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Judge orders KCCA to pay ex-KCC workers Shs 91bn

Court has awarded Shs 91 billion to 679 former Kampala City Council (KCC) employees who were wrongfully dismissed by the current Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) administration.

The employees, part of the 1,009 retained when KCC morphed into KCCA in 2011, sued the government and KCCA executive director Jennifer Musisi after they were sacked in July, 2012.

KCCA executive director Jennifer Musisi

In their application filed at the High court’s Civil division, the employees argued that their termination was wrong because they were not given chance to be absorbed in other public service sectors.

They also demanded full terminal benefits under the Local Governments Act as KCC employees and full salaries for the period of 17 months they worked for KCCA under the KCCA Act.

In September 2012, KCCA started paying termination packages to the defunct KCC employees under the public service regulations. The authority spent up to Shs 5 billion.

However, in her 16-page ruling dated April 28, Justice Lydia Mugambe ruled that the employees were entitled to full retirement benefits under the Local Governments Act. She also ordered that any balances, based on calculations under the KCCA Act, owed to each employee should be paid.

Following Mugambe’s ruling, KCCA will pay up to Shs 43 billion in balances on terminal benefits to the sacked employees for the 17-month employment period. The city authority will pay another Shs 5 billion court awarded to the former employees in general damages.

Some senior former KCC workers received meagre retirement packages ranging from Shs 400,000 to Shs 3 million, which they felt did not match their long service.

Brian Ssegawa, one of the 10 employees who signed the court application on behalf of their sacked colleagues, said the ruling has been long overdue but worth the waiting.

“We have finally got justice and hope the government and KCCA pay us accordingly,” Ssegawa told The Observer yesterday.

Among the beneficiaries of the latest court order is former Kampala City public relations officer, Simon Muhumuza and former senior principal assistant town clerk, Robinah Kayongo Kayondo.

Others are Justine Kasule, Geoffrey Ndaula, Angella Ssemambo, Frank Kaitale, Geoffrey Kiiza, Godfrey Kiregga Musisi and Frank Waidha.

The group includes former lawyers, division town clerks, administrative assistants, council agents and enforcement officers in the defunct KCC.

Interviewed for this story last evening, KCCA’s acting Public and Corporate Affairs manager, Julie Bukirwa, promised to respond after getting an official position on the ruling from their legal team today.



0 #11 Juma Kato 2018-05-24 11:57
Phalanch ,

I am not talking about this photo , but Jenniffar Musisi that I have seen in person. I can tell you that she is a beautiful woman of her age.

I don`t know your taste in women or if you have a wife and daughters.
Personally , I know that modern women do a lot of things to look fine. Its just the way it is.

As I said , her method of work cannot be appreciated by everybody.

Anyone who wants to mend and change things in a confused and damaged society will have to step on many people`s egos.

My opinion is that Musisi is guilty of that "offence".
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0 #12 Juma Kato 2018-05-24 12:02
Edwin K.

I do not get your point.
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0 #13 Juma Kato 2018-05-24 14:24
Let me say this again , I know Jennifer Musisi in person.

She is not plastic in any sense of the term.

Some of you are judging her from this photo or are prejudiced by what she does and how much she earns.

Lysol, for example , should take his own advice.
Let him do more research before commenting.

This lady is a very well educated lawyer who whose natural beauty won her several awards in colleges and universities she attended.
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+2 #14 Remase 2018-05-24 17:57
Omulongo Kato, I believe Jenifer could win a beauty pageant hands down, however, these are the facts. Jenifer is M7's crony.

In other words she is a hired gun. Period. In Uganda it is a one man's show. M7 failed to win Kampala through elections. He also failed to rig the Kampala elections of a Mayor. That is why we have Jenifer and Kamya.

Therefore Jenifer works on orders of M7. Kato, you know who M7 is, don't you? What do you expect from Jenifer? A copycat of M7. Isn't it? When she wrote to Lukwago recently she stated that she is only answerable to the appointing authority, not the people of Kampala.

