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Kyotera police commander loses gun to thugs

Musa Kayongo, the DPC of Kyotera

The Kyotera district police commander (DPC), Musa Kayongo has lost his pistol to unidentified thugs. The incident occurred last week on Thursday night at Bwasa village in Kalisizo town. 

According to available information, two armed thugs donning military uniform stopped Kayongo's private car at around 3am claiming to be operatives from the elite Special Forces Command that guard the president, his family and other VIPs. 
They reportedly persuaded Kayongo to surrender his pistol to help them in their operation since President Yoweri Museveni was expected in Kyotera the following day. According to Kayongo, the thugs introduced themselves and presented their identity cards, which gave him confidence to surrender his firearm thinking they were genuine operatives.
He, however, says after surrendering his pistol, the thugs disappeared mysteriously leaving him stranded. Kayongo reported that incident Kalisizo police station where he recorded a statement. Lameck Kigozi, the Masaka region police spokesperson has confirmed the incident, saying they are still handling the matter at an administrative level.
According to Kigozi, they are still questioning Kayongo to get more facts to aid the ongoing investigations. No suspect has been arrested in connection to the incident. Kayongo has since declined to speak to reporters on the matter. His account has left detectives wondering how a senior officer would surrender his gun to unknown people.
Kayongo is among the 52 senior police officers who went for a 3-months training course that started in March in Kyankwanzi. Flavia Terimulungi, the UPDF Armoured Brigade spokesperson in Masaka, says they are working with other security agencies to recover the gun and arrest the perpetrators. She explains that several thugs use military uniforms to execute their unlawful missions, which taints the image of the army.

She urges members of the public to avail any information which can help them their investigations. Gun theft is common in Kyotera and Rakai districts. Last month, thugs stole a gun from Joseph Ssentongo, a police constable attached to Rakai police station. Ssentongo had locked his gun inside the house as he went to fetch water.

Unknown thugs broke into the house and made off with his rifle number 563000795 with its magazine containing 35 rounds. Ssentongo was later locked up together with six others people including Julius Kawudde, Peter Owori, Prosper Wangi, Paddy Lubega and Francis Tabula.
In September 2017, thugs raided Kasaali prison and made off with a gun after overpowering one of the wardens. The gun was recovered in a swamp few days later. In the same month, thugs raided Luti police post in Kasaali sub-county and took an SMG riffle.

On December 31st 2016, thugs attacked Lance Corporal, Kassim Okiror at Mutukula border post and took his AK-47 riffle No. 49002163 with two magazines.


0 #11 Lakwena 2018-07-13 16:21
Quoting Kelly:
Assuming this story is true according to the DPC, then it points to the bigger salient issues of our country regarding security.

3. How many times have we seen men driving private cars with army fatigues/jackets placed visibly on the seats (I am told to scare off traffic officers)?

4. Those with guns think they are above the law, otherwise the DPC would have questioned the authority of the so called SFC goons.

Kelly, this is a basket case. Have you ever heard anywhere on planet earth that presidential guards borrow pistols on the highway because the president is expected in a jurisdiction (Kyotera)?
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