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Kenyan TV stations switched off over Odinga swear in

Nasa supporters at Uhuru Park awaiting for the swearing in of their 'president' Raila Odinga

The Communication Authority of Kenya has switched off several television stations for attempting to broadcast the 'swearing in' ceremony of former opposition presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

KTN News, Citizen TV and radio, NTV, Inooro TV were switched off air on free-to-air platforms. The television stations however maintained the live broadcast on their digital and social media platforms.

The switch off came after the televisions carried live the arrival of opposition National Super Alliance (Nasa) supporters at Uhuru Park in Kenya's capital, Nairobi this morning for the swearing in of Odinga and Stephen Kalonzyo Musyoka as president and vice president of Kenya respectively.

Government officials had declared the 'swear in' as an act of treason. Akin to Uganda's 2016 elections situation when opposition presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye swore himself in as the 'people's president', Kenyan opposition maintains it won last year's August presidential election. Besigye was later arrested and charged with treason and the matter is still in court.


After the incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta was declared winner of the presidential election, Odinga petitioned court contesting the results. The Supreme court nullified the election citing election irregularities before ordering for fresh elections.

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission then organized a second election, which Odinga boycotted, giving Kenyatta an easy victory.

James Orengo, a top opposition coalition official, maintains that Odinga won the August 2017 election by 300,000 votes.

"If anybody had any doubt as to why Raila Odinga should be sworn-in as a president of the Republic of Kenya, if you go through the document, you will come to the conclusion that truly not only was Raila Odinga and his excellency Kalonzo Musyoka elected on the 8th of August 2017, but Kenyans should go ahead and take the position which we have taken," Orengo said.

The Kenya Union of Journalists has condemned the intimidation of media houses and journalists for covering the swearing in ceremony.

"It has come to our attention that the Jubilee administration intimidated senior media managers not to air live National Super Alliance (Nasa) ceremony at Uhuru Park during which Raila Odinga and Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka were expected to "take oath of office". This is the second time meetings have been held at State House to give directions to senior media managers on how to make editorial decisions in newsrooms," said Erick Oduor, the secretary general Kenya Union of Journalists (KUJ).

He says that a similar meeting was held in State House in 2014, which resulted in the exit of Mark Kapchanga from Standard Media after authoring a detailed story on the cabinet retreat in Nanyuki that had gobbled up millions of taxpayers' money without justification.
"The Kenya Union of Journalists (KUJ) takes exception to unprecedented intimidation of journalists and calls for respect to the Constitution of Kenya, which gives the media freedom to carry out its duties as a watchdog without influence from any institution. KUJ supports the position that has been expressed by Kenya Editors Guild on last Friday's meeting at State House, during which Riots Act was reportedly read to those in attendance," he noted.
Adding that, "We find it outrageous for the government to intimidate journalists yet it has an obligation under the UN Plan of Action, which requires that it protects journalists and prosecute those who violate the rights of journalists."


-1 #1 Akot 2018-01-30 15:51
Why doesn't Odinga declared Luo territory Independent State with Kisumu it's Capital, if he really wants to be a leader?

How is setting fire on Kenya at a time when people are so tired of poverty-unrest-uncertainty...make non Luos want Odinga to be presient of the country?

Didn't Luos see how Acholi said NO to Kony because the rest of the country wanted museveni, even when Kony killed them-set fire on villages... in revenge for being rejected by Acholi?

Luos should wake up before they are openly rejected by the resto of Kenya because Odinga will never be president of Kenya, but he will use & destroy Luos completely!
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-1 #2 WADADA rogers 2018-01-30 16:08
Why not switch them off, why broadcast an illegal assembly
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-1 #3 WADADA rogers 2018-01-30 17:32
Raila has put the last nail on his coffin, this time round, he is a treason candidate come rain come shine, am sure the police has already prepared a file to bring his to order
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-3 #4 Akot 2018-01-30 20:17
WADADA rogers, agreed!

