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Court orders fresh mediation in Ankole 'king' case

The High court in Mbarara has ordered for fresh attempts to mediate in a case against self-proclaimed Ankole king Umar Asiimwe Rubambansi.
Mediation in the case on June 13 flopped after the complainants in the case failed to show up. Mediation is part of the court process in the matter that was filed at Mbarara High court by Phillip Musiime seeking to halt activities of Asiimwe.

Ankole 'king' Asiimwe Ntare VI

Asiimwe has for close to three years been operating a palace at Itaaba, Rwampara county and has hosted several guests who pay homage to him.

But Musiime dragged him to court saying that he is not the right crown prince of Ankole. Musiime says that the crown prince of Ankole is the late John Barigye a son of Rwebishengye.
Court advised the two parties to settle the matter through mediation. The mediation process was to be handled by arbitrator Suwaya Matovu.

Matovu says that he had decided to suspend the arrangements to have dialogue up to when the two parties are willing to come to a round-table.


0 #1 Rwasubutare 2018-07-06 12:23
A mwiru sovereign would be good for a change. I hope he is not joking just like fly that spoils the broth.
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0 #2 gwok 2018-07-07 01:02
Quoting Rwasubutare:
A mwiru sovereign would be good for a change. I hope he is not joking just like fly that spoils the broth.

Sir, The procedure for selecting sexually transmitted tribal kings is, inclusively neither culturally nor biologically fool-proof.

Therefore, the courts cannot conclusively rule on that. Further, our national courts should not stoop down to rule on tribal matters.

You might remember earlier this year what happened when the Soga internally had a dispute with theirs and wrongfully placed that local issue before our national parliament for resolution.
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0 #3 Lakwena 2018-07-09 09:12
Except vanity and conceit, why do some people want to be kings/burden over others?
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