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Congolese woman 'kidnapped by ISO' resurfaces

A Congolese woman Ngaga Bibiche Bola, who was reportedly kidnapped on February 23 has today afternoon resurfaced at her home in Konge, Lukuli parish in Makindye division. 

Ngaga resurfaced this afternoon where the area DPC immediately approached her to record a statement about her alleged abduction. According to police spokesman Emilian Kayima, it has emerged from Ngaga’s testimony that she was in the hands of Internal Security Operation (ISO) officials.

A happy Ngaga Bibiche Bola resurfaced after being 'kidnapped' 5 days ago allegedly by ISO operatives

“She [Ngaga] claims that she was kidnapped by unknown people dressed in military fatigue with assault rifles and was in detention since then till today February 28 after five days,” Kayima said.

He added that the area police are investigating the matter to establish who were behind the acts that continue to evoke fear among Ugandans.

“We shall continue to work closely to stamp out such acts and all acts of criminality to guarantee citizens safety and security,” Kayima said.

Ngaga’s reemergence comes a day after the body Susan Magara; a cashier with Bwendero Dairy Farm who was kidnapped on February 7 was found dumped in Kitiko in Kigo off the Southern bypass.

In a February 28 press statement, President Museveni said that Magara’s murder shows “what sort of swine (pigs) we have in Africa that do not value treasures like the beautiful Suzie whom, unfortunately, I had not had the opportunity of meeting.”

In a bid to eliminate criminality, Museveni said options of capturing the palm-print of everybody and their DNA need to be explored.

“DNA records of everybody are good to compare with blood samples, sweat, sperm etc found at the scene of crime. Palm-prints are better than thumbprints because the criminal may leave the palm-print and not a thumbprint,” Museveni said.



-1 #1 miki 2018-03-01 00:10
Uganda is back to the swine days of state sponsored crimes ranging from robbery, muggings, kidnappings to murders and state sponsored terror.

The issue of who arrests, how one is arrested, for what reason, where one is jailed is one of fundamental human rights that should concern all Ugandans.

What authority does ISO have to carry out these kidnappings and illegal detention of people in so called 'safe' houses?

Who in ISO determines who should be arrested or even the reasons for which one should be arrested?

How can people differentiate between legal and criminal actions by either the security agencies or even criminals since both of them now operate in the same manner?

For now, some of the victims are lucky to resurface. But bodies may start washing up in the swamps, rivers and the lakes or even appearing in forests as has happened in Uganda before.
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+1 #2 Ugthinker 2018-03-01 01:11
In Uganda security agencies also do kidnap! What a record?

How citizens tell whether one is snatched by government and private captors is yet to be announced!
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0 #3 miki 2018-03-01 01:22
With security agencies like ISO and the Uganda police who needs criminals?

These two are already performing the role. What a procession of swine regimes??

From the British colonialist swinest of them all - this yellow regime!
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+1 #4 kabayekka 2018-03-01 14:45
It is self importance of man to give names to persons made in the image of God.

Remember the madman's spiritual being that were ordered to proceed to the swines that were grazing near the Son of God!
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0 #5 Jama 2018-03-01 20:14
What decent service can you expect from a security apparatus based on nepotism and tribal influence.

These people are not necessarily there for national security. Their main agenda is to defend a man, his family,tribesmen and those hanging around them.

That's why they are ready to deal with whoever who attempts to sink their bread in water.
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0 #6 ejakait engoraton 2018-03-02 16:57

The government of Uganda, and its security agencies (police, army, CMI, ISO) and its personnel are the biggest culprits.

When a so called “arrest” takes place and it displays any of the following characteristics , then it is an abduction/kidnap.

1. An arrest that is not backed by an arrest warrant.

2. An arrest where the arresting person/s do not identify themselves.

3.An arrest where the arresting authority is not known.

4.Where the person being arrested is not read there rights- right to silence and right to legal representation.

5.Where it is not known where the arrested person is detained.

6. The person is not allowed to contact relatives/friends/ a lawyer.

7.The person is taken to an non gazetted place.

8. Not produced and charged within the legally constituted time.

All these and other things have been happening and will probably continue to happen under this regime.

IT has mainly been happening to the opposition and those who considered regime enemies
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0 #7 ejakait engoraton 2018-03-02 16:59
I listened to the recording and I could hear a very COLD, CHILLING and calculating person, a person whom it can be determined that he must have known SUSAN (RIP), and as far as I am concerned, she was a dead person the moment she was abducted because she must have known her kidnappers.

THE person is a well spoken person, and I am made to wonder if it was just about the ransom.

They seem to know the family and seem to intimate, when the mother asks for a reduction, that the family is capable of coming up with the money.

We are told that they knew every move the family was making, when they contacted the police, when they contacted and got in touch with M7, when they drew the money and how much they drew.

Even when he asks whether MAGARA is back, it seems like he just wanted to establish if the lady was telling the truth, because they knew
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