Odinga is a dishonour to his father's name: his dad never went for violence nor defiance at the cost of any Kenyan just because he wanted to be president!

By not rerunning, Odinga retired from politics & lost the right to incite Kenyans to defiance & violence of any kind!

This is contrary to Dr Besigye who was abandoned by Ugandans & fought a lonely battle & had to give up!

Odinga can never win any presidential election: he falls far shot in qualities for the post!

If his poor supporters want better life, they should accept result of the election that their candidate didn't dare run, thus lost right to contest & cause trouble for Keny!

Are Odinga's supporters so stupid-illiterate...& don't see he is abusing them?
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0 #5 GreogoryO 2018-01-31 12:31
@Akot, why comment on the thing you know nothing about? You see, little information is dangerous.

Let me educate you, Odinga is not a Luo leader but a Kenyan leader, the Luo nation just happens to be his stronghold given that our politics as is in the rest of Africa is ethnic based.

Secondly, if Odinga did not commit any treasonable offence, if you are conversant with the Kenyan law(which am sure you are not) the oath of office for any public office is clearly written in the constitution, refer to chapter 18, third schedule of the 2010 constitution of Kenya, Odinga did not use any of those.

You may also take note that he was sworn in as "the people's president" there is no such provision in our constitution.

Odinga is a politician loved and hated in equal measure but is respected by all both enemies and foes. He is a champion of democracy, without him, perhaps Kenya would still be like Uganda where one man rules from his bedroom and no one dares question.
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-1 #6 Akot 2018-01-31 21:25
Odinga, like Kibaki, should have been in jail for the massacre they enjoyed in 2007/8!

While Kibaki had the decency of going silent, Odinga got bold, just as museveni gets bolder destroying Uganda in all impunity!

Why is Kisumu not developed if Odinga is a leader at all & how on earth will he develop Kenya when he does not even know how to do so with Kisumu?

Those of us who know Kibera & other poor parts of Kenya including Nairobi, know the poor are used by Odinga because they are not educated enough to see he is evil, but tells them what they want to hear!

What did Odinga do for the poor when he shared power with Kibaki, besides calling off the killings the moment he was made prime minister?
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-1 #7 Akot 2018-01-31 21:34
Odinga is worse than museveni because he destroys his own country, while museveni is a former asylum seeker who does not care in what state Uganda & it's people are!

Has Odinga any reason to keep Kenya on fire simply bcause he is not leader, even when he didn't dare rerun for presidency?

Say, if U.Kenyatta stands down, will Odinga have legitimacy in taking his place when he is no longer opposition leader, but just war monger who loves seeing Kenya on fire?

How can any one with brain call Odinga 'leader' when it was Odinga himself who didn't rerun, yet was swon in as president illegally-unconstitutionally-unofficially?

If this is not madness due to age, then what is it?
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+1 #8 KENYAN 2018-02-01 12:25
My friend from Uganda, Odinga is our president. Don't froth about what you dont know.

Odinga is suppported by 80% of Kenyans while the current regime by only 20%. The last thing you should think about is RAILA being arrested. Raila to Ugandans is a name but to Kenyans is an institution.

Raila is feared from Judiciary,through the executive led by president to the legislature.

The election was nullified after Raila warned the supreme court to redeem itself.

Raila is even bigger then the Kenyan army.RAILA is loved even by Mr.KENYATTA and should he say he wants the biggest ministry in govt,He will be given directly.Kindly follow kenyan politics to know who Raila is.

Not even a single police can welcome the call to arrest RAILA.HE is called baba in KENYA.

RAILA is supported by 43 tribes of Kenya,but KIKUYU being the largest just have to vote for MR.kenyatta due to the ethnic trends of Kenyan politics.
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0 #9 Tegla 2018-02-02 19:51
Dear Alot,
Kisumu is the third largest City in Kenya. It is the most developed city in the Lake Victoria region(It more developed than Kampala, you can check it out If you don't believe me)

So stick to your lane (afterall you Ugandans are comfortable with Museveni's dictatorship) we the people of Kenya recognize him as our president.
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