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Former student sues Makerere over sexual harassment

A former Makerere University student has filed an application in the High court, Civil Division seeking permission to sue the university for failure to protect her from sexual harassment.
The application has been filed through her lawyers; Isaac Ssemakkadde of Centre for Legal Aid and Sheila Namahe of Maxim Advocates.
The girl whose identity remains concealed contends that Makerere failed to protect her from sexual harassment and alleviate its impact during her studentship at the university between 2012 and 2017.
She also says the university failed to investigate, discipline or prosecute the perpetrators of sexual harassment. She further claims that Makerere management failed to implement comprehensive reparations for her and violated her rights to health, dignity, education, equality and non-discrimination.
The lawyers want court to order that "particulars which reveal identity of the girl, her college and alleged perpetrator of the sexual harassment complained of be concealed from documents filed or submissions and representations made orally by any party in connection to the subject matter."
The lawyers further seek a directive that all suits filed by any party in connection with the subject matter of the present application be "heard wholly or partially in camera or in accordance with publicity restrictions as court may deem appropriate."
They also want court to prohibit any person or organisation from publishing, telecasting or broadcasting any information connected to the subject matter that may be used to establish the identity of the girl.
Documents filed in court indicate that the girl is a victim of sexual harassment to which she was subjected by one of her male lecturers at one of the colleges. She was forced to terminate her studentship in May 2017 after years of ping pong with university management which failed to effectively address her complaint of sexual harassment.
The lawyers say the girl has only expressed interest in filing a case if court permits her to do it pseudonymously.
The application comes up for hearing on Monday. It will be presided over by Justice Lydia Mugambe.  


0 #1 WADADA rogers 2018-02-03 17:46
Sexual harassment is one evil that has eaten all universities in Uganda.

I do not want to reveal that 9 out of 10 girls have been sexually harassed by male lecturers and out of those 9, 7 have offered sex for marks.

It is only the very ugly girls that sail through university without any one asking them for sex in order to give them good marks or to give them the exam paper in advance. However.
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0 #2 WADADA rogers 2018-02-03 17:50
Let us not forget that even male students (very few) have been harassed by female lecturers in order to let them pass or to give them higher marks.

However, it looks like the males never get to report because they think they are the ones using the female lecturers
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