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Fuel tankers blow up into flames in Iganga

The fireball from the burning trucks. Photo:courtesy

Three people were reportedly injured after three fuel tankers were involved in an accident, caught fire and exploded in a fireball in Butende in Iganga along the Busia-Iganga road on Sunday.

Police in was forced to fire bullets in the air to disperse a group of youth who attempted to siphon fuel from three fuel trucks. One of the trucks registration KCD3474/ze28115 from Busia lost control and overturned on Saturday night.

On Sunday, another fuel truck belonging to GAZ company, registration number UANO37L arrived at the scene to transfer the fuel. But before the subsitute truck was driven off, a fire went off from its engine.

Another fuel truck registration number KCA913K which was also coming from Busia lost control and overturned next to the two burning trucks. Police was forced to fire bullets in the air as they struggled to stop the area residents from siphoning fuel from the truck that overturned.

Running battles ensued at the scene when armed police officers dispersed angry youth amidst objection. The locals accused police of taking some of the fuel.

The district police commander Iganga, Nassibu Nditta cautioned members of the public against siphoning fuel from trucks that are involved in accidents to avoid losing their lives.

"Ten years ago over 200 people from the same area lost their lives as they were siphoning fuel from a tanker that had been involved in an accident just opposite here," he said.


0 #1 Namukoye Geoffrey 2018-06-18 07:51
a very good-would be story but very poor writing in here.

Richard M. Kavuma would not accept this my dear.

The only good thing here is the photo. banange what became of my paper The Observer?
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0 #2 rubangakene 2018-06-18 17:54
A by-law should be passed so that these 'inferno juggernauts' should travel at night when the roads are free of competing traffic; their speed should also be controlled to enable smooth passage through our already troubled country.

As for looters, poverty is the main driver all over the world. they poor chaps can risk their lives just to put 'pig meat' on the family's table.

Meanwhile we want to electrify the Entebbe Highway without any risk assessment whatsoever.
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