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Botswana tells DRC President Kabila to step down

Botswana continues to stand out in breaking the African code of governance and diplomacy by calling on the continent’s leaders to respect their constitutions.

Yesterday, Monday, Botswana blamed Congolese President Joseph Kabila his country's humanitarian and security crisis, in the sharpest criticism yet from an African government of his refusal to step down.

DRC President Joseph Kabila has been told to step down by Botswana

Western powers have repeatedly criticised Kabila whose mandate expired in December 2016, but African countries have trodden more gently, urging progress toward long-delayed elections but avoiding direct condemnations of Kabila.

Congo emerged in 2003 from a five-year war that killed millions, most from hunger and disease, and the current political crisis has contributed to a surge of conflict that has forced millions to flee their homes.

At least 22 people, including 15 civilians, were killed in the past two days in inter-ethnic clashes in eastern Congo's North Kivu province, a local official said.

"We continue to witness a worsening humanitarian situation in that country mainly because its leader has persistently delayed the holding of elections, and has lost control over the security of his country," Botswana's ministry of International Affairs said in a statement.

"The Government of the Republic of Botswana wishes to express her concern regarding the disturbing trend, whereby some political leaders refuse to relinquish power when their term of office expires. These leaders have now resorted to measures such as delaying holding of elections, or amending their national constitutions to effectively extend their term of office. It is clear that such leaders are driven by self-interest, instead of those of the people they govern." said part of the statement. 

Congo's foreign minister, Leonard She Okitundu, declined to comment. Botswana's statement comes after the resignation of Kabila's close ally Jacob Zuma as South African president added to uncertainty about his standing among key African states. 

Kabila is facing mounting pressure in the streets to organise prompt elections. Security forces killed at least two people at a church-led march on Sunday. More than a dozen protesters have been killed since December.

Police said on Monday that an officer had been arrested for violating orders by firing a rubber bullet at a protester from too close a range - less than 20 meters (yards), killing him.

However, a doctor at the hospital where the man, pro-democracy activist Rossy Mukendi, died on Sunday, told Reuters he had been hit in the heart by a bullet that had entered and exited his body.

The statement by Botswana, one of Africa's most stable democracies, urged "the international community to put more pressure on the leadership in the Democratic Republic of Congo to relinquish power and pave way for the ushering in of a new political dispensation."

Kabila denies he is trying to cling to power but has refused to publicly rule out trying to change the constitution to remove term limits that prevent him from running for re-election, as the presidents of neighboring Congo Republic and Rwanda have done.

Congo's political turmoil has emboldened the dozens of militia groups that operate in its mineral-rich eastern borderlands. Fifteen civilians and seven militiamen were killed in two separate attacks on Sunday and Monday by the Hutu-dominated Nyatura militia, local administrator Hope Sabini told Reuters.

The Nyatura fighters were going after a Nande-dominated militia called Mai Mai Mazembe in the villages of Kalusi and Bwalanda, Sabini said.


+4 #1 Akot 2018-02-27 20:00
Thank you, Botswana, DRCongo lacks National leadership just as Uganda does!

Kabila- like museveni, gets away with blood on his hands & they have become so bold in creating disorder/promoting unrest/being tribalists... as if they were born evil!

It's time UN becomes useful by preventing African useless rulers in power for +10 years attending UN meetings!

UN should not accept any African leader who rules through tribalistic system, those at tribal-regional conflict/war... at UN gatherings, because UN becomes platform where these demons preach cruelty & legitimise/internationalise their evil rules, thus make UN complice to their crimes!

UN Must stop handling side effects of wars (refugees-asylum seekers-migrants), & instead go head long to impose itself as world body that wants peace through good governance in every member state or UN dismentles!...
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+3 #2 Akot 2018-02-27 20:15
...Not 1 EU member state with a corrupt-cruel-racist...leader would dare attend EU meeting or remain in power!

UN is now like EAC/AU where demons tell the world Africa is good, well governed & must be accepted as it is!

EAC-AU go along with distruction of Africa & legitimise cruelty-dictatorship-bad rule, while these useless bodies turn blind eyes-deaf ears to Africans dying trying to reach Europe for better life!

Europe is suffocating with refugees-migrants-good life seekers from African countries ruled by demons, but this does not concern EAC-AU!

Yet as things are, UN has joined EAC-AU in promoting/encouraging Africans to run away shitholes & die at sea trying to reach Europe!

This leaves dictators-bad rulers...in peace to just go on while UN calls for more money-donations...for refugees!

What nonsense!!!...
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+3 #3 Akot 2018-02-27 20:28
...So, when UN shall have helped empty Africa of it's young-educated...will UN bring in Europeans to manage African land riches & for whose good-benefit?

Why do EAC-AU exist anyway & why are officials payed?

As it is, UN-EAC-AU live through miseries/blood of the oppressed!

What are USA-EU doing in UN today if not just letting dictators useless African rulers go in peace oppressing-dictating-killing-ruling through tribalistic systems & the shithole continent at constant unrest-wars...?

Why has not even UN told Ugandans off for "tribalism" that is the only reason they are slaves of museveni?

Why does UN call tribally ruled Uganda, with tribal leaders all over, a peaceful country & resettles refugees at tribal wars from yonder in?

Not only Ugandans are responsible for museveni's lifetime precidency/chief tribal leader position, it appears!
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+1 #4 WADADA rogers 2018-02-28 09:02
Oh my, this Kabila boy has aged so fast, you may think he is over 60 years but shockingly, he still wants to remain President of DRC
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0 #5 Odongkara 2018-02-28 15:13
Botswana has said it all especially regarding Uganda!

Leaders cling to power for their selfish reasons but not for the good of the people they claim to serve. See the level of poverty in the country.
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+1 #6 Jama 2018-02-28 15:32
Our mzee has a hand on what's going on there. Remember the RPF movement which was lead by major general Fred Rwegyema who was a former deputy Commander in the NRA.After his death Paul Kagsme took over up to their bloody victory towards kigal .

A conflict which claimed more than half a million victims. Four years later they attacked Zaire the same way they did to Rwanda.some specialists put the Congo victims to more than 10 million deaths.

So if the ICC was a just court of justice,the two men leading both Rwanda and Uganda were supposed to receive a warrant of arrest. As for the Botswana leader in which planet was he when kagame modified the constitution and museven uprooted age limit?
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