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African youth react to Trump’s ‘shithole’ countries comments

US President Donal Trump

Whereas the African Union has unanimously and angrily demanded that US President Donald Trump retracts his comments about their countries, reaction on social media seems to indicate that many youth on the continent agree with Trump's description of their countries.

It was widely reported on Thursday that Trump, in a meeting with US lawmakers, questioned why his country has to take in more immigrants from Haiti and ‘shithole’ countries from Africa, rather than countries such as Norway that would offer trade and foreign policy deals to his country. Trump admitted to using tough language in the said meeting but denied using derogatory language. 

Many youth on the Africa continent, pointing to the corruption, political assassinations, bribery, under development, nepotism, self-inflicted poverty among others in their countries say that Trump is right. Here are some of the reactions.


0 #21 Akot 2018-01-15 16:04
Lakwena, thanks, yet,

Let's hope USA asks Embassies of countries like Uganda ruled by lifetime demons blaming him now, to close, because these demons will NEVER close theirs in USA, they need to blind the world they are humans diplomatically!

After all which diplomat knows how Ugandans live in villages- ?

D.Trump wants better life for Americans & for the rest of the world too & this makes him the demon to be got rid of!

Uganda tribal leaders enjoying life with museveni while Ugandans are slaves with no future, but this is OK for UN-AU-those against D.Trump who wants a stop to evil going on!

Was D.Trump elected to work for migrants-refugees?

Uganda parliament works for museveni in a country ruled through tribalistic system & this does not bother UN-AU-those blaming US president!
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0 #22 Akot 2018-01-15 16:08
Quoting Twebaze Francis:
Yea, President Donald Trump is spot on... truthfulness is sour.

Our countries, particulary mine, are shitholes and we, the citizens are maggots.

If the constitution can be manipulated to fit the interests of one man out of the 40,000,000 then why not the rest of the politically helpless citizens bemaggots in the shithole.


Yet, UN-AU call this shithole of museveni Uganda "peaceful country"!

Now, who is friend of Ugandans, if not D.Trump?
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0 #23 Akot 2018-01-15 16:11
Quoting Uganda-Mother-Land:
...I support Trump he is a realistic person. African merit should start with leadership. our professionals leaving Uganda for other countries we lose a lot.

see what happened in Parliament recently corruption. Good and democratic and transparent governance is the pillar of development but where is such in AFRICA.

Opposition is part of definate prison very brutal police and M7 gangs all destining us to war and blood shed in future! what a shame. Thumbs up Mr. Trump.

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+1 #24 Akot 2018-01-15 16:21
Quoting Juma Kato:
African Union (AU) should now be called Shithole Union (SHU)

They arrogantly pretend to speak for us without bothering to consult us.

CNN and the liberal machine is using Africa to hit the man they failed to win in a election.

That, by its self, is bullshit.


It's up to us to stand up & consolidate D.Trump's call of wake up & Unite to throw demons out of power!

Those against D.Trump want us to continue being poor slaves at their mercy!

AU MUST dissolve because they represent/loud/support demons, yet are payed by tax money the oppressed provide!
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0 #25 Akot 2018-01-15 16:32
Lysol, thanks

All those going against D.Trump are against the millions oppressed, poor, illierate, sick without healthcae, the old abandoned to die in villages alone!

How many Africans live in houses like that of museveni-AU leaders-tribal leaders-ministers-shit of mps-UN officials...?

How many Africans can buy food if they don't farm with 18 century farm tools & how many can afford education-healthcare?

Yet, UN-AU & those against D.Trump are not concerned about Africans' miseries & want the world to join them in ensuring Africans remain poor slamves for ever!

Who will fight for our freedom if we join those fighting D.Trump who only wants us to wake up & take our destiny in our hands?
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+1 #26 Betty Nalubega 2018-01-15 18:21
As usual , the media in USA and UK has fooled the gullible.

The International media has deliberately avoided informing those who may not know it that if Trump used the word " shithole" at all , he might have used it rhetorically.

If anyone cared to ignore the rhetoric and ,instead, analytically examined the context in which such words are usually used , one would think twice before calling Trump a racist.

There is nothing Trump has said about African counties that we Africans do not see let alone experience on a daily basis.
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+2 #27 Betty Nalubega 2018-01-15 18:23
Some of us do not notice the difference between a white American who thinks that our countries are shitholes and our black rulers who treat us like we are mere shitholes.

85% + Ugandans said that the constitution should not be ammended. Our ruler ignored the people , rounded up about 320 fans, ordered them to vote "correctly" or there would be other "complicated paths".

Only in a shithole country can such things keep on repeating themselves for 56 years.
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0 #28 Akot 2018-01-15 19:46
Ugthinker, understood, yet,

People Unite to bring change & make sure leaders don't become demons! The more Ugandans stay divided & just watch, the more evil museveni becomes!

Do Ugandans imagine what their life will be when museveni gets complect & totoal control of the country? He is on the verge of going so!

Migrants-refugees have understood & they are Uniting against Brexit-D.Trump, which means if Americans-British don't stand up to defend result of their democratic elections, their countries will become like Uganda: controlled by migrants-refugees!

Is it not migrants-refugees on streets in USA calling D.Trump names?

They don't remember that it was Americans who elected their president & they alone will/can replace him!
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0 #29 Zungulu Zzungulu 2018-01-18 17:21
Madam senorita (with the white woman's maine on her head, Yahya and Takalaya what change have you done to your countries with those "many degrees?

how many Honorable degrees are held by Africans living in their filthy states? why all the hunger, poverty, high death rates, wars, slave trade, sinking in the mediterranean.....etc with all those degrees? why why Africa if not because you are just .....Trump said it!
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