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Parliament shut down as Kadaga, Oulanyah travel abroad

Parliament today failed to sit as both the speaker Rebecca Kadaga and her deputy Jacob Oulanyah were a no show.
Oulanyah on Thursday last week adjourned the parliament sitting to today 2:00pm. Rule 19 (2) of the Rules of Procedure provides that the House shall sit on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. However, without any official communication from the clerk to parliament Jane Kibirige, today's sitting did not happen.
Speaker Rebecca is away in Dubai while her deputy Jacob Oulanyah is in USA
Speaker Kadaga is attending the 8th Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which is bringing together countries engaging in trade with the Arab emirate with a major focus on foreign direct investments (FDIs).
At the same time, Oulanyah flew out of the country for different engagements in Missouri, United States, including giving a talk at Missouri Baptist University on creating an exchange programme.
The absence of the two speakers to preside over business in the afternoon session brought parliament business to a standstill.
By the time Oulanyah adjourned parliament sittings on Thursday last week, 16 issues were lined up as pending business to be on the Order Paper.
These included the adoption of two reports from the committee on Defence and Internal Affairs on the Learners' Project under the National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) and on the oversight visit to the regional forensic analytical laboratory in Eastern Uganda.
Other pending business is the consideration of the National Bio-technology and Bio-safety Bill, 2012 as returned by President Yoweri Museveni, a motion for a resolution of parliament to inquire into allegations of sexual harassment in institutions of learning in Uganda.
The others are the presentation of the report of the committee on physical infrastructure on the inquiry into mandatory inspection of motor vehicles in Uganda, a motion for a resolution of parliament to review the provision of vehicles to political leaders, public and civil servants and the adoption of the report on the committee on presidential affairs on the management and operations of the city abattoir.


0 #1 gatashimana 2018-04-10 20:01
That's proof that this country can run on autopilot.

It's the easiest country to govern because it simply has no rules, decorum, or accountability.
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+2 #2 rubangakene 2018-04-10 22:15
Unbelievable how these two individuals can hold the nation to "ransom".

Despite the availability of technology to aid and manage planning, these people ignore it. Whoever endorsed the "double AWOL" must be held responsible.

Besides these two do don seem to know the limits of their remit; for example, Oulanyah the other day stopped the publication of the dead soldiers' names.

That should have been the responsibility of the Attorney General. And he hasn't briefed Parliament on his recent travel to Israel.

Just what does an ordinary Ugandan gain from these so-called conferences or is it a "shopping trip
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+2 #3 Lakwena 2018-04-11 08:51
The feel-good syndrome of foreign travel is the vicious trapping of power (big offices).

In other words, without their good will to serve, there is no goodness in of our leaders. They are only fighting for themselves at our expense.

That is how e.g., Mr. M7 got obsessed with "Hotel": after capturing power, in 1986, it was the best thing that ever happened to the man, to sleep in a 5-star hotel .

This is because, in a 5-star Hotel, you are treated like a King. That became Mr. M7's obsession: he wants to live and die like a king.

Unfortunately, that's also with Yakobo Oulanya, where he contracted the obsession with Bow-tie (Black tie). Likewise, Rt Hon Kadaga: Travel addiction at the expense of serious national duty.
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+2 #4 WADADA rogers 2018-04-11 09:01
Its not in order for both of them to be out of the country, guess they were avoiding being invited in the to answer certain questions in the going court case in mbale
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+4 #5 kelem 2018-04-11 12:21
Useless parliament anyway!!!
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0 #6 Concerned Ugandan 2018-04-12 10:26
This obsession with foreign travel!

Sincerely was there no other person in the whole country that it took a whole Speaker to attend a meeting on foreign direct investment?!

How is that a priority for a Speaker during a time when the House is in session!

It is also interesting that no matter how broke the country is supposed to be, there always seems to be money to cater for the insatiable need for foreign travel by some of these government officials!
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