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Parliament closed for Museveni movie shooting

Parliament will be closed for at least three days to the allow shooting of a movie directed by first daughter, Natasha Kainembabazi.

The movie titled 27 guns and due to be released in two months is about Kainembabazi's father, President Museveni and the bush war that brought him to power in 1986. It has been severally documented that the 1981 bush war under the leadership of Museveni was started by 27 guns.

Natasha directing the shooting of her father Museveni's movie

Kainembabazi's younger sister, Diana plays the role of their mother, Janet Museveni in the movie. A local company, Isaiah 60 productions, which is shooting the film, lodged the formal request to parliament that was granted.

In the statement released today by the director of communication and public affairs at parliament, Chris Obore, the House and roads around it will be out of bounds to public from March 9 to 11 this month to allow the shooting to go on.

“During this period, there will be increased movement of people along the roads near parliament, presence of actors in military fatigue and equipment, simulated gun sounds will be heard as the actors and film crew shoot the film,” Obore said.

He added that the production company has sought relevant permission from the Uganda police and the Kampala Capital City Authority. The development is most likely not to affect plenary sittings since currently the House is in recess.



0 #11 rubangakene 2018-03-12 23:02
I hope the Minister of Finance and the Internal Revenue Services have been approached and they will soon invoice Isaiah 60 with the going international rate of location hire; which could be $50,000 US Dollars per day, a much needed income to renovate this august building and the roads around it!
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