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Nambooze, 3 others probed over Abiriga murder

Police has opened up investigations against four people believed to have incited or participated in the assassination of Arua municipality member of parliament Col Ibrahim Abiriga last week.

They include Mukono municipality MP Betty Nambooze, on the basis of a video in which she explains how easy it is to attack Abiriga even with his bodyguards all around him. A source privy to the ongoing investigations told URN that Nambooze was being investigated for inciting violence.

MP Nambooze (in red) attempts to remove Col Ibrahim Abiriga's cap last year. Police is investigating Nambooze for inciting violence against Abiriga
The second file is opened against Nasser Mugerwa, who sent out an audio recording claiming responsibility for Abiriga's assassination. Mugerwa details how they used crime preventers that have been trained by the government to kill Abiriga and that many other supporters of the ruling party National Resistance Movement (NRM) who backed the age limit amendment bill are on the waiting list.

He listed MPs Evelyn Anite, Ruth Nankabirwa, Simeo Nsubuga and Raphael Magyezi as the next possible targets. Mugerwa also threatened President Yoweri Museveni and his son Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

"All of you who touched on the constitution, you will pay. Even you Museveni and your son Muhoozi we are following you step by step," Mugerwa says in the audio which is making rounds on social media.

The third file is against one Jane Kuli, whose facebook post on May 24, 2018, 'foretold' that Abiriga would die in the first week of June. (Editors note: It's highly likely that the post was conveniently edited after Abiriga's murder last week). 

The fourth file is against a Ugandan based in Sweden known by the pet name Peng Peng who circulated a video this morning stating that Museveni and the NRM were behind the murder of Abiriga.

With the exception of Nambooze, the three others are looked at as persons of interest in the murder of Abiriga and his brother Saidi Buga Congo. The two were gunned down on Friday evening in Kawanda, Wakiso District.

"Someone like Mugerwa, he has gone on record and confessed to being behind the assassination. We have to bring him in and find out what he knows. The rest will be subject to investigations," the officer who preferred anonymity said.


0 #21 ejakait engoraton 2018-06-13 11:48
Quoting rubangakene:
Has it ever occurred to anybody that the 'primary' target could have been Colonel's brother, Abiriga himself probably an innocent bystander?

We know; (a)The brother was an operative in the war against Al Sahab in Somalia and (b) He could have been involved in dubious deals while he was there (UN supplies?); any thing goes!

Let's not rush headlong to conclusions just to appease the grieving masses. I smell 'two rats' here!

UGANDANS live large.
IF the brother was involved in any deal where he earned BIG, I do not see him coming back and being just a body guard / driver to his brother.

He would be driving around in the latest wheels and big house a la AK MBUGA.
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0 #22 Kent Mawa 2018-06-13 16:06
Only two days ago , I said that those who killed Abiriga might have done it to condition the public to get prepared for more assassinations and suffucation of any opposition.

There could also be a plan to murder and kidnappings to cause chaos and insecurity in order to justify a declaration of state of immergency like Obote did in the 60s.
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0 #23 Wooden K. 2018-06-13 18:23
Hello Kanyamunyu !

you must be laughing at all this drama .

You made news after you shot Akena dead and the usual suspects hid the smoking gun and then messed up the case.
Odonga Atto weeped , cursed and threatened to mine Karuma bridge.

That episode closed without any announcement,

I now see you and your Burundi baby sitting in your Italian soffer watching Odonga Atto on your 65 " TV. He there crying for Abiriga.

You see them mourners hugging and promising to look after Abiriga`s orphans just like they did when Akena`s coffin was lowered into the yellow soil.

Mbwenu bagambire mwana . It is all a damn show.It will end and be forgotten soon.

We Ugandans are the gold medalists when it comes to forgetting quickly.
Bless us !
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