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Pastor Bugembe’s church demolished

Light the World Ministries church owned by a city pastor Wilson Bugembe has been demolished.

The demolition follows the expiry of a two-year temporary permit granted to the church management by Nansana town council.

Pastor Bugembe said that he directed the demolition to avoid a possible clash with town council authorities upon the expiry of the temporary permit on December 27, 2017.

Ugandan 'celebrities' at Pastor Bugembe