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Brig Sabiiti fires three police officers over desertion

Brigadier Sabiiti Muzeyi, the newly appointed Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP), has ordered for action to be taken against three police officers who escaped from training at the Kigo marine base.

Speaking at the pass out of 609 gazetted officers,  non-commissioned officers and men at Kigo, who have been undergoing a basic security and tactical course, Brigadier Sabiiti said the officers have no place in police after such an action.
Brig Sabiiti Muzeyi supervising police officers shooting practice
Sabiiti arrived for his first assignment as the DIGP in a military double cabin pickup truck escorted by bodyguards in Military Police uniform. Sabiiti was previously head of Military Police before his appointment into police. 

The officers under question include; Probational Police Constables Kenneth Tamale, Julius Lwabayi and Jerry Openyrwoth. They had been sent from Masaka regional police region but after a few days on the two-month course, they abandoned the training base.
A report from their training supervisor indicates that the trio abandoned their weapons and tried to escape from the base. According to Brig Sabiiti, action will have to be taken against the officers. 
"How can a police officer abandon his gun? Any officer who abandons his gun has no place in the force," Sabiiti said. 

The pass out was the third since 2017 when Kampala Metropolitan Police began implementing the Police Council resolution for all directorates and departments to have internal basic security management courses.

So far 1,100 police personnel have undergone the training which incorporates a tactical training for weapons handling, target shooting, and counter insurgency response among many others. 

The Kampala Metropolitan Police commander, Frank Mwesigwa, says  the tactical training, especially target shooting, will help officers avoid cases of stray bullets. 

Brigadier Sabiiti says he has been impressed by various aspects of the course which include multi-tasking of officers from all units, mixing of officers from all ranks in the training as well as the tactical aspect of the training.

"With the current wave of crime, it's important for every officer to be able to respond even if it is a traffic officer. I'm really impressed and I pledge my support for the continuation of the training," Sabiiti said.

He added that all other regions, units and directorates should borrow a leaf from this. Some of the officers taken for the course include cadets who have been away from the training school for a year and a half. 
While some were selected to undertake the course for poor performance, others were sent for the course due to lack of fitness and gaining of weight.


+3 #1 WADADA rogers 2018-03-19 10:46
Sabiti has only began from where Kayihura stopped, he is destined to making the same mistakes
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+4 #2 Lakwena 2018-03-19 11:32
Before he even learnt about the ABC of what "Police is", this guy is already throwing his light weight around.

In other words, ethically and professionally he is the one with no place in the police, until he qualifies professionally.

Otherwise, his zealotry can only attract resentments and lack of cooperation, even from senior professional police officers. He should also be reminded the police is not Mr. M7's property.

In other words, you can't be a cat and a dog at the same time. Or make a cat to guard the home from intruders, and make the dog to catch mice and other domestic vermin like gecko.

What Mr. Mr. and lap boys is doing with the police is selfish and stupid..
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+3 #3 Empayippayi 2018-03-19 12:43
The Deputy IGP is already overshadowing his nominal boss IGP Okoth Ochola.
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+3 #4 Nkuutu Kibedi 2018-03-19 14:27
Last time I checked, the Police was a public service, which should adhere to the provisions of the Public Service Act.

One doesn't just "fire" a public servant without due process!! Mr Sabiti should know that he is dealing with public servats who actually are supposed to be under certain provisions as stipulated by law.

This is not a military outfit. Check your facts about the new job, Brigadier. You might just fall in the same pit-holes as your predecessor...
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+4 #5 Juma Kato 2018-03-19 14:47
"How can a police officer abandon his gun" ?

When he finds himself in a TRIBAL POLICE !!!

Look at the names of those who command and those that quit.
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+2 #6 Kamudingisa 2018-03-19 19:40
I think that DIGP Sabiiti should be given the benefit of the doubt. We should not be carried away by the sensational headline.

According to the details of the article, the DIGP did not fire the cops; he ordered for action to be taken. That allows for due process and all.

Yes, he opined that the deserters should not belong to the UPF and he can be allowed that too.

Also, it is reported that he arrived for his "first assignment." He was assigned to supervise the shooting practice.

I would urge commentators to give the young man a chance to settle in. Already, his remarks about the training were positive.
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0 #7 Lysol 2018-03-19 21:02
Quoting WADADA rogers:
Sabiti has only began from where Kayihura stopped, he is destined to making the same mistakes

The young man is too ambitious, like one Mayombo (RIP). Remember that he is the buddy of the first son.

The more things change, the more they remain the same.
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+1 #8 gwok 2018-03-19 23:46
Quoting WADADA rogers:
Sabiti has only began from where Kayihura stopped, he is destined to making the same mistakes

He too seams to want to transform the police into an auxillary army, just like Gen KK tried to.

The risk of that policy is obvious, as Gen KK found out too late to save himself from the axe.

I wonder, where does the IGP stand on this issue? Figure-heading the force, I presume. Please correct me, if my presumption is off-side.
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