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EU observers fly in to assess progress of 2016 election recommendations

The European Union Election Observation Mission (EOM) is the country to follow up on its recommendations on the 2016 general election.

The nine-man team headed by Eduard Kukan, a member of the European Parliament (MEP) from Slovakia flew in the country to assess the 30 EU EOM recommendations, within the context of the current political developments and the next electoral cycle. 

The EU observer mission is in the country to assess the progress of their electoral reform recommendations 

Kukan was the chief observer of the EU Election Observation Mission (EOM) during the 2016 general elections in Uganda, controversially won by President Yoweri Museveni by 60.75% of the vote. His nearest rival Dr Kizza Besigye took 35 of the vote. 

"The EU stands by Uganda in strengthening democratic principles," said Kukan. "Since 2006 we have accompanied elections in Uganda. Now is the time for opposition and government to rebuild trust ahead of the coming elections," he said.

Kukan and his team are expected to meet representatives of the authorities, political parties, media and civil society and representatives of the international community. It is expected to publish its report in the coming weeks, upon its conclusion.

The EU report indicates that the February 2016 polls took place in a challenging political environment. It suggested 30 recommendations which it said would better subsequent polls. The report said the Electoral Commission lacked independence and transparency whereupon the elections fell short of international standards.

The observers said state actors were instrumental in creating an intimidating atmosphere for both voters and candidates, and police used excessive force against the opposition, media and the general public, justifying it as a "preventive measure."

It observed that regulatory power over the electoral process is currently vested in the executive, in consultation with the Electoral Commission. It noted that this could interfere with the independence of the Electoral Commission.

The EU recommended that the EC be granted sole regulatory power to further regulate essential parts of the electoral process, including voter registration, polling, tallying and electoral dispute system prior and during the elections.

They said the present demarcation of boundaries shows huge discrepancies between different constituencies with regard to the number of voters and that the current constitutional provisions for boundary delimitation do not enable the EC to adhere to the population quota as nearly as possible when demarcating constituencies.

No substantial electoral reforms have been instituted in the country since the conclusion of the 2016 elections. Parliament only passed a private member's bill to lift the presidential term limits. MPs, in the constitutional amendment also extended the parliamentary term from five to seven years.

Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister Gen Kahinda Otafiire had been adamant to table before parliament a comprehensive bill for the electoral reforms as suggested by the EU Observer Mission, other election observers and the Supreme court directives arising from the Uganda Presidential Election Petition No 1 of 2016.

The court identified 10 key reforms the attorney general to implement ahead of the next elections.


+9 #1 ainembabazi 2018-03-06 11:26
These guys are, as usual, on a sight seeing tour.

I'm afraid, they may end up like the UN officials who were caught pants down with local prostitutes.

Watch this space.
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+3 #2 Akot 2018-03-06 12:50
ainembabazi, agreed!

European Union Election Observation Mission is hypocrite: European elections are proving they are wrong in wanting to uphold old systems that do not correspond to present needs/situation...!

French president realised this after Italian election results, insist on strengthening EU that is a complete blockage to modernity/progress/nation building... - EU is like museveni's government, distructive!

EU should say NO to museveni's tribalistic system that goes agains all EU principles & has locked Ugandans in tribal holes!

Without tribal leaders standing down & bringing the inhuman government down, there is no way Ugandans will wake up to think of themselves & not of tribal leaders/tribal belnging while museveni goes on without opposition & loots-dictates-rapes-oppresses...!
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+4 #3 David Kayumba 2018-03-06 14:05
The EU observers are useless and am reliably informed by some of them that that they are always interested in political stability, not fairness
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0 #4 Akot 2018-03-06 20:30
David Kayumba, agreed!

Uganda is a peaceful country & they are on holidays enjoying!

If EU observers were honest & respected Ugandans, the report would have comme out immediately after the fake rigged election & they would have made a strong statement against museveni!

Well, did UN boss not embrace museveni & thanked him for making Uganda a peaceful prosperous place UN resettles refugees in?

UN-EU have taken it for granted that Uganda belongs to museveni with whom they deal!

Let's hope Europeans wake up faster & bring in more young Nationalists leaders & stop UN-EU working with African demon dictator rulers!

Africans... have understood they must leave for Europe if they are to get Education-Healthcare-Housing...seeing there is nothing done to bring real change/good governance in the continent!
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0 #5 Lysol 2018-03-06 22:17
The so-called election observers are useless and a complete waste of time and taxpayers .

They were proved wrong in Kenya. They always side with the incumbent to keep their own interests.
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0 #6 rubangakene 2018-03-06 23:15
This lot will go to any length to escape their atrocious cold prevailing weather.

They will be met at the airport by the same people who flouted the elections, entertained at lush hotels, fed with the same 'rubbish' over and over. after a well earned rest and tan they will fly back home to wait for another 'outing'!
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0 #7 kabayekka 2018-03-07 11:08
Well then the report is important for this poor African State to be helped out from mounting international debts.

The Uganda Government needs the HIPC to get on with running the economy.
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0 #8 Rodger 2018-03-07 17:22
i am tired of western hypocrisy. true democracy which is lacking will come to uganda through us and by us.

they have talked enough; let them walk the talk.
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0 #9 AGGRE M RUSHERE 2018-03-12 19:24

it took nothing short of courage ,grit and sacrifice for the great men like Nelson Mandela and Thomas Sankara to stand for the Truth and speak for the Voiceless.

it is with the same drive and resilience that our local observers reported to EU after 2016 general elections but ignored the truth. Ugandans are looking for the way out by themselves and it will work.
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