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Kadaga blocks MPs' debate on Kayihura

Speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga has blocked debate on the arrest and detention of former inspector general of police Gen Kale Kayihura.

Kayihura was arrested last week on Wednesday from his country home in Lyantonde by the army and is currently detained at Makindye military barracks according to officials. MPs had called for debate of Kayihura’s arrest and detention, arguing that it was not a normal occurrence and needed to be debated on.

However Kadaga said the debate introduced in parliament by Kisoro Woman MP Rose Kabagyenyi would not add any value since Kayihura was still under investigation.

“I believe the matter is under investigation. We have no value-addition at this stage. Leave that matter now,” Kadaga said.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga

Kabagyenyi earlier argued that the former police chief’s arrest was not a normal occurrence in the country, and that it required the attention of the house.

“We are disturbed by the conflicting statements surrounding the circumstances of the arrest and detention of the former IGP and we are alarmed by the media speculation.We want the government to tell us about the constitutional right to be produced in court not later than 48 hours from the time of a person’s arrest.” Kabagyenyi said.

Busongora North MP William Nzoghu wondered if it was in order for a colleague to challenge a decision taken by the commander in chief (President Museveni) to arrest and detain Kayihura.

“The commander in- chief has taken a decision to ensure the security of this country…and to make sure that he [Kayihura] also pays for his sins,” Nzoghu said attracting cheers from colleagues.

He added: “Gen Kayihura arrested many people including the people of Kasese...The commander-in-chief in his wisdom, has arrested Gen Kayihura... for the safety and security of our country, is the honourable member in order to challenge the decision of the commander-in-chief?”

Bukooli North MP Gaster Mugoya Kyawa queried why a member of parliament would demand the house or government’s explanation for Kayihura’s arrest and detention.

“Is it procedurally right for a member of parliament from Kisoro to come and require us [MPs] or government to give an explanation…when there are several and several crimes that are purportedly reported to have been committed by the officer?” Mugoya said.

Early this year, before he was dropped from the IGP position, Kayihura asked parliament to consider introducing a law that enables security operatives to detain suspects beyond 48 hours on grounds that some of the suspects released on police bond or court bail go into hiding soon afterwards.

It was because of how some legislators reacted to the matter raised by Kabagyenyi that prompted Kadaga to block the Kayihura arrest and detention debate.



0 #1 gwok 2018-06-20 01:08
What political colour does the Kisoro Woman MP Rose Kabagyenyi wear? The harassment of Kizza by the same KK has not been raised in the parliament.

Why should his (KK's) turn be exceptional? Just let two Ankole bulls fight it out while we [the cows] look on seemingly uninterested in the result.
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0 #2 jose 2018-06-20 08:02
rose kabagenyi thinks that people from kisoro are special, because they are rwanda nationals technically drafted into uganda
we ve not heard her say anything about somebody going to buy a shirt but picked by police and taken to kira road police station, later to nagalama and late in the night blindfolded n dropped in kasangati, did you hear her say banything about mumbeerle
we now know
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-1 #3 kabayekka 2018-06-20 10:01
Indeed Madame Speaker, the House would add value to this mess.

This is the House that has been approving this police man not once but several times to be the best IGP for the job.

This House with its dodgy business is the one causing insecurity in this country right now.
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