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IGP Ochola disbands Flying Squad

The Flying Squad, a police violent crime crack unit, has been disbanded by Inspector General of Police, Okoth-Ochola.

Its commander Herbert Muhangi has been moved to head the little known manpower audit unit inside the human resource directorate. In his message Ochola said the “transfers and appointments are ordered with immediate effect.”

Former commander Flying Squad Herbert Muhangi

In the reshuffles; commissioner of police Sagal Abraham has moved from the IGP’s office to Interpol. He now heads the border monitoring unit. Senior commissioner of police Elly Womanya has moved from Interpol and is now deputy director Special Investigations Unit (SIU) while D/SSP Mark Paul Odong chairs the organized crimes unit under SIU.

In March, the Foundation for Human Rights Initiative urged Ochola, to clear the tainted image of the force. The activists also demanded that the new IGP disbands the notorious crime preventers, the Police Flying Squad and bring back the special investigations department to fight crime in the country.

Deputy police spokesperson Patrick Onyango said the disbanded Flying Squad officers will report to CIID headquarters on May 15, for re-screening and deployment.

“We no longer have the Flying Squad department. They will be reporting to Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Directorate (CIID) headquarters in Kampala. It has been removed like other police departments to reorganize the institution,” he said.

The Police Flying Squad was created as an emergency response to high crime in the city and its suburbs. At first it was a para-military group called ‘Wembley’ commanded by Brig Elly Kayanja.

It later morphed into the Violent Crime Crack Unit (VCCU), and was renamed the Rapid Response Unit (RRU), then Special Investigations Division (SID). In 2012 it was named Flying Squad.

Since it was created in 2001, the Flying Squad has leaned on some ill-trained, unprofessional operatives to fight violent crime. Their unprofessional methods have drawn a public backlash.



+1 #1 gwok 2018-05-08 23:11
I said it before. Gen KK had built for himself an alternative military force to rival M7's.

M7 was lucky to have recognize that threat to himself just in time. They are now busy dismantling that alternative force.

Its auxiliary force (the CPs) has now been bottled into M7's military proper. Give Mr. Ochola no compliments / credit for this since he is only doing his master's bidding.
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+1 #2 Lakwena 2018-05-09 09:43
In other words, after 13 years of military and political adulteration by Gen Kayihura, the Uganda Police is finally going back to their owner, the Police.
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+1 #3 gatashimana 2018-05-09 12:59
What amazes me is that a person gets scammed by some fraudsters, you report the case to the local police, the police get as much bribe pretending to be working your case, the police then go to the suspects and also extort money out of them, they extort the money from the suspects and then come to the victim and say the suspect escaped.

They local police then calls in the so called flying squad to help you solve your case.

The Flying squad asks the victim for a million shillings. They get re money and then also go to the suspect and also ask for money.

In the end they corrupt officers win and so do the bad guys. The victim loses. What Uganda needs is a fresh start.

Let's get some Ugandans with a decent education and some moral compasses because what we have now no matter how much we rename or restructure is garbage.
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