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Janet warns parents on kidnappings

Ugandans, Janet Museveni has said, ought to have an honest discussion about responsible parenting instead of surrendering their responsibility to government. 

In a recent speech at the commemoration of the International Day of the African Child at Kirigwaijjo senior secondary school in Kibale district, the First Lady and minister for Education and Sports, said it is only this generation of parents who expect government to walk into their homes and clothe, feed and take care of children. 

Even during the hard times, she said, Ugandan families were still able to feed their children on nutritious food.

Education minister Janet Museveni

“…We have fruits abundant in rural areas especially. But all that food these days can go to the market and the families go without. So what does that mean? She said.

“Government will not come into your home to feed your children or pack your children’s lunch to school or remember to dress them decently or wash them. Sometimes you find children on the street who have not had a bath or a shower for a long time and they have parents.”

She said cases of kidnaps are on the climbs spurred by absentee parents. She said instead of taking care of their children, parents  point the finger of blame at someone else including her husband’s government.

“There was a picture that showed two little children standing outside their gate waiting for a boda boda to take them to school with no adult. Very, very early in the morning, on their own and then we talk about kidnapping?” she said.

“There are evil people around the world, when you push your own children outside your gate and close the gate and some evil person comes and picks them up, honestly what responsibility is that? Whose responsibility is that? Why can’t parents say; at least let one of us drop these children to school and go to work?”

She said parents opt to take care of their own needs first. Fathers, she said, prefer drinking alcohol while mothers care more about their hair, nails and shopping.



0 #11 juwait kali 2018-06-20 21:50
Ok let's conclude that Ugandan parents are not responsible.
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0 #12 juwait kali 2018-06-20 22:04
Mwaami fuller while you are at it also inform us what would happen to abiligas children say he was on his way to pick them up from a baby seater.

And who is going to protect them now.
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0 #13 Ennu 2018-06-21 08:20
Quoting Lakwena:
[quote name="Ennu"][quote name="Lakwena"] ...
Lakwena, Give the lady a break. Facts are bitter and this, she said are facts. ...

But Ennu, wisdom has that: in a family or a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of.

Lakwena: I don't know if you saw anything in my postings that shows pride for the Museveni government.

I am just not choosing to politicize everything said by either Museveni and his Henchmen, or the opposition. If someone gives advise that is beneficial, why trash it because you oppose the person who said it?

You can chose to take the good advise and keep opposing the individual, lest it turns to pouring the whole soup out of a pot for just a fly.

Fact is we have reneged on our parental roles and blame everything on Museveni evils, I guess we should all leave our children's safety in the hands of fate since Dictator Museveni and his henchmen are still ruling
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