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PLE: MP wants to burn 'inept' Uneb

Exam papers being printed.
Exam papers being printed.

Labwor MP Michael Ayepa could not hide his anger with Uganda national examinations board after it with-held Primary Leaving Examination results for 2,559 candidates including his daughter’s over suspected examination malpractices.

The results were withheld pending completion of investigations and those cleared will have their results released, according to the examinations body.

However, some parents have not sat back to wait for investigations, including Ayepa, who went to Uneb today to seek and explanation from the executive secretary, Daniel Odongo, as to why his daughter’s results were withheld.

“I went to Uneb offices; I was looking for Mr. Odongo. They told me he is here in Parliament. I had to rush here and I thank god I have got this opportunity,” Ayepa said.

“I feel like burning Uneb, I am telling you. The reason why somebody became Kony is this provocation. My daughter is totally innocent and she is suffering. A lame girl suffering, now again the results have been withheld,” he told the parliamentary committee that was meeting with Uneb officials over the budget framework paper and other issues.

The legislator complained that Uneb had transferred its incompetence to innocent pupils after failing to hire trusted people that could manage examinations, demanding that the results be released unconditionally.

“It’s your own weaknesses. I met a UPDF [officer] there [at Uneb offices in Ntinda] also boiling, saying today he wants his [child’s] results. My brother, [Odongo] why are you holding my daughter’s results?” Ayepa demanded.

Ayepa says his daughter was supposed to sit for the exams three years ago but due to an accident, he chose to keep her at home, as she recovers and says that now that she has finally sat for the exams, Uneb withheld the results.

But Uneb executive secretary Odongo explained that the results were withheld after three different committees confirmed that the pupils could have engaged in activities of cheating.

According to Odongo, the pupils were found to have answered the questions in the same way and failed the same questions in the same manner, which is questionable.

“At the third level, these scripts were subjected to a review by a committee of the board called examination security committee which is composed of eminent academics. We are an academic institution and so members of the board are selected rather carefully to reflect the different competence areas,” Odongo said.

“This committee looked through the scripts of Seeta Parents and other schools and they still confirmed the suspicion that the work of the candidates did not appear to be exactly theirs,” Odongo added.




+9 #1 rubangakene 2018-01-17 22:46

Why is an MP and a UPDF officer surprised when the "truth comes home to their doorstep"?

Even the "qualifications/degree of the Minister of Education is still a bone of contention. You just have to "stew" like every Ugandan and look for a way forward to solve this on going debacle. Good Luck!
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+5 #2 kelem 2018-01-18 09:14
We are told that the minister her self graduated with a degree in education without teaching practice.

She got away with it for now until a 'grace Mugabe' scenario arises in the future and hopefully soon.
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0 #3 Yumbe 2018-01-18 12:31
Amin's error behaviour is back.

The untrusted exam employees met a willing buyer who was willing to take the risk.

Let the risk taker swallow the consequences.
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