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Maverick DPC Kirumira arrested

Muhammad Kirumira's father (front) attempts in futility to block the arrest of his son

Police from the flying squad have this morning fired several gunshots while arresting one of their own, Buyende district police commander ASP Muhammad Kirumira.

Maverick Kirumira, who was locked inside his house located in Bulenga in Wakiso district to fend off arrest, was forced out after police cut out his door.

Speaking through his house window to multitudes of cameras surrounding his house, Kirumira said police had no arrest warrant and, therefore, couldn’t take him. In the house, there were his children and heavily-pregnant wife.

However, when the Flying Squad officers finally removed the front door, he came out with hands in the air and voluntarily entered a police truck that immediately sped off. As soon as he entered the truck, police started shooting in the air to disperse an ever-growing crowd.

He is believed to be held at Kampala Central Police Station. Yesterday, Kirumira took to social media to announce that he was resigning from the force following a police tribunal charging him of both criminal and disciplinary charges – a move he said was witch-hunt tarnishing his image.

He offered several media interviews too, revealing too much rot within the embattled force which has of recent been accused of and seen to be working with criminals. Kirumira was last Tuesday arraigned before a tribunal at Police Headquarters in Naguru and slapped with charges of assault, corruption, extortion, torture – all of which he denies.

In a statement yesterday, Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima said the police officer's actions are scandalous and cannot be tolerated in the force.

"When the full wrath of the law weighs on you, it will be you alone to tell the story and you will need no sympathy," Kayima warned Kirumira in the statement.

The Police Act provides guidelines for an officer to resign which include writing to the permanent secretary of the ministry of Internal Affairs, which request is discussed and cleared in the police administration chaired by the minister of Internal Affairs.

Kayima says instead of following the laid down procedures, Kirumira has contravened the code of conduct of any serving police officer.

"He has even gone ahead to grant interviews to some media houses which is an act of indiscipline and totally contravenes the code of conduct of serving police officers," Kayima says.

But in his earlier statement, Kirumira said he was only stepping down as Buyende DPC to allow smooth investigations into his case after which he will formerly apply for early retirement.

More details to follow…


+1 #1 Julius O 2018-02-01 13:04
General Tumukunde will release him
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+3 #2 Wooden K. 2018-02-01 14:02
Hello Uganda ,here we go again !

Another dramatic arrest which will end up nowhere as Frank Gashumba and Sobi can relate.

The only difference this time is that Mr.Kirumira taunted the authorities and challenged them to arrest him.

While at it , clever Kirumira ventured into complex issues that are better left undiscussed.

"The police is full of people from one CLAN , they are untouchable " he said
Interestingly , Mr. Kirumira ended his rant with a well known punch line : "Only President Museveni can stop me from quiting ...".

By that simple punch line , Kirumira threw the ball over the heads of his tormentors to somewhere in State House.

Stay tunned
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+1 #3 Odongkara 2018-02-01 14:12
Quoting Julius O:
General Tumukunde will release him

I wish he does that because the police has become irresponsible to be of any use to Uganda.

"A house that Isis divided against itself can't stand" Are we witnessing the end times of NRM?
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+1 #4 Akot 2018-02-01 14:38
Wooden K., thanks.

We know to whom Uganda belongs, until Ugandans decide otherwise.

Tunisians are among those who came out to say NO to abuse-misrule...: when they saw those who took over are doing nothing for the people, they came out again! Now French presdient is there to see how his country can help set things rolling!

For Ugandans, Unity to throw museveni out comes FIRST, until then, the demon will do as he pleases: buys off-uses-shames...Ugandans at will!

Yet, this arrest is another way of turning attention away from the dictator: while Ugandans arrest-fight one another, museveni is at peace with absolute no opposition, no pressure...the country is HIS & Ugandans are slaves-oppressed & must just go by!

People set themselves free from dicators-bad rule & no demon ever leaves power, unless thrown out head long by 'the people in Unity"!
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+1 #5 Odongkara 2018-02-01 15:54
This Kirumira man better be careful, I fear for your life more than anything else after spilling that pot of rotten beans!

We hear that sectarianism, nepotism, prejudice against other tribes etc are bad for Uganda but what puzzles me is the same speakers are the very ones engaged in tribalism, sectarianism, nepotism etc.

What should the rest of Ugandans do, pick up bows and arrows and march to Kampala?
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