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Two suspected city kidnappers arrested

Police in Kampala has this afternoon arrested two people suspected of having masterminded more two kidnappings of young children in the city centre in the last four months. 
The suspects identified as Godie Kasenya and Sam Mugula, also known as Nicky, were picked up by the Flying Squad operatives from Kawanda, a Kampala suburb.
The arrest follows the disappearance of eight-year-old Joel Bwambale who was kidnapped from Katooke in Nansana Municipality a few weeks ago and later released after the parents paid a ransom of Shs 4 million.
Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire
Bwambale was recovered by police on Monday this week from Kawanda. The suspects allegedly wrote a note with a mobile money phone number for depositing the ransom money and left it for the parents of Bwambale. The parents fearfully sent the money and were then informed of where the child could be found.
Operatives from the Flying Squad used the mobile money number to track down the suspects. According to the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire, on arresting the suspects, it was established that a similar ransom letter written with same handwriting was involved in the kidnap of a three-year-old child in November 2017.
"We suspect that they were the same people who kidnapped a three-year-old last year and received money before releasing the child," Owoyesigyire told URN.
The two suspects are currently being held at Kawempe police station before they are transferred to Nansana police station where the case was initially reported. The arrests come just a day after the body of Susan Magara, a 28-year-old who went missing on February 7, was found dumped near Kajjansi in Wakiso district.
Magara is believed to have been killed by the same people who kidnapped her and asked her parents for a ransom of $1 million (about 3.7 billion).
At the requiem mass at Our Lady of Africa Church in Mbuya, Kampala today, Magara's father, John Fitzgerald Magara, told mourners that the family had negotiated with the kidnappers and paid the ransom hoping to save her life.
Unconfirmed reports say Shs 700 million was paid to the kidnappers, who, in available audio recordings on social media said the family of Magara was financially capable of raising the $1 million they had asked for. 
The kidnappers last week recorded a video of Susan being tortured and sent to the family together with two of her fingers that had been chopped off. 


0 #1 Betty Nalubega 2018-03-01 13:41
I would like to think that the Police is doing its best to deal with this upsurging crime.

But as long the Police continues to look "tribal" in the eyes of the public , I am afraid that we should get ready for the worst.

if and when the public trusts the Police , there is not need to pay 100 million for information. People will simply come forward and share what they know with the Police.

Gentlemen like Mr. Oweyesighire should ask themselve what is so special with them that only them are good enough to hold high places in each every armed force.
Just the other day , the man who is supposed to have killed Moze was in court. The Magistrate was a westerner , the prosecutor was a westerner , the arresting officer was a westerner... and this is in Entebbe !
Blacks in USA jubilated when OJ was found not guilty , not because they did not believe that OJ had not done it ; they just did not trust the system under which OJ was arrested and tried.
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+2 #2 Betty Nalubega 2018-03-01 14:33
Byakagaba is in charge of the investigations.

Owoyeshigire is the spokesman .

Where is the CID ? Where is Grace Okullo ?
Where is the rest of Uganda ?
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0 #3 WADADA rogers 2018-03-02 14:08
But what is happening to this banana republic, is it due to lack of jobs or the usual gymnastics of greed or the desire for easy come.
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