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MP Abiriga, bodyguard gunned down

Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga has been shot dead together with his bodyguard near his home in Kawanda along the Kampala-Gulu highway.

Abiriga, who was famous for his love for the ruling party, National Resistance Movement and President Museveni was gunned down this evening by unknown gunmen reportedly riding on motorcycles in a style similar to the way former police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi was killed last year.

Abiriga was gunned down as he drove his yellow Volkswagen beetle vehicle to home. According to witnesses, Abiriga usually returned home between 6-8pm. He was gunned down at around 7pm today. 

MP Ibrahim Abiriga's car bearing bullet scars. Photo: Nicholas Bamulanzeki 

His last public appearance was at the presentation of the State of the Nation Address on Wednesday at International Conference Centre at Kampala Serena hotel, in his trademark yellow Kaunda suit matched with yellow shoes.
"It is a very unfortunate evening where I had to confirm the assassination of the Hon. Ibrahim Abiriga. He was killed near his home in Kawanda, Wakiso district," police spokesman Emilian Kayima said.
Abiriga was one of the champions for the recent constitutional amendment for the removal of the presidential age from the constitution.

"The Speaker @RebeccaKadaga has learnt with shock of the shooting & death of Arua Municipality MP, Hon Ibrahim Abiriga and sends her condolences to the family, the people of Arua and the country at large. She urges the security agencies to start investigations immediately," a tweet posted on the parliament handle reads. 

The shooting comes just a day after President Museveni assured Ugandans that the government will defeat masterminds of the new wave of what he called urban terrorism activities like kidnaps and murder. 

Museveni added that the government had put in place mechanisms to build the intelligence gathering capacity in towns and along major highways. 


Moments after he was gunned down, Musevrni called Abiriga's wife, Sijali Amina. The president rang the Arua district Internal Security Officer to link him up with Amina.

Since the substantive DISO is reportedly out of station, a one Aguti, an intelligence operative attached to Arua Airfield is reported to have received the presidential directive. Oguti was seen driving at breakneck speed to Abiriga's home to link President Museveni with Abiriga's wife.

Meanwhile, the mood at Abiriga's home is getting wilder. Irate mourners ordered soldiers who had deployed at Abiriga's home to go away. They accused them of failing to protect Abiriga in life. 

Abiriga's wife who returned to Arua two days ago from Kampala is currently being consoled by a group of women who immediately rushed to the home following the news of his demise.


News of Abiriga's shooting that started spreading at 7:20pm has left the Muslim community in Arua, NRM supporters in the municipality and Lower Madi community in distress.

RIP: Ibrahim Abiriga

Members of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council Arua district have reacted furiously to the news of Abiriga's death and have vowed to revenge on whoever has taken his life. Abiriga's house at Anyafio village was also filled with mourners as they tried to get live updates from television channels.
Abiriga served as the resident district commissioner (RDC) for Arua district for 12 years since 2001 before he was transferred to Yumbe in the same position. He resigned from the post to contest for a parliamentary seat, which he won in February 2016.
However, his election was contested by his main challenger, Musema Mudathir Bruce, a member of the opposition Forum For Democratic Change on the basis of lack of academic documents.  

His challengers have maintained that Abiriga did not have an advanced level certificate, the minimum education requirement for anyone contesting for a parliamentary seat. 


0 #21 Wooden K. 2018-06-09 17:31
How are Mister Nkuutu Kibedi ?

It is wrong to patronize the dead.

Did you believe that Abiriga was the only honest NRM before he got shot ?

Contrally to what you say , Abiriga was the mother of empty sologanism. His dress code and life style was louder than Chris Rwakasisi ho ho ha ha nyamurunga songs during their UPC days.

We can mourn Abiriga without hiding the truth.

This man and the other NRM"heros" gang raped & shot dead our constitution and danced around the carcass.
When is the funeral ?

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+1 #22 Wooden K. 2018-06-09 17:35
Don`t get me wrong , I am not saying that Abiriga`s death is not a painful loss .

I am saying that we need to learn from these things.and stop pretending.

The Abirigas laughed when Nambooze`s back got broken; they never cared when members of opposition were beaten , harrassed and humiliated infront of their kids.

All these people looked away when Dr.Andrew Lutakome Kayiira was shot dead . Probably some of them thought they would live forever.

Interestingly , as Abiriga suddenly finds himself inside of a cold room , the party goes on.

Somewhere else , new "heros" are being celebrated.

From dust to dust ; from home to --back home .
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0 #23 Jamick 2018-06-10 02:26
This is very sad that our country is heading back in to cycle of violence. Many people seems not to know Abiriga well, apart from his yellow attire and comical act within parliament.

This man was a NRA Commander of 32nd Battalion based in Palabeck, current Lamwo district in 1990-91.

It is documented that Abiriga was responsible for many atrocities, killings in areas on Palabek Kal,Gem, Ayuu. This document is available
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+2 #24 Kent Mawa 2018-06-10 15:29
Jamick, Abiriga was a commander in UNRF not NRA.

Some of NALU former commanders , most of whom were Amin`s soldiers, negotiated and were integrated into UPDF

The problem is that not all them were treated equally.

There is group ( dominantaly muslims) that got money, houses and ranks ; then there is another group that was made ( ignored& forgotten) to wait until today.

The second group felt betrayed and is still bitter. They blame Moses Ali,Ali Bamuze and Ibraim Abiriga for discriminating christian fighters.

Museveni is very aware of that conflict.

As I said ealier, Abigira had his own "domestic enemies" who are well known by the people in Arua/westnile.

That being said , it does not mean that Abiriga was not murdered by trained assasins from inside the security forces.
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+1 #25 juwait kali 2018-06-10 22:59
Kent mawa Abiriga was interviewed recently live on TV I have seen the clip myself.

He was dieing to speak to the president but he wouldn't give him audience. He used the same words as Bishop Lwanga. That people were telling lies to museveni about him.

Am not ruling out anyone at the moment. Because lwanga was met immediately after that famous cry why not meet abiriga. To the minimum museveni knows what is happening.
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+1 #26 juwait kali 2018-06-10 23:02
Wooden K. You have forgotten to mention major kiggundu mama finas deceased husband short in broad day light.
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0 #27 Lakwena 2018-06-11 08:07
In other words, the NRM Party is now a deadly party.

I am sure many of the naive aficionado (fanatical) NRM and Mr. M7's freaks, must be leaking in their pants and skirts.

And if I were one of the bodyguards of such characters, e.g. Hon Evelyn Anite, I would cut and run in order live another day.

Abiriga's tragedy is Westline tragedy as well Uganda's tragedy: the tragedy of supporting and fanatically following wrongdoers like Mr. M7.

In other words, if it were not because of Mr. M7's GREED, vis-a-vis the debacle of the removal of Presidential Age-limit , Abiriga would still be alive.

Because Mr. M7 exploited Abiriga's childlike naivety, Abiriga's innocent blood is on his head and that of Hon Raphael Magyezi.

Therefore, no amount blame game on ADF and chest-thumbing will absolve his moral guilt.

May Abiriga's soul be at peace in his "7-feet permanent home"
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0 #28 Lakwena 2018-06-11 08:20
Mr. M7 has no moral authority to condemn and curse Abiriga's killers.

Simply because, while in bush, he and driver, e.g. murdered an innocent UNLA soldier who was on official duty, manning a Security Roadblock against his criminality.

In other words, becoming the president, does not innocize him from extrajudicial murder of an innocent soldier, and many others only known to himself and cohorts .
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