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Police drops charges against Kirumira

The police tribunal has withdrawn the charge of torture and unlawful use of excessive authority against Muhammad Kirumira the former Buyende district police commander.

Kirumira had been charged with the torture of Pius Kato and Paul Ochaya during his tenure as the officer in charge of Nansana police station in 2014. He is alleged to have removed the two suspects from cells, undressed them, beaten them and later cut off the right-hand thumb of Pius Kato. 

Muhammad Kirumira arrives at police today 
But prosecution led by Catherine Bamusemereirwe asked the disciplinary court chairman Denis Odongpiny to withdraw the charges on grounds that one of the victims died while another is untraceable.

"I called Kato's wife and she informed me that he was dead. As for Paul Ochaya, I have failed to get his contact since it was not included in the statement, "Bamusemereirwe told court. Kato was shot dead by the Police Flying Squad operatives during a foiled robbery in Bweyogerere.

The prosecution also went ahead to withdraw the charge of irregular conduct where Kirumira is alleged to have conducted an interview with Milton Tumusiime, a journalist working with Red Pepper at the time in which he abused the Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura.

According to the prosecution, the charge cannot hold given that the journalist refused to be a witness against Kirumira.

"I called him but he told me that he was Kirumira's good friend and cannot testify against him and if he is forced to testify, he would turn into a hostile witness," Bamusemereirwe said.

Kirumira who has been in detention at Nalufenya police facility for the last one week was dramatically arrested on February 2, a day he was expected to return to court. Police cut off his front and burglar proof doors to get access into his house from where he had locked himself. 

He was months ago charged in the police tribunal for crimes allegedly committed in 2013 and 2014 when he was in charge of Nansana police station and Old Kampala police station.

Kirumira pleaded not guilty to charges ranging from torture, extortion, corruption, bribery, unlawful arrests and excessive use of authority.

He also faces charges of neglect of duty contrary of Section 44(1) Code 19, corruption practices contrary to Section 44(1) Code 23(a) and discreditable or irregular conduct contrary to Section 44(1) Code 12 of the Police Act.

The case of extortion and torture being preferred against Kirumira has been under investigations by the Professional Standards Unit for years. Kirumira announced on social media that he has quit the police force citing witch-hunt by the top leadership which he said is part and parcel of the criminality in the city. 


+9 #1 Amhed 2018-02-08 16:16
Kirumira 1 -0 police.
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+4 #2 namukoye Geoffrey 2018-02-08 16:50
am struggling to know this person by the names of "Catherine Bamusemereirwe" as written by The media observer Ltd.. is it Catherine Bamugemereirwe of Catherine Bamusemereirwe
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+9 #3 Ugthinker 2018-02-08 17:14
Kaihura can’t be blamed alone in this. Museveni who appoints him, Parliament which endorses his appointments and actually some members of the public I hear on media outlets praising him!

This is a guy who has consistently broken the law to the letter.

Can’t a better replacement be found out of the millions of Ugandans? Even if there was none, let’s outsource from a different country than having a known criminal oversee law and order!
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+4 #4 WADADA rogers 2018-02-08 19:08
Orders from above, when shall we allow institutions to work operate freely.
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+2 #5 Apollo 2018-02-08 22:08
His name is 'Kirumira' which in Luganda has a meaning with an ominous consequence against those that may wish to 'swallow' him.

You may not like the experience.
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+3 #6 gwok 2018-02-08 22:28
Quoting namukoye Geoffrey:
am struggling to know this person by the names of "Catherine Bamusemereirwe" as written by The media observer Ltd.. is it Catherine Bamugemereirwe of Catherine Bamusemereirwe

Both can be the same or no person or both.

Please be reminded that a recent court ruling had the effect that spelling & order of names are of no consequence anymore in the Uganda of today.
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+10 #7 Kamudingisa 2018-02-09 00:34
"I called Kato's wife and she informed me that he was dead..."

The death of Kato has been known by the public and police since he was shot by...the police!
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-1 #8 Jama 2018-02-10 18:05
To end all this nonsense, we must go federal with a strong central government and a tribally disoriented army,police or any security services at all levels.
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