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Mowzey’s death: Who is telling the truth?


Conflicting accounts continue to circulate about the time, and at whose hands, music superstar Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo (Mowzey Radio) suffered severe injuries, which led to his death on February 1.

Authorities at Case hospital, family members, friends and fellow artistes have in recent days made public statements which do not seem to tally, raising questions about who actually killed the one-half of the hugely popular Goodlyfe Crew. 

Moses Ssekibogo’s casket carried from Lubaga cathedral

Radio was rushed to Case after being referred there from Nsambya hospital in critical condition following a brawl at De Bar, a hangout in Entebbe on January 22.

On the day the shock news of Radio’s death was officially announced to a stunned nation, Dr Miriam Apiyo, an inpatient clinic director at Case hospital, told journalists that upon admission, it was established that the star had a ‘brain bleed’ and was subsequently placed on life support.

“The MRI scan comfirmed the bleeding and surgery was done to remove a [blood] clot. He had responded well to treatment, which prompted doctors to remove him from the life-support machine but the condition deteriorated on Saturday [January 27],” Apiyo said.

Apiyo said the condition was aggravated by convulsions although Radio had been responding well to treatment.

Mother’s doubts

But Radio’s mother, Jane Kasubo, told The Observer during the public vigil at Kololo ceremonial grounds last Friday that her son was in stable condition after the operation.

His condition, she said, only deteriorated after another minor additional surgery was performed on his neck on January 27.

“My son was releasing some discharge through the nose and doctors insisted that it would affect his health. They promised us that he would be better if they cut his throat and tubes are inserted to release it [discharge],” Kasubo said.

“After the cutting, we only saw doctors moving around; no one was giving us updates. I sensed danger because my son was not fine but doctors were not telling the truth,” she said.

According to Radio’s mother, her son could have died on Tuesday, January 30, not February 1 as announced by the hospital.

“Why did doctors refuse me to see my son for two days after cutting his throat? They just kept putting him in induced coma, and not explaining anything to us. Yes, I don’t understand medical terms but my daughters were around to interpret for me but they were also not given updates,” she said.

“There’s a day I told doctors if they cannot help us, let them give me my son and we go to another hospital. But some doctors were kind and said they will talk to the director not to be harsh on me,” she said.

Sylvia Nakintije, Radio’s paternal aunt, was quoted as saying that Radio had a big cut on his scalp, a broken collarbone and thumb.

According to Kasubo, her son’s life ended the day he was beaten in Entebbe.

“For all the time I was at Case hospital, Radio never recognised anyone’s voice…He couldn’t even tell I was his mother. He didn’t know what was on earth. His eyes were always so light but doctors assured me he was regaining consciousness but I didn’t believe them.”

Music promoter Balaam Barugahara, who became the focal point at the hospital, seems to agree with her, telling The Observer in an interview that Radio was “half-dead” at Case.

“There was a time when I visited them and realised Radio’s eyes were closed. But when I called out loud to him, he only opened his right eye while the other remained closed. Even then, he didn’t recognise it was Balaam speaking,” Barugahara said.

Prime suspect held

On Monday, the police announced that Godfrey ‘Troy’ Wamala had been arrested after days on the run. Wamala is the bouncer who one eyewitness says attacked Radio, lifted and slammed the pencil-thin musician onto the concrete floor of De Bar, splitting his skull.

Wamala denied this on Monday but police wonder why he then fled the scene and has been a fugitive from the law since. Police say Wamala was hiding at a friend’s place in Kyengera, a city suburb.

Also in custody is George Egesa, owner of the bar, and another individual, Xavier Rukere – all of whom are believed to have played a part in the fatal bust-up.

Meanwhile, Pamela Musiimire, the woman who called Radio to the bar in the first place, has suggested that there was a third party, an unidentified man dressed in a white T-shirt and blue pair of shorts, who also attacked Radio.

While her narration of how events unfolded is similar with that of the other eyewitness, producer David Ebangit a.k.a Washington, says the inconsistency is in “who lifted Radio and hit him on the floor”

After two weeks of silence, Washington, who has neither spoken nor been seen in public since the attack, spoke to NBS television on Monday.

He had travelled with Radio from Kampala to inspect works on a mansion being built by the musician in Entebbe. Later, they joined Musiimire at De Bar where Washington says he saw Troy inflict the grievous injuries on the nationally adored Radio.

“He [Troy] lifted him up and threw him down. I heard Radio’s head crack...,” Ebangit narrated.

Ebangit said they set off from Makindye to Entebbe at around 3pm, arrived at the bar between 5pm and 6pm, and that the assault ensued around 7pm.

Earlier reports before Ebangit’s interview had said the tragic brawl took place at about 9pm. It is now up to the police and Directorate of Public Prosecutions to cobble together different strings in this most heart-rending of celebrity homicides.

The suspects had first faced lesser charges of assault and causing grievous harm. They are now staring at the graver prospect of either manslaughter or murder charges -- depending on respective level of culpability.



