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Three arrested for ritual murder in Gulu

Aswa region police spokesperson Patrick Okema

Police in Aswa River region are holding three people suspected of having had a hand in the ritual murder of a 40-year-old man.

Robert Ojok Aganya was murdered about three days ago and his body was yesterday found near Oitino stream in Gulu district.

According to Aswa Region Police spokesperson Patrick Jimmy Okema, the three unnamed suspects were last seen with the deceased before he disappeared.

“They will help police with investigations,” said Okema.

The body of the deceased was found beheaded, his hair cut off and the tongue removed.

Police suspects the murderers wanted Ojok's body parts for ritual purposes.

The deceased was a resident of Oturo Oloya village in Bungatira sub-county, Gulu district.

He reportedly told his wife on the evening of January 27, 2018 that he was going for a dance at Ocuka trading centre in Bungatira sub-county.

Ojok, however, did not return home that night, prompting his wife to mount a search for him. When she failed, she alerted other family members and the police found his body 400 meters away from the stream.


This is the first such gruesome murder in Aswa region since the beginning of 2018.

Police ha taken the body for postmortem at Gulu regional referral hospital as his family arranges for burial.



0 #1 Akot 2018-02-02 18:19
There we go, when we hear any thing at all from Gulu (Acholiland), it's always nightmare: not 1 good thing has come from Acholiland since 1986!

Has museveni not destroyed us enough?

And sinced when has body parts become ritual objects in Acholi?

So, as museveni will finally own the entire zone because we have decided to help him do so instead of Uniting or forming independent tribal states, what will he do to Acholi & Acholiland?

Ah! this is not on our minds because we canot thing beyond tomorrow!

30 Years of being killed-isolated-confined in refugee camps...& all Acholi know is kill & play with body parts!

When, where & from whom did we learn this evil did?
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+1 #2 Odongo Richard Otim 2018-02-02 21:34
Let the Police carry full investigations,sometimes the deceased was kille on other issues like rivalling for women then to disguise the investigations they cut the body parts to associate with the human sacrifice.

Usually killings in Bars and Dances are associated with drinking and rivals for women,plan for human sacrifice is rare.
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+1 #3 Akot 2018-02-03 15:33
Odongo Richard Otim, understood.

While waiting for tribes that brought museveni in to make up their minds, Acholi MUST organize themselves & this needs leadership & NOW!

The moment museveni has complete control of Uganda, Acholiland will be his base of operation!

Is this what we are waiting for?

Museveni is a demon that believes Uganda belongs to him & no one has right to oppose him.

What will museveni do to Acholi whe he has absolute authority/ownership of Uganda?

Acholi should be the first to know museveni is a demon of the worse kind, yet we are busy destorying ourselves instead of getting ready to fight back so that Acholiland is not part of his new Uganda & he destroys Acholi for good!

Who are Acholi waiting for to protect/save them?
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