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President Museveni: I'm paid too little

While giving his Labour day speech in Sembabule district yesterday, President Museveni repeated previous claims that he and his National Resistance Movement party are sacrificing a lot in serving Ugandans.

For this sacrifice, the president said he is paid little yet professionals are pushing for salary enhancement.

President Museveni

“You cannot lecture me about working for Ugandans, I and the NRM are working for low pay; why don’t we go on strike? Those policemen have been standing in the rain, and they don’t earn too much; why don’t they go on strike?” Museveni said.

These words spoken by the president were guided by the recent strikes by civil servants especially doctors over salary increments.

“A doctor who goes on strike is an enemy of the people and he should be treated as such. I don’t want to hear that nonsense. In fact [when doctors went on strike] I wanted to go back to the bush but I was restrained…” Museveni said.

Even with the president’s claims of working for too little or no pay, The Observer has previously documented remunerations attached to the presidency as the highest in the country. (See; President’s New Year budget plan unveiled, The Observer, January 10, 2018)

Budgetary allocations for the presidency showed considerable expenditures compared to other government departments. 

State House in 2016/17 spent Shs 232.4 billion to facilitate the president, his activities and family, according to the 2017/18 ministerial policy statement for the presidency.

The vice president and his family, who are also covered under vote 002, were facilitated with Shs 6.9 billion. State House spent Shs 257.2 billion last financial year on the president and vice president.

In an earlier story, Frank Tumwebaze, former minister for the Presidency and now minister for Information and Communications Technology, said Museveni has been earning Shs 3.6m per month for a long time.



+1 #41 Akot 2018-05-04 19:07
Mubiru, agreed, but,

Only Ugandans can stop museveni, but not by handing him over tax money in peace!

UNITY against museveni - there goes Akot again - will give Ugandans chance to have the kind of governance they will want to take over from museveni!

Until Ugandans decide, the peace museveni brought/gave/is giving them will not be brought to an end by any ill intended outsider who wants to distabilise their country!

If Akot, born-raised-educated in Uganda cannot make Ugandans UNITE to bring change, which outsider will be so cruel to do so & make Ugandans throw out museveni they had had for 32 years & still need?
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+1 #42 Akot 2018-05-04 19:22
Lukos, understood, but,

Which people would be captive, especially of a former asylum seeker, in today world?

By surrendering to museveni, Ugandans help him just go on & the outside world will go along simply because the country belongs to Ugandans who still want/need museveni!

Developed world went along with Bin Ali, Sadam Hussein...as long as their people stayed divided/ accepted them: but when these people UNITED against their rulers, developed countris smiled with relief & supported the UNITED people!

Unity of Libyans forced Kadaffi out, but thier immediate tribal division created 2 nations in the country & war still goes on!

Museveni will be there as long as Ugandans stay divided in the tribalistic system!
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+1 #43 Akot 2018-05-04 19:25
Lysol, agreed, but,

Which bush will museveni go to then come back to Uganda?

This is a big joke: he is laughing at Ugandans knowing he is there because Ugandans are the ones keeping him in power!

Only Ugandans don't know it's them keeping their common enemy on through division & in a tribalistic system that only serves the dictator!
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+1 #44 Akot 2018-05-04 19:33
Quoting miki:
May be it is time for Uganda to get a Cuban to be the country's President.


As Ugandans cannot, don't, won't accept just 1 of their own, it can only be another asylum leeker-refugee-outsider...to take over from museveni!

What kind of people are Ugandans?

J.Zuma-R.Mugabe-Kim Jong Un... can oppress their people but cannot own their countries, but museveni will own Uganda finally, in peace without opposition from Ugandans!

Which outsider will dare condemn museveni?
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+1 #45 Akot 2018-05-04 19:40
Jama, agreed, yet,

Museveni is the boss of every Ugandan: those who worship him & the majority who don't!

Even developed countries go for UNITY for common purpose or they achieve nothing! But Ugandans find it insane-unimaginable... to UNITE against their common enemy & throw him out!

How is it normal for Ugandans to maintain the tribalistic system that keeps museveni in power?
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+1 #46 Akot 2018-05-04 19:47
gwok, agreed, thanks!

But, Buganda should not forget that it's part of land museveni calls 'UGANDA' & wants to won!

While UNITY of ALL tribes against museveni will give chance for any tribe that wants to be independent from the others to do so!

By now, all tribes should know museveni will not let any of them be free & will destroy any that will try to break away! But TOGETHER in UNITY, Ugandans will throw musevnei out then do as they want after!

If by now any tribe still believes it's better with museveni, then this is self destruction blindly but with eyes open!

Yet, I do not understand why Acholi has tribal leader helping museveni own Uganda & what will the demon do to Acholi then?!
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+1 #47 Akot 2018-05-04 19:54
Quoting miki:
The president sounds like someone suffering from '200 Cuban doctors' syndrome'.


Ugandans MUST stop museveni & this can only be in UNITY so that he does not destroy any tribe or any one, more so the demon uses Ugandans to teargas-shoot-imprison...one another!

Have Ugandans forgotten how museveni destroyed Acholi?

Yet, museveni's hands are clean because it's us teargasing-arresting-spying... on ourselves for him!

Does Uganda formed by tribal lands belong to museveni or to Ugandans?
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+1 #48 Akot 2018-05-04 20:03
Kitya, but,

No dictator, especially one who is a conqueror, ever retires/steps down... unless people UNITE & throw him out!

Uganda got Independence through peace from Britain because there was the needed leadership then & ALL opposition either joined or kept quiet to ensure the country got FREEDOM!

Today it can still be Independence without war, but it will take UNITY of ALL & there will be no war because no Ugandan is fighting another & ALL want to preserve appartenance to tribal lands!

Will it be easier for Ugandans to get FREE after museveni owns their country?

Does museveni allow any Ugandan to tell him what to do?
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+1 #49 Akot 2018-05-04 20:06
Quoting Lukos:
This is what you get, when you have arrogant empty headed politicians for rulers. Cry the beloved country

Agreed, yet,

The country belongs to Ugandans who are the ones keeping the demon in power: the entire world knows this & will go along with museveni as long as Ugandans do so!
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+1 #50 Akot 2018-05-04 20:12
Quoting Phalanch:
Let him define ''too little''

Agreed, but,

I believe he will do so when he will finally own Uganda legally-officially-constitutionally!

I wonder if museveni already has figured out his new version of Uganda national anthem!!!

Funny, Ugandans are tired of Akot singing them to UNITY, when our national anthem sings us to it & is based on UNITY!

Why are Ugandans so disconnected to thier country?
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