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Police court drops six more charges against Kirumira

The Police Disciplinary Court has dropped six more charges against Muhammad Kirumira, the former Buyende district police commander citing lack of evidence.
Kirumira was dragged to the Police Disciplinary Court in February this year for alleged torture, extortion, bribery, corruption, neglect of duty, unlawful arrests, excessive use of authority, and discreditable or irregular conduct. He was dramatically arrested on February 1 from his home in Bulenga along Mityana road when police personnel cut out his house doors to gain access into the house where he had locked himself. 
Muhammad Kirumira
 This afternoon, Kirumira asked the Police Disciplinary Court chaired by Denis Odongpiny to drop the charges of bribery, unlawful arrests, neglect of duty, discreditable or irregular conduct, torture and extortion, saying there was no evidence implicating him.
Court particularly dropped a case in which Kirumira was accused of beating Ibrahim Bukenya, a hawker in 2013 while at Kawempe police station. Bukenya also accused Kirumira of eating his 'rolex' ( chappati and fried eggs) without his permission. The charge was dropped after his accuser failed to turn up in court and likewise switched off his know mobile phone number. 
Kirumira further claimed that he was being harassed by some people on tramped up charges despite serving diligently to save the people of Kampala from criminals.
Odongpiny asked police prosecutor, Catherine Tusemerirwe whether she had any submissions regarding Kirumira's defense. Tusemerirwe said she didn't have any substantial evidence to pin Kirumira over the said charges.
In his ruling, Odongpiny noted that he had listened to the submissions by both Kirumira and prosecution and found that the accused had no case to answer since there was no evidence implicating him.

Court therefore dropped the charges leaving Kirumira with only three charges including scandalous behaviour, corruption and excessive use of authority.

He explained that a committee will be established to try Kirumira for the scandalous behaviour when he was denied bail by the Disciplinary Court and stormed out of the dock without saluting the court members, saying his team will form part of the witnesses.

The charges of corruption and unlawful use of excessive authority will be handled by the Police Disciplinary Court. He adjourned the matter to March 20 to allow Kirumira to prepare his defense.

On February 8, the same court dropped two charges of torture against Kirumira. Court dropped the charges of grounds that the principal witness, Pius Kato was dead while court found the other witnesses ineligible to testify against the officer because of conflict of interest.


+1 #1 charles semambo 2018-03-06 22:23
My advise to Kirumira is once they have cleared you of any wrong doing please please sue them not in millions but in billions they have the money.

That is the only way they would learn to respect people who work hard and just end up being humiliated. Lastly I need my commission munange anti 10% is the standard !
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0 #2 WADADA rogers 2018-03-07 09:02
This Police Court is only fooling the public, they are under orders to put up an appearance that they are prosecuting the man yet in actual sense he is already free and awaiting a promotion
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