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FFU commandant arrested over Kawempe cop killings

The police’s commandant for the Field Force Unit detachment in Kawempe, Nicholas Abitegeka, has been arrested as inquiries into the plain sight murder of two police officers last week gains momentum.

According to Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesman Luke Owoyesigire, Abitegeka is being held for negligence of duty since he was in charge of deployment of FFU personnel in Kawempe division that day.

“He has been arrested and detained at Railway Ground in Kampala where they detain police officers under investigations. He is not charged for murdering these officers but with negligence on duty since he didn’t supervise deployed officers and wasn’t aware of the exact places where they were deployed,” he said.

The two murdered police officers; Vincent Habiyaremye and Ambrose Otim were attacked by unknown assailants at 8pm on the night of February 16 in Kizza zone. The attackers took their two guns after killing them.

Habiyaremye was born in 1964 in Kigezi village, Nyawishenya Sub-county, Kisoro district. He joined police in 2011. While Otim was born in 1985 in Bung “A” village, Omito parish, Lira district and joined in 2010.

The FFU spokesman Samson Lubega said both men had been deployed around the country since FFU is a mobile police unit. They had spent less than three months in Kampala.

In the space of five months, four police officers have either been killed or injured by unknown assailants travelling on boda-bodas . In each incident the attackers have disappeared with officers’ guns.

In September 2017, two police officers and a civilian were killed following a shootout between police and suspected armed robbers who had attacked Denovo bread company workers at Kalerwe near Total Petrol station along Gayaza road.

On Sunday night (February 18) two assailants armed with guns attacked Sofia police post in Busia at 10.30pm. Police constable Starford Wlausansa suffered a head wound in the ensuing firefight and his loaded gun with 30 rounds of ammunition was stolen.

According to Police Spokesperson Emillian Kayima the suspects in the Busia attack were riding a motorcycle with Kenyan number plates. Kayima said no suspect has been arrested over these incidents but investigations continue.

“Police is not under attack and we are not threatened by these attackers. Am sure we shall arrest them,” he said.

Kayima said the Flying Squad Unit is hunting down the assailants. Last year police Flying Squad Unit released a report showing the unit recovered at least 48 guns and 143 ammunitions from different parts of the country.

More than six police officers were attacked last year, and their guns were stolen. In December 2017, Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura issued a directive for all armed police officers to always move in pairs and officers in charge of the personnel to provide transport for officers.

The ideal foot patrol is supposed to be made up of at least six police officers, two armed with AK-47 rifles and others armed with batons and night sticks.



0 #1 WADADA rogers 2018-02-21 08:25
Guess the Police want to show the public especially the relatives of those who died that they are doing something about it, they wont charge him and if they do, the case will drag on and before we know it, the guy will be sent for a course only to come back promoted.

Dont forget his name is Abitegeka, if he was Odongo, that would be the end of his career.
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