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Boda Boda riders block off road as they share donated money

Boda Boda cyclists have this afternoon closed off Tufnell Drive in Kamwokya for almost 30 minutes as they shared money supposedly given to them by music promoter Sipapa (Charles Oryem).

At about 2:20pm, a fleet of at least 100 rowdy cyclists ascended Tuffnell Drive chasing one unidentified man who is believed to have received the money at 10am this morning but had refused to share it.

Boda boda riders blocking the road to share their bounty

When they caught up with him at the tail end of Tufnell Drive, just adjacent to the perimeter wall of The Observer newspaper premises, they started aggressively demanding for their money.

Some grabbed his collar as others tried to search him for ‘their’ money. Some residents first thought that someone had stolen a motorcycle and was about to get lynched. They wanted to call police but later learnt that these were just cyclists sharing their bounty.

“Omugagga Sipapa gave us Shs 3m at 10am at Meat Packers (in Industrial Area) from but the man has been evading us since then. We just want our money; he can’t cheat us,” said one angry cyclist.

In the process, they cut off all traffic and no oncoming traffic could continue down to Mawanda road. Cars started using Tagore Crescent as the cyclists parked in middle of the road and started receiving Shs 5,000 each from the unidentified man.

While the money was primarily given to cyclists in the area surrounding Meat Packers, even those that joined the chase through the City Centre to Kamwokya lined and received a share.

Others were seen going for double payment since there was no order or roll call. But some were less than pleased.

“We have been chasing this man since morning and he just gives us just Shs 5,000. He has cheated us. The rich man gave him more money than this,” said one cyclist.

The road slowly cleared as whoever received the money sped off to return to respective stages or look for customers. It is unclear why the promoter gave them this money. With the increasing scramble for fame in Kampala and Uganda at large, many people have been seen dishing out money to adoring crowds.

It is now common to see the likes of Brian White, SK Mbuga, Maama Fiina, Godfrey Kirumira dolling out money for no good reason.

Some commentators have related this to Uganda’s desperate, poor population surviving on hand-outs chiefly championed by President Museveni.


+4 #1 WADADA ROGERS 2018-02-17 17:07
It is a typical poverty stricken society, i wish they were calculative enough to know that they lost more money in leaving their respective stages than they got in chasing the man
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+1 #2 Akot 2018-02-17 19:52
[Some grabbed his collar as others tried to search him for ‘their’ money.]

The origin of the mess in Uganda, museveni, that should be surrounded & locked up!

S.Africa-Zimbabwe-Ethiopia... leaders could afford to stand down & go with decency & live in their countries!

This is not the case with museveni & he knows either he continues dictating & finalise conquest of Uganda or he will never be allowed to stay in the country: he has outlived & abused our hospitality for too too long & who will allow the demon to retire & live in any part of the country peacefully after what he has done to us/our country?

But then again, divided as we are getting at one another, how will the demon the dislodged & by who?
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+1 #3 kabayekka 2018-02-18 00:15
The reason why the people of Uganda are fighting over money that way is M7's creation of an African welfare programme.

Modern taxation is an economic formula related with the expenditure on human social welfare.
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+1 #4 Odongkara 2018-02-18 13:53
Quoting kabayekka:
The reason why the people of Uganda are fighting over money that way is M7's creation of an African welfare programme.

Modern taxation is an economic formula related with the expenditure on human social welfare.

A creation of the president of a shithole country.z
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0 #5 Akot 2018-02-18 20:40
WADADA ROGERS, agreed, yet,

Is there any difference between boda boda riders trying so so hard to give their family food-pay children education... & tribal leaders, if not that tribal leaders are payed by museveni without them having to do any thing except keep Ugandans divided!

Just as refugees come to Uganda to get their share of UN-EU money given for their cause!

Is EU alone not giving +60 million euros quarterly to Uganda for refugees?

How much is UN-EU giving to refugees in Uganda?

How much do UN-EU gove to poor Ugandans?

Ah, Akot lost memory: UN-EU say Uganda is a prosperous democracy & this is why they feel free/happy to help refugees there!
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-1 #6 Akot 2018-02-18 20:49
kabayekka, agreed!

There will be more & more refugees-asylum seekers: it's big business for those handing money given for the cause: yet, how much do they hand over & for how much longer because poverty is now growing business while nothing is being done to bring good governance?

D.Trump was elected because he said America/Americans First & is doing just that, but the entire world is against him & want him dead!

While museveni who has made Ugandans poor-opressed-slaves...is thanked by UN boss for making the country home for refugees & money is there for refugees in Uganda!
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0 #7 Akot 2018-02-18 21:01
Odongkara, agreed, but,

Only shitholes are acceptable to UN because these bring money to the entity!

See how UN stays dead when there is genuin fight by a people, but UN comes out so loud the moment there is armed war & there are refugees-asylum seekers!

Palestinians live through charity while so alive fighting Israel & would never want their war to end because it will mean end of charity/donations - free money/food/clothers...!

Yet, Palestinians know their UNITY is necessary even for continuty of war!

Museveni is not a ruler like in S.Africa-Zimbabwe-Ethiopia...& will never stand down because Uganda is not his country & he does not care about Ugandans!

It's up to Ugandans to take their country back!
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