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Defiant Zuma says pressure to resign ‘unfair’

South Africa’s embattled president, Jacob Zuma, defended himself in a live interview Wednesday, saying pressure for him to resign is “unfair” and that he has not been told what he has done wrong.

Speaking to state broadcaster SABC, Zuma said he met with the top six officials of South Africa’s ruling ANC party last weekend and agreed to what he called a delayed resignation.

President Jacob Zuma during the TV interview

He said he proposed remaining in office until June. But ANC leaders rejected that plan and have called on Zuma to resign immediately. The party says parliament will hold a no confidence vote against Zuma on Thursday, if the president does not resign immediately.

"We can no longer keep South Africa waiting," ANC treasurer Paul Mashatile told reporters.

ANC party leaders decided this week to recall the 75-year-old leader after nine years in office that have been marred by economic stagnation and numerous allegations of corruption.

The allegations include charges that he allowed the powerful wealthy Gupta family to influence cabinet appointments and that he used some $20 million in public funds for improvements at his private estate.

Zuma is under no legal obligation to resign, however, and has resisted more than a week of intense pressure and negotiations from the party. If the no-confidence vote succeeds, ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa will be chosen by parliament as South Africa's new president either Thursday or Friday.

Pressure has mounted on Zuma to quit since Ramaphosa took over as ANC head in December, defeating the president's ex-wife Nkosazana Dlamina-Zuma.

Meanwhile, a police investigative unit known as the Hawks has arrested three people in a raid of the Gupta family compound in an upscale neighborhood in Johannesburg. State broadcaster SABC said a member of the Gupta family was among those arrested in the raid Wednesday.

VOA's Anita Powell contributed to this report from Johannesburg.


0 #1 Akot 2018-02-14 19:19
Is J.Zuma a member of his party or is he the owner?

Becase right now, the future of S.Africa depends on Zuma who believes without him as president, there will no longer be a country!

What part did Zima play in gaining Independence & for whom was that Freedom for chance of better living?

Well, Ugandans lost their Independence & do not know they MUST regain it before any socioeconomic projects can be put in place by 1 of their own!

Uganda was recolonized by a former asylum seeker, yet our people don't see it because the demon is black, even when he is the worst colonizer ever seen & has made tribalism democracy, knowing unless Ugandans Unite & bring down the tribalistic system, he will be life time president!

S.Africans have so much to learn from the rest of so called independent Af.countries!
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+2 #2 Phalanch 2018-02-14 20:17
Is of no more use to the nation and if he loves SA resignation is best to do.
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0 #3 Itiakorit 2018-02-15 01:14
South Africa should be encouraged to do the right thing and get rid of Zuma.

He turned the state into business transaction market place. This is the typical way Africa is been exploited by its indigenous leaders.

They collude with unscrupulous international entities to loot the national coffers and resources.

The selfish locals get their cut (usually smaller) while the international capitalists get theirs (usually a lion’s share) while the ordinary people get nothing, not an education, or health, or industries to create jobs.

As they are taken of and they come out better than thei fellow country men and women it just fine, after all it is all relative. They get to dominate and rule the rest of hapless poor citizenry.
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+1 #4 Itiakorit 2018-02-15 01:16
Just witness how the scramble for oil benefits recently took place in Uganda. Every government official (the international capitalists) was getting their cut while the ordinary people are waiting for their share -- a wait that will last forever.

How can a leader swindle national resources that cheaply while the people they purport to lead go hungry? It ought to be an abomination. ANC is rightly about to dumped by the people.
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