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Mowzey: Learn to handle fame, priest to Ugandan celebs

Rubaga Cathedral priest Rev Fr Deogratius Kateregga Kiibi 

Seizing a rare opportunity that brought together almost all Uganda’s celebrities under one roof, the charismatic Rubaga Cathedral priest Rev Fr Deogratius Kateregga Kiibi went bare knuckles.

Using his homily during the requiem mass for fallen artist Mowzey Radio also known as Moses Ssekibogo, Father Kateregga more often than not permuted the sombre mourning mood in church into that of laughter and applause. Mowzey died yesterday morning from head injuries sustained following a bar brawl in Entebbe on January 22.

“Let Mowzey Radio death be a warning to others who want to die in similar circumstance”, he said. He said whoever caused Mowzey's death will will to live with that fact for the rest of their life and will also have to answer to God once they also die. 

Father Kateregga advised Ugandan celebrities to learn how to handle their fame and money and stop living wasteful lives. He urged them to “return to God” and not only be brought to church in coffins for requiem mass and service.

Kateregga reminded Uganda’s celebs that the talent that has given them the fame and money is after all God-given, and the gift they give back to God, is how they use that talent. Kateregga said at least Mowzey was a regular in church, always taking his children for baptism. Mowzey had 3 wives and six children. 

“He [Mowzey] was an inspiration to so many people. So many young people were looking up to him…You [celebs] have people who are following you, people who look up to you. Celebrities normally have silent people who are following them and its important that you touch those people’s lives in a positive.” he said.

“Some women these days look too expensive, driving posh cars but with ‘uprooted’ money from men. I normally pity the men who love you…”, he added.

Mowzey Radio's casket in church during the requiem mass 

Quoting American TV host and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey, the priest said, we must all be mindful of the kind of legacy that we’ll leave behind.

“Legacy are not the cars you have, the buildings you have or the investments that you have made. People are very important in anyone's life and how you relate with people is also very important…Legacy is the people you inspire...Don't let your money become a curse to you by spending it on booze and women.,” he said.

“Learn to handle life of fame. However rich, everybody’s coffin will be squared and not round. Nobody will be buried on an acre of their land. Even your own children or spouse will not mourn for you forever. There will come a time when they have to move on.”

The priest said between the ages of 0-20 years is the time for a human being to set themselves for life after parents' support. Ages 20-30 years, is the period of mistakes, the film and show phase of human life.

During this period, he said, one can make mistakes so long as you don’t get killed, arrested or annoy God. From the age 30 to 40 years, he said is a period of seriousness, years of investments, years of marriage. This period is the most productive period of the human life according to the priest. Father Kateregga said its a pity that Mowzey died aged just 33, most productive period of his life.  

Some of the mourners in church. Photos: Nicholas Bamulanzeki

The priest said, when some Ugandans get money, they become extravagant, not on their families but to the worshipping world. Some even fail to pay school fees for their own children or even take care of their family’s needs.

He said to the worshipping fans, the celebrity is a hero but some celebrities are seen as a burden in their own families. They abandon their wives and children; choosing instead to spend most of their time in bars and with 'artificial' friends.

“When trouble kicks in, it is your wife, your children and family who will be by your side”, he said.

“Multitudes of people only turn up for your funeral,” he added.



+5 #1 Juma Kato 2018-02-03 13:12
Fr. Kateregga`s homily was one the best that I have ever listened to at any funeral service.
It was not only witty , but to exactly the point.

Unlike other preachers , Fr. Kateregga knew his audience and adressed them in a language they understand.

Bravo Fr. Kateregga Kibi !!!!!
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-1 #2 WADADA rogers 2018-02-03 13:48
Certainly, if there is heaven, Mowzey just like myself have no place in there, not even in hell, may be he will stay here with me
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-1 #3 Badang 2018-02-03 14:40
Which church was this lunatic praying from?

I know so many common people where church declined to perform this Sacramento mbu they were not church goes! Is it any different from the loosers?
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+1 #4 WADADA rogers 2018-02-03 17:52
Fame is not something simple to manage, given the pomp around especially for those who have made it on the social scene and made some money, arrogance, pride, pomp, vanity all combined take over the singer and he quickly forgets his past self
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0 #5 Godwin tuhirirwe 2018-02-04 17:25
It was good encouragement and wordsof wisdom from father katerega ,for us who are still living .

mozeys death will be alesson to many celebrities.
rest in peace mozey.
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-1 #6 kisembo Nicholas 2018-02-05 11:04
we thank God for his mercy towards mankind,as people we have to know that God is God.

Love each other and even try to leave sin and it's out come though you are so called great in any sector.God bless you all,stay safe we love you all
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