+4 #1 Wooden K. 2018-02-07 13:45
Hello Uganda !
it is totally useless to dive into wild speculations.

The man died from the injuries that happened in a bar incident infront of witnesses.

We waste more time by guessing if his throat was cut or not. Hospitals cut throats and other things to save lives of their patients; but they can`t save every life !

People , people , people,be nice and respect the Doctors !

If you want to ask questions , face off with the man who takes care of your taxes. Ask HIM why in a very important place such as Entebbe , there is not a single hospital that can do a brain scan.

Before you blame the thug who bursted Mozey`s head , ask why Ugandans have become so violent.
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+3 #2 Wooden K. 2018-02-07 13:46
Ask why the army decides to storm Mumbere Palace and shoot 150+ Ugandans to death instead to talking to them

Ask why the Speaker of Parliament agrees with Kayihura and army Officers to storm the House and beat up MPs instead of talking to the leaders of the Opposition .

Ask why a police woman commands her men to punch Lord Mayor Lukwago`s private parts infron of his wife and kids .

Ask why the Police thinks is better to chop off one of their own Officer`s door when the man and all his family are inside watching and could have tried to give him time to come out peacefully
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+5 #3 Mama Mia 2018-02-07 15:36
Shame on Uganda Police!! Why is Washington and Pamela not in custody helping with investigations?

If you watch the NBS TV video clip posted on youtube 2 days ago, Washington started by saying he saw everything that took place at the scene of crime.

He then kicked his narrative tinkering with the time of their departures and arrivals, the durations of his sittings in the vehicle and his purported ignorance of the cause of the rift between Radio and Egesa.

He claims Radio poured whisky around onto those who were sitting on the table with him and mainly to Egesa. In reality this would have led everyone fleeing the table or someone throwing a punch at Radio straight away.

Then he goes on telling the world that Egesa was angry before he left the table and returned and angrily pushed the table away and confronted Radio what he doesn't say is that glasses and bottles were broken when the table was pushed away.

He then appears to exonerate Egesa from being involved in the murder.
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+4 #4 Mama Mia 2018-02-07 15:37
He narrates all this with no emotions at all, he infact manages to smile throughout and his body language tells the tale.

These two should be Nalufenya regardless of whether they related to the Captain or not. Get on with General Tear G.
Report to administrator
0 #5 Wooden K. 2018-02-07 17:20
Hello Mama Mia ; shame on YOU too!!!!
You are not thinking through this properly .

You just do not arrest anybody just because they were at the scene of a crime .

Washington can be blamed for his silly name , but in this case he is a very very credible and an important witness .

Somebody who drives a business friend t to the bar where the friend suddenly gets killed must be more traumatized than anybody else who was never there to see what he saw.

Under the circustances , he just cannot be expected to recall exact times of departure and arrival , as if he was some kind of time-keeper who anticipated a fight.

Mama Mia , it is people like you that make it difficult for witnesses to step out and help an investigatigation when a crime happens.

Totumalira budde !!!
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+2 #6 Mama Mia 2018-02-07 23:14
Quoting Wooden K.:
Hello Mama Mia ; shame on YOU too!!!!
You are not thinking through this properly .

You just do not arrest anybody just because they were at the scene of a crime .

Washington can be blamed for his silly name , but in this case he is a very very credible and an important witness .

Somebody who drives a business friend t to the bar where the friend suddenly gets killed must be more traumatized than anybody else who was never th

Totumalira budde !!!

@wooden K, Listen, unless you also belong to the Captain dynasty there is a difference between a witness and a suspect.

A witness who records an incoherent statement becomes a suspect. You are either trying to cover him up or shallow minded who cannot evaluate what you have just read or watched.

Washington should be on a police Kabangali speeding towards Nalufenya. I am telling you!!
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-1 #7 miki 2018-02-08 05:30
The death is most probably a result of a bungled brain surgery at Case Clinic, and what increasingly appears to have been a poorly managed post-surgery process.

What was the major consideration for the brain surgery?

Was it because of elevated intracranial pressure or intracranial hemorrhage or was it after an intracranial infarct? The explanations made by the medical director makes but little clinical sense.
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-1 #8 Wooden K. 2018-02-08 09:19
Good morning Mama Mia !

No , I am not shallow minded. Not on this one anyway.

What I am telling you is that precision is not a strict requirement from an eye witness in a crime investigation.

If (as you strangely suggest ) that a witness becomes a suspect when they record an incohorent statement , then 99% of witnesses would be suspects.

No , I do not care any bit about Captain Mukula .
In fact I think he is a corrupt see-me-type who should be somewhere in a jail.

Anything else ?
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0 #9 Kamudingisa 2018-02-09 00:44
The critical timeline was between his beating and the time they put him in a vehicle to take him to hospital, and passing by a couple of hospitals in Entebbe!
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