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New AU chairman Kagame wants business unusual for Africa

Paul Kagame

Rwanda President Paul Kagame yesterday assumed the position of African Union chairperson, taking over from Guinea’s Alpha Conde with a core message of unity, self-reliance and free movement of people.

In his speech at the 30th AU Summit underway in Ethiopia capital Addis Ababa, Kagame said Africa must create a single continental market, integrate its infrastructure, build its economy relying on technology and ensure free movement of people in Africa which can be achieved in 2018.

The summit launched the single African air transport market which Kagame said is a major step towards free transport within Africa and that they were “nearly ready” to adopt the continental free trade area.

“By committing to break down these barriers, we will send a tremendous signal in Africa and beyond that it is no longer business as usual. Our people deserve a brighter future. Their sacrifice and hard work should be rewarded by better lives for their families and communities,” Kagame said.

The Rwandan president also preached positivity among Africans, saying that the narrative that Africa is a burden should be dispensed with. “This way of thinking has been around for years, fixing it won’t take a year. None of us should be angry about the time and potential we have lost in regards to who we are and should be. At the stage we are, we should choose to respond with focus and facts in order to refocus our common humanity,” Kagame said.

He called on young Africans professionals to join the struggle of making the continent a better place since they too have a role to play, noting: “We cannot build Africa without you.”

Their contributions should be through listening to the history elders have which will help them “work even harder” and vigorously, engaging in fields of development to the heights of their potential.

Young Africans are also professional men and women and who have a full role to play.

“However, too many Africans come of age in the same conditions as their parents and grandparents and sometimes the hardships endured are even worse, our job is to make sure that every generation in Africa enjoys a better life than the previous one,” Kagame said.



+1 #1 Akot 2018-01-29 16:36
What business can Africa talk about when there is no National Education & our young-educated are leaving for Europe to have chance, while those who remain MUST go along with dictatorship-bad rule in silence or are imprisoned?

Why does Kagame not call for reconcilliation of Rwandese so that those waiting for museveni to own Uganda go back to Rwanda?

Why has Kagame not taken in Rwandese thrownout by Tanzania but let them go to Uganda instead?

Why is Kagame not calling Rwandese fighting to take control of DRCongo to order?

Why can't Kagame & museveni work in Rwanda & share power?

What is the use of AU to +80% Africans waiting for help that will never come as long as dictatorship-bad rule continue?

Why is Europe bogged down with refugees-migrants-good life seekers...from Africa?
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+2 #2 KIGALI RWANDA 2018-01-29 21:17
In Rwanda, Kigali we live in fear. Paul Kagame dictatorship is killing the youth.

No democracy here and no reconciliation. Will Kagame teach africans to do things he failed to do? Why is Kgame imposing rules? there needs to be consultation before imposing the rules?

CAN AFRICA STOP CHANGING CONSTITUTIONS TO RULE FOREVER like Kagame did and expected to rule until 2034?
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+1 #3 Akot 2018-01-30 20:37

Kagame-museveni-Kabila... are demons that MUST be stopped!

Kagame & museveni have UN-AU in thier pockets!

UN has also turned into inhuman body that breaths-lives-flurished through dictatorship-bad rule & wouldn't want these demons to leave power!

So, will developed countries, big financers of UN, save the world by freezing finance to UN until this body starts being useful in helping throw out dictatros-useless rulers-stop wars & make good rule in every member state compulsory?

Kagame & museveni accept no opposition & play about with constitution at will, yet UN goes along saying this is democracy-peace-prosperity...!

UN & AU are as destructive to Africa as our demon rulers: they all call our fear-submission to oppression, abuse, humiliation, enslavement...'peace & prosperity'!
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