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Report pins suspended Kibuli SS head teacher on sexual harassment

Former students of Kibuli senior secondary school under their umbrella body, Kibuli SS Old Students Association (KOSA), have recommended the sacking of the school's long-serving headteacher over sex scandals.

Hajj Ali K. Mugagga was this year on January 24 sent on forced leave following reports of incompetence and allegations of sexual harassment, among others. In a report released by former students, they argue that in order to save the image of Kibuli SS, the headteacher should be retired from public service.

Hajj Ali Mugagga

Following Mugagga's suspension, the old students on February 1, set up a committee to investigate the unethical behaviour and sexual abuse and were required to conclude the report by February 20.

The committee was accordingly tasked to gather evidence of sexual abuse alleged to have been committed by the head teacher and his staff, understanding the operations of school's governance structures and inquiring into students and staff welfare.

Now, among the key findings, old students found out that; "there appears to be a cartel of sexual predator staff at the school that prey on girls from poor backgrounds especially using the lure of sports scholarships."

In the snippets of the report, the committee recommended that the board of governors takes action against Hajji Ali Mugagga by retiring him from his position as head teacher in order to prevent further damage of the school's image.

The report indicates that all the former staff and current, as well as members of the public that spoke to the committee regarding sexual abuse allegations, are living in fear of retribution and mistreatment by the school top management.

The former students have recommended that all members of the board of governors who are currently supplying food and other materials, as well as debtors, relinquish their positions from the board because of conflict of interest.

The board has also been asked to convene an extraordinary meeting to fill the vacant positions at the school. The old students have asked the ministry of Education and Sports to adopt the suggested Sexual Abuse and Misconduct Prevention Policy as well as the Student Incident Report Form on the disciplinary issues in order to prevent or report cases of abuse in schools in the country.

During their investigations, the old students observed that the school enrolment was over 100 students per stream where students were made to sit four per desk which was not a conducive environment for learners.

The old students also demand that the school reviews the awarding of the sports scholarship which was found to be irregular and riddled with nepotism and corruption.
Following the suspension of Hajj Mugagga earlier this year, his deputy-in-charge of welfare, Hajjat Mastulah Nambajjwe, took over as the acting head teacher of the school.


+5 #1 Ugthinker 2018-03-18 23:50
Isn’t it criminal in Uganda for a teacher to sexually abuse their students? How comes none of the recommendations point to criminal proceedings?

There are reports that many teachers in Uganda sexually abuse students, these are the kind of thing that project is as a backward society when they go unpunished and its shameful!

Why doe the schools top management seem to be indifferent?

It’s embarrassing that it’s not addressed with the seriousness it deserves even going by the tone of the reporter here! I’m fuming.
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+2 #2 WADADA rogers 2018-03-19 00:29
If it is true, am so disappointed in you Hajj Ali K. Mugagga and if found culpable, you should be sucked with disgrace and not retired.

Sexual harassment seems to be the latest vice of the nation followed by its cousin corruption.

For arguments sake and i stand to be Corrected if am wrong, is it only girls that go through sexual harassment or even the boys are going through the same ordeal but quietly.
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-6 #3 jose 2018-03-19 08:03
all thery are saying about Muggaga is false Ali has been at kibuli for only 3 years and that bursary of sports has been there for over 5 dfecades
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+1 #4 Rajab Kakyama 2018-03-19 13:41
There is no smoke without fire. Muggagga is not the first male Head teacher at Kibuli, actually all the previous ones have been male.

So the assertion that Muggagga is being framed should be dismissed with contempt. A person fulfilling such a position should be above reproach.

Muggagga should be charged with criminal offenses and it should be regarded as an oversight on the part of the drafters. As regarding to the education standards, Kibuli died after the leaving of Abbas Kawanse.
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+1 #5 Nkuutu Kibedi 2018-03-19 14:34
It is a real shame that Kibuli SS has to go through such a nightmare especially from its HM.

I was there under the regime of Abbas Kawasi Mukasa, but we never ever dreamt of having such scandals!!

Our school was extremely respected and adored by many, but to have it tarnished and drugged into the mud by one person (guilty or not) is extremely unfortunate.

Let us try to bring back the glory of our school, and the respect of all the former HMs (very respected people who tried to put the school on the Ugandan map) by putting an end to all this nonsense. This particular HM should face the law as warranted. Shame of you Hajji!
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