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Uganda Airlines revival: gov't procures six planes

Government is in advanced stages of procuring two more aircraft, as efforts to revive Uganda Airlines hit overdrive. 

Earlier on Wednesday, Canadian plane manufacturer, Bombardier announced that it has signed a purchase agreement with Uganda for four CRJ900 aircraft.

The four bombardiers will cost an estimated $190 million (about Shs 711 billion). And, today European company, Airbus in statement, confirmed the signing of memorandum of understanding between itself and Uganda Airlines for the purchase of two A330-800neo aircraft. 

This means the national carrier which is being revived, will have 6 planes. Cabinet early this month concluded discussions on revival of the national carrier. The two A330-800neo aircraft will each feature, according to the statement, three class cabin layout comprising of 20 Business seats, 28 Premium Economy and 213 Economy seats.

The artistic impression of Uganda Airlines' Airbus A330-800neo aircraft

“This agreement demonstrates our ambition for economic growth supported by a robust aviation industry. The A330-800neo combines low operating costs, long range flying capability and high levels of comfort. We are looking forward to launch operations and offer our customers best-in-class service”, said Ephraim Bagenda, CEO of Uganda Airlines.

“We are delighted to welcome Uganda Airlines among our A330neo customers, the A330neo will bring a range of benefits offering unrivalled efficiencies combined with the most modern cabin. We look forward to see the A330-800neo flying in the colours of Uganda”, said Eric Schulz, Airbus chief commercial officer.

Government had set December 2018 as the date for Uganda Airlines to resume operations, but this has been pushed to April 2019. Government needs at least Shs 1.3 trillion to purchase the six aircraft but only Shs 139 billion was budgeted for in 2018/19 financial year. 
Recently, State Minister for Planning, David Bahati said government was looking at acquiring loans from banks including China's Exim bank among other investment possibilities. Revamping Uganda Airlines was top on President Yoweri Museveni's must-do list after 2016 presidential elections.

During the inauguration of the cabinet in October 2016, Museveni directed the line ministry to commence work on the task. Museveni argued that "a national airline would help the country save $420 million per year that Ugandans spend on air travel with foreign owned aircraft. Uganda Airlines started operations in 1977 and wound up in May 2001.


+3 #21 rubangakene 2018-07-19 23:19
Surely, this is a joke. These lot cannot even run a fleet of wheel barrows, how do you expect them to run an airline? Vain glory if you ask me!
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0 #22 Lakwena 2018-07-20 08:49
Quoting miki:
The reason Ugandan policy makers are excited about Uganda airline is because they are always on planes flying somewhere on some useless venture.

The same way they are excited by hotels and shopping malls. This is because when they are away from Uganda they spend most time shuttling between hotels and shopping malls. ...

Thanks Miki.

After robbing power at gun point, the best thing that ever happened to Mr. M7 and fellow gunmen was to sleep in a 5-star hotel. This is because, in a 5-star hotel, you are treated like a king.

In other words, that is the origin of Mr. M7's obsession with Hotels: feel and live like a king at all cost. Hence his obsession with political power; the power and money; and money and the power addiction.

Hence the vanity, obsession and illusion of Middle income rhetoric, which fuels and drives the corruption, pilfer and brutality if challenged.
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+5 #23 Uganda Tourism 2018-07-20 16:09
Why is Uganda Airlines paying $47 million each for the Bombardier CRJ900 jet that although is listed for $48 Million, The true market value of the CRJ900 is $24 Million.

American Airlines recently bought 15 of them at $19 Million Each. Is it because Ugandan buyers are unaware or is it because some middle man is pocketing big.

Who was responsible to make this purchase?
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+1 #24 Joel 2018-07-20 17:39
I fly quite often but don't think I can trust the safety of those aircrafts ran by Ugandan government.
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+2 #25 WADADA rogers 2018-07-20 19:57
Am certain the brokers of the deal have bought third hand 1985 jets only painted to look new
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0 #26 Joel 2018-07-21 13:46
Regional jet
National origin
CRJ700 series
CRJ700, CRJ900, and CRJ1000
CRJ-900 Air Nostrum EC-JTU 01.jpg
Air Nostrum CRJ900 in 2014
Regional jet
National origin
Bombardier Aerospace
First flight
27 May 1999


Number built
822 as of December 2017[2]

Unit cost

CRJ700: US$41.4 million
CRJ900: US$46.5M
CRJ1000: US$49.5M
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