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Njeru mayoral candidate poisoned

Diana Mutasingwa Kanyesigwa

One of the candidates vying for the Njeru municipality mayoral seat in Buikwe district has been rushed to Nairobi, Kenya after suspected poisoning.

Diana Mutasingwa Kanyesigwa, an independent candidate is said to have been poisoned on Thursday during her campaigns in Nyenga parish. Her parents rushed her to Nile International hospital where they were advised to take her to another hospital for advanced treatment. 

Kanyesigwa's father, Charles Mutasingwa, says his daughter complained of stomach pain, which they thought was minor. He however, says they took her to Nile International hospital in Jinja when the pain persisted only to be told she had been poisoned.
Mutasingwa said said the source of the poisoning is unknown but his daughter said she'd taken some edibles during the campaign trail. This is not the first time Kanyesigwa's is being targeted. Unknown people vandalized her vehicle in Wakisi sub-county two weeks ago. She filed a case with police, which is still carrying out investigations.

The Njeru mayoral race has attracted five candidates. They are Yasin Kyazze, the NRM candidate, FDC's Amos Waswa Kivumbi, Joseph Opondo, Aziz Jjunju and Kanyesigwa.  


-2 #1 Odessa Sekite 2018-07-09 22:22
Sadly this is the new normal in Uganda, anyone vying for a political seat has to understand the consequences including death. It is a high stakes game.

Who dares wins.
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0 #2 Mubiru 2018-07-11 13:15
Even those who murder or poison others to death their time, like that of any murderous regimes, will come and they will follow their victims.

Its just a question of time because nothing lasts for ever. You bloody killers.
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