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Embattled Kirumira granted bail by police court

Former Buyende district police commander Muhammad Kirumira has been granted bail by the police disciplinary court.
The court chaired by Denis Odongpiny released Kirumira this afternoon after he presented assistant commissioner of police Sam Omalla as his surety.
Odongpiny directed Kirumira to report to the Police Professional Standards Unit (PSU) at 9:30am every working day as a condition of his bail terms. Kirumira is also not supposed to intimidate witnesses and or speak to the media until the matter is concluded.
Police chasing after journalists who were covering the Kirumira's arrival at the police disciplinary court
Prior to his release, the prosecutor Steven Ojala presented two witnesses to pin Kirumira for alleged misconduct during his last appearance before the same court contrary to police standing orders.
The two witnesses, Steven Ovulu and Catherine Kusemererwa told court that during his last appearance, Kirumira protested the bail terms and rudely stormed out of the dock.
They also claimed that Kirumira didn't salute the officers who were presiding over the disciplinary court as required and roughed up officers who tried to restrain him.
Kirumira denied the charges and challenged the prosecution witnesses to produce statements or any evidence implicating him. Since there was no evidence, Ojala raised no objection to Kirumira being granted bail. 
In his ruling Odongpiny, said he was compelled by the rules of natural justice to grant Kirumira bail. Kirumira is facing charges of corruption, bribery, unlawful arrest and excessive use of authority. 

He was dramatically arrested on February 1 after police cut off his front door to gain access to his house where he had locked himself. He was held at Railway police station, a designated detention facility for senior police officers. Police claims that Kirumira committed the offences during his reign as the officer in charge of Nansana police station and Old Kampala as division police commander in 2013 and 2014 respectively.  

He was transferred to Nalufenya police detention facility. However, the police court ruled last week that Kirumira was wrongly locked up in Nalufenya since it isn't a recognized remand facility by the court. 

Kirumira's father Abubaker Kawooya had threatened to petition the Supreme court over what he called 'unfair' treatment of his son by the police disciplinary court. 
Unlike previous court sessions at the police headquarters in Naguru, today journalists, family and friends of Kirumira were blocked from covering or attending the trial.
Police officers led by assistant inspector of police Abinuku assaulted and manhandled Posiano Nsimbi, a news reporter attached to state-owned Bukedde newspaper.
Speaking to Human Rights Network for Journalists (HRNJ), Nsimbi said that he was beaten using big sticks by AIP Abinuku and other police officers. Much as he managed to save his camera from any damage, he says his right hand and leg were severely bruised.

Fellow Vision Group journalist of Bukedde TV, Sulaiman Mutebi told HRNJ, “We were targeted because of recording footage and taking still photos of the infamous police van that was taking ASP Muhammad Kirumira to the Police Court for trial... I however survived as I swiftly run away from the pursuing police officers."

Despite pictorial evidence, police spokesperson Emilian Kayima denied that any journalist had been assaulted. He said journalists were blocked from covering the trial because it was causing anxiety and excitement on the part of the accused, Kirumira.


0 #1 rubangakene 2018-02-22 23:23
Have you ever seen hyenas fighting over "meat"? Well what you are witnessing now is even a better version of the script.

You see hyenas fight each other and actually forget about the meat until they have torn each other to shreds; saliva notwithstanding.

Eventually it is the vultures who get the meat leaving the hyenas to chew at the remaining bones.
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+1 #2 lwerimba luke 2018-02-23 01:46
OH my! The reporter is usain- bolting away from the police.

Why engage in news reporting if you can make it to the olympics?
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+1 #3 Lysol 2018-02-23 03:34
Uganda is being run by an Orwellian and an occupation police force under Gestapo KK.
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+2 #4 Wamanya 2018-02-23 08:55
The photo is just awesome and more than revealing. It shows the current state of our government and the extent to which it is threatened.

The journalist with his camera seems a victor here. I encourage the journalists to keep doing their job.

It is such photos that will tell our history and define our struggle to freedom from repressive individuals that have taken Ugandans at ransom. Keep on running journalist and keep on clicking!
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+1 #5 Gbuluku Damanaka 2018-02-23 09:10
What a theater of absurdity? probably picture of the month!!!
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+2 #6 Apollo 2018-02-23 10:47
It is important not to miss the parallels between the dramatic reactions of ASP Kirumira and Dr. Stella Nyanzi when the system frustrated their efforts at seeking natural justice.

These are intelligent, rational people who like many Ugandans were victimized by a broken system.

Unlike other Ugandans, they resisted the intimidation and when they decided to fight back using unconventional methods, the 'big bully' system backed down.

The unconventional and unusual always unbalances and stumbles the bully. Lesson.
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0 #7 Akot 2018-02-23 20:03
Apollo, aggreed.

As Ugandans go along leaving individuals-small groups to fight lonely battles while providing tax money in time & in peace, how will there be change?

UN-EU-USA...only come in when there is armed war: Uganda tribalistically ruled with a people enslaved but in peace, is not interesting!

Museveni Uganda is hell for Ugandans but paradise for diplomats: they live the kind of peace no diplomats in countries they joined wars in have priviledge to, so Ugandans miseries do not concern them!

USA Ambassador prefers going at D.Trump, afraid without museveni, Uganda won't be the paradies any more!

As Ugandans don't want to just Unite against museveni, they can take to arms, then USA-EU... will come to show how powerful they are as they are doing in Syria-Irak-Afganhistan & UN will come in too...!
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0 #8 Akot 2018-02-23 20:05
Quoting Lysol:
Uganda is being run by an Orwellian and an occupation police force under Gestapo KK.


So, what will the situation be when museveni will have complete control/ownership o Uganda, more so Ugandans are the ones finalising conquest of their country for the demon?
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0 #9 Steve K. Mukiibi 2018-02-24 08:52
A picture is worth a thousand words.

Thanks to you brave journalists for letting us know what is happening in our beloved Uganda.
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0 #10 Kamudingisa 2018-02-26 19:32
Denis Odongpiny; Sam Omalla; Steven Ojala; Steven Ovulu; Abinuku: being used to do the dirty work.

Kirumira is a brand and is poised to lead Uganda in a higher capacity someday a la JJ Rawlings of Ghana--who was detained and tortured but was freed by his contemporaries and rose to Head of State.
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