Building collapses under weight of water tanks in Fort Portal

A building has collapsed in Fort Portal town damaging property and paralysing traffic and business for several hours. 
The building housing Cornerstone hotel located on Magambo street collapsed at about 9:00am today, Thursday, under the weight of two water tanks which had been installed on top of a section of the building.

The building collapsed under the weight of the newly installed water tanks. Photo: @NTVUganda 

Fort Portal Municipal engineer Jimmy Balewa says that due to the weight of the water tanks, the walls developed cracks forcing the building to collapse. The tanks had a capacity of 20,000 litres of water each.

A car parked near the road side was damaged and seven shops neighbouring the building were also damaged.
Fort Portal mayor Willy Kintu Muhanga says that the foundation of the building could have been constructed using wrong portions of concrete and cement, which weakened the strength of the floor and could not hold the weight of the water tanks.
Julius Asaba, a trader on Magambo street, whose shop was damaged, says that for the past two months, the building was developing cracks. He explains that they informed the municipal authorities, but there was no response.

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