabayekka 2018-07-25 09:17
One understands M/s Anite is a Uganda Northerner.

And NRM is a government of African Unity. It certainly sèems that the citizens from the North of Uganda are not badly off as they now enjoy their fruits of working with their former formidable NRM agressors!
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