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M7 to Rukungiri residents: Support NRM to get out of poverty

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has vowed to woo all voters in Rukungiri district, who had defected to the opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party, back into the ruling NRM party.

Addressing locals at Kasoroza playground in Nyakagyeme sub-county, Rukungiri district, on Friday afternoon, the president said that there is no way voters can remain believing in FDC, yet NRM party is the one that fought for Uganda's stability.

President Museveni addressing residents of Rukungiri

"It’s the Movement [NRM] which fought Amin, Obote, Kony, ADF and brought about peace, what has the opposition done to deserve leadership?”, Museveni asked. 

Museveni vowed to help locals in Rukungiri, an FDC stronghold to get out of poverty, the moment they start supporting NRM. He added that he is not working for anybody but is working for heaven. "I'm working for heaven that's why am I using these young people not the district bosses or members of parliament," he said.

Museveni said once he reaches and he's asked what he did for the people back on earth, he will says he got them out of poverty. Museveni said during guerilla war, they never used bishops or other church leaders to penetrate Luwero and capture power.  

"Jim Muhwezi here knows very well we used very small people to penetrate larger group until we reached where we were going, this is what I'm using again to reach FDC power ten who went astray," he said

Museveni re-echoed his advice to locals against splitting land which he said will not work for them. "If you have six children and you divide three acres of land among them, each will get half an acre which can't help them," he said.

Museveni donated Shs 30 million to Nyakagyeme Bodaboda group, Nyakagyeme Development Savings Credit and Cooperative Organisation and Nyakagyeme Banana Traders' Group. He also donated a Fuso truck to Nyakagyeme Banana Traders' Group to help in transporting their produce. He also donated Shs 50 million to a group of onion growers from Ntungamo district.

Rukungiri is the ancestral home of Dr Kizza Besigye, Museveni's former ally and personal physician, but who fell out with the president in 1999 and went on to challenge him in elections in 2001, 2006, 2011 and 2016.

On all the four occasions, Besigye has come second to Museveni, garnering millions of votes but not enough to dislodge Museveni's 31-year-rule.

Besigye, who retired from the army in 2000 at the rank of Colonel, has always claimed the ruling party has rigged him out of victory.

He challenged the election results twice, in 2001 and 2006, with each time the Supreme court judges agreeing that there was rigging, but not significant enough to influence the final outcome.


+1 #11 Eddie 2018-03-19 15:23
evil m7 please, you are of your father the devil, satan! characteristics: you make others to destroy, steal & kill for you, yet you proclaim to the innocent, undescerning & confused that you are working for heaven!

shame on you, and be most assured that you are an agent of hell. unless you repent and turn away from your evil ways, you will die in your sins.

you are not lying to anyone else but to yourself! notwithstanding the evil you've committed against uganda will catch up with you, unless you change and turn from evil.
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0 #12 Akot 2018-03-19 16:16
Eddie, thanks, but,

Museveni would prefere taking Ugandans to hellwith him, unless they wake up & Unite against him! Until then, he will use Ugandans as fire balls against one another while they hand over their country to him!

See, not all Russians who voted for Putin want him to continue, but they say there is no other apart from him to keep their country up, defend it from USA-EU...!

Are Ugandans keeping museveni on because he is good, not divided them in tribal lots, give them healthcare/education, good roads, good housing & will give them the future they want for their kids & in a country they have a say in?
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0 #13 Akot 2018-03-19 20:16
Eddie, agreed!

Museveni wants to be more evil than his dad "satan"!

Museveni can even deny hurting any Ugandan because it's Ugandans used to oppress their own - museveni is the commander with clean hands!

It's up to Ugandans to stand up & this can only be in Unity or muiseveni will continue to silence any individual-small group-tribe-region that will defy him while the other just watch!

Just as the rest of the world will continue to just watch in silence museveni using Ugandans to destroy their own country/harass one another for him!

If Uganda tribal leaders are alright with what's going on while they get their share of the loot/taken care of by museveni, why should any outsider interfere when Ugandans are alright with the system?
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0 #14 gwok 2018-03-20 01:20
Quoting Empayippayi:
Quoting kabayekka:
Many of these residents in the Western Province of Uganda still reside in grass thatched houses.

I love those houses, they are cool inside!

I agree. A Mabati roofed house is an oven in the tropical sun. Dear Empayippayi, I agree with you fully and if I was rich enough I would build the coolest grass-thatched house where I live.
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0 #15 Jama 2018-03-25 18:13
It is sad to note that even in this century, someone is still proud of his past brutal accession to power.

with no regret to those innocent ones,who lost lives as if they were flies. Someone with a sound conscience would ask to be pardoned than demonstrating pride.,The opposition doesn't deserve leadership because Uganda has become his personal property.

Any civilised leader after each election, declares I will work for those who voted for me and those who didn't.

But here it has become conditional to develop a part of the nation opposed to him.our So you were sent by heaven to terrorize others.

So Uganda today is not governed by a statesman but a States terrorist. What good can Mr.we fought,do to the people of rukingiri Which he failed to do to them for more than 32yrs of reign.

What the press refers to as donations is state fund Robbed from the treasury.
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