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OPM to splash Shs 5bn on workshops, seminars

PM Ruhakana Rugunda

Official word is that at least Shs 5.2 billion will be spent on workshops and seminars at the Office of the Prime Minister in 2018/19 financial year, up from Shs 3.4 billion spent in 2017/18.

According to the ministerial policy statement prepared for parliamentary approval, workshops and seminars are listed amongst the six priority items OPM will spend more money on in the next financial year.

Others are: compensation to third parties (Shs 26.4bn), agricultural supplies (Shs 127.7bn), contract staff salaries, including casuals (Shs 10.8bn), short-term consultancy services (Shs 9.2bn) and travel inland (Shs 8.8bn).

In total, OPM has budgeted Shs 478.2bn for next financial year. The prime minister leads government business in parliament and is responsible for the coordination and implementation of government programmes across ministries, departments, and other public institutions.

There are 12 ministers with the premier and first deputy prime minister in the OPM. Next financial year, according to the ministerial statement, general staff will earn Shs 2.4bn while contract staff, including casual labourers, will earn Shs 10.8bn.

About Shs 110m is estimated for medical bills for its employees, slightly up from Shs 100m spent this year. For incapacity, death benefits and funeral expenses, OPM plans to spend Shs 100m, the same amount projected last year.

The office will also have to spend Shs 81m separately on hire of venues, tents and chairs and projector – up from Shs 70m last financial year.

With government revenues not meeting expectations, analysts have suggested government must cut on some expenses that don’t add much to service delivery.

Things like workshops and seminars, special meals and drinks and entertainment are seen as non-essential items.

At the OPM, according to the ministerial statement, welfare and entertainment will take Shs 224.7 million, slightly down from Shs 239m last year.

Special meals and drinks will cost the taxpayer Shs 339m, down from 342m spent in the concluding year. At least Shs 479.8m will be spent on staff training, down from Shs 481.8m spent last year.

At least 460.4m will be spent on buying books, periodicals and newspapers while on advertising and public relations, the OPM plans to spend at least Shs 1.4bn.


A further look into the ministerial statement, gives an idea of what exactly the ministry will be buying. For instance, under output 02 for coordinating government business in parliament under the executive office, they plan to host 606 guests and spend Shs 60m on special meals and drinks.

Output 5 in the same office talks about maintenance of vehicles, buying spare parts and it will cost taxpayers Shs 100m in 2018/19.

Under sub-programme 09 – the office of government chief whip – at least Shs 400m will be spent on workshops and seminars and hire of venue.

Also, the government chief whip’s office will spend at least Shs 80m on printing, stationery, photocopying and binding. They will also spend 61m on rent in private buildings. Short-term consultancies in the same office will cost taxpayers Shs 441m.

Under sub-programme 16, which is monitoring and evaluation, OPM will spend at least Shs 584m on workshops and seminars for local governments.

Under sub-programme 24, which is named the prime minister’s delivery unit, at least Shs 20m will be spent on welfare and entertainment while the same amount is budgeted for special meals and drinks.

Also, printing, photocopying, stationery and binding will take at least Shs 100m under this unit next financial year.

Under programme 2, disaster preparedness and refugee management, the OPM plans to spend Shs 1.5bn on buying agricultural supplies. This will go mainly to internally displaced people returned and resettled and refugees resettled under output 3.

Also under output 4, covering relief to disaster victims, about Shs 3bn is budgeted for agricultural supplies. At least Shs 200m under this output will be spent on motor vehicle maintenance.

Under sub-programme 06 of Luweero-Rwenzori triangle, at least Shs 720m will be spent on rent, Shs 200m spent on travel inland while Shs 392m will be spent on fuel, lubricants and oils.

Additionally, OPM will buy iron sheets at Shs 304m and agricultural pumps at Shs 500m under the same sub-programme. In total, the Luweero-Rwenzori sub-programme will account for Shs 3.2bn in 2018/19.

Finally, sub-programme 7, which looks at Karamoja, at least Shs 100m will be spent on travel inland and Shs 80m on travel abroad. Computer supplies for Karamoja region will cost Shs 200m.



+5 #1 Phalanch 2018-05-11 21:28
Welcome to the laboratory of lies and theft of public funds dressed as workshops and seminars .

What change did operation wealth creation bring and what were it's results , vision 2020?

It the dictator's policies that are sending home grown businesses and investors running down.

We are only here by good luck and NOT good management .
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+5 #2 rubangakene 2018-05-11 22:23
Seminars are a total waste of time.

Give people the correct tools for agriculture and they will just get along fine without stringing them along with lies and things they won't be able to understand.

For example, in the North, give them what was promised to them for reconstruction years ago so they become "masters of their own destiny"; they had been getting along swimmingly until you destabilized them!
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+3 #3 Lakwena 2018-05-13 19:22
The occupants of OPM suffer from workshop syndrome disorder.

In other words, many government and NGO officials are addicted to the fantasy of workshop, where many escape and earn free and big.
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0 #4 Akot 2018-05-15 19:46
Phalanch, agreed!

In normally run countries, government use tax money for; education, healthcare, housing, roads...while helpig creationof jobs!

But Uganda is not a normal country, right?

Even N.Koreans will soon be getting help from the outside world while Ugandans are locked in a tribalistic system that makes no outsider dare say a word to help them!
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0 #5 Akot 2018-05-15 20:15
rubangakene, agreed, but,

Why would museveni give northerners what is needed when all he wants is ownership of Uganda & the poorer, the more oppressed & submissive Ugandans are, the easier he will conplete conquest of the country?

Did Mbabazi answar for disappearence of money given for northern projects & did museveni ask where the money went?

Is 32 years not long enough for Ugandans & they still wait for musevni to work for them?

It's like USA wanting to show the world it's powerful & make independent decisions, when it can't as long as it's in UN!

Does USA need UN & what for?

Do Ugandans need museveni, if not just to keep them tribally divided in a system no outsider will interfere in as long as Ugandans go along with?

Is Europe not UNITED against USA on Iran-Israel/Palestinian issues?

Europe wants to bring down D.Trump, but it's USA being brought down as world leader!
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0 #6 Akot 2018-05-15 20:19
Lakwena, agreed!

It's all question of money & not working for the people, other wise every Ugandan student would be able to go as far as can without families starving to pay school fees or students dropping out for lack of school fees!

Yet, change of leacership is brought about by the people with opposition leadership & this, Uganda does not have!
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