In other words, it is the politicians or the Lukwagos who are answerable to the people. That is a typical M7 who said that he is not a servant of anyone but himself and his family.
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0 #15 Juma Kato 2018-05-24 23:07
Ramese , I think you misunderstood what I wrote.

If you care , read my first comment . I started by giving my compliment to Mrs J.Musisi.

Then , I observed that he method of work is not easy for everybody to understand.

That , i must explain , was not a compliment to her.

As you may have noticed , all the responses I got were mostly about insulting her , followed by remarks that implied that she is nothing but a dummy.

I do not agree with that discription of her.

Comparing her to Beti Kamya is non starter . Beti Kamya opposed and abused Museveni for many years before she come out and become his servile self-seeking flatterer.

Musisi`s background is very different from that of Betty Kamya , Betty Anywar Betty Amangin and others.
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0 #16 Juma Kato 2018-05-24 23:08
That said ,I can`t deny that someone that is appointed by a dictator can do things without the approval of the "appointing authority".

All I am saying though is that there are days when she does things we all wish someone was crazy enough to do.
Thats all I am saying .
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0 #17 Remase 2018-05-26 13:20
Omulongo Kato, I understood you. I hear you loud and clear. It doesn't matter weather Kamya and Musisi Jenifer were at one time in disagreement with M7 or not.

The fact that they are working for M7 now is the issue. In order to work for M7 you need to be corrupt first. In other words, the lack of conscience, because if you do, then you can't work for M7.

My question to you again is, do you know M7? I believe you do, therefore Jenifer is a copycat of M7, a power maniac who doesn't have the mandate of the people of Kampala. Period.

Kato, most of the properties in Kampala were built with parking places for customers and tenants. However, they are rented out also, denying the customers a place to park, which makes it hard for the tenants to earn a living.

What has Jenifer done? Look the other way!! Is that the person you are defending?
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0 #18 Juma Kato 2018-05-26 16:37
Ramese Ssebo , if you ask what Musisi has done , it means that you live very far or had not lived in Kampala before Musisi took office.

Let me also say that I am not here to defend Musisi or to say that Museveni is not a dictator who things he owns everything and everybody.

I probably know Museveni better than you think. He is one of the horrible accidents that have befallen our cursed country.

But that is not what i want to discuss under this topic

What I am here to say are some of the realities of living and operating under a vicious dictatorship.

I see Jennifer Musisi as a very serious and rather stubborn technocrat whose method of work and style of leadership most Ugandans are not used to.

If you now think it doesn`t matter whether Musisi and Kamya belong to different categories of Museveni´s appointees , then you should not have brought up the comparision.
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0 #19 Juma Kato 2018-05-26 16:47
I see you talking about parking places . What you may not know is that before Musisi arrived , everybody who was anybody in KCC grabbed what they could with impunity . They gave themselves houses , collected their own "taxes" from markets , shoe-shinners , newspaper and other vendors ,taxi and boda operators and even prostitutes.

These people allocated market stalls to themselves or shared ramsom money they got from people who bulit unplanned structures or houses in wrong places.

In KCC before Musisi , even a office messenger was "rich".

I could go on and on ..... but I will stop at saying that if you knew this subject very well , I am sure you would know that it is mostly the beneficiaries of the confusion and the mess in Kampala that have been asking Museveni to sack Musisi.
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0 #20 Kent Mawa 2018-05-26 20:53
I fail to see how or why Jennifer can be all these things she accused of.

If she is indeed M7`s copycat as Ramese says , it is very strange that none of Museveni`s backing dogs supports her.

Almost all Museveni`s spokesmen have openly accused her of undermining NRM`s support in Kampala. They say NRM can never win Kampala as long as Jennifer Musisi is in charge.

I am told that she told Museveni that if he is not happy with what she is doing as his agents keep on saying , she can step aside. He gave her a new contract instead.

My theory is that he left her there to take the blame for anything that may go wrong. This is Museveni´s life long tactic.
The ones who accuse and blame her may be walking straight into the trap.

AI also believe that Beti Kamya was sent in with instructions and an agenda to sabotage and neutralize two(anti NRM) people : Jennifer Musisi on one hand and Erias Lukwago on the other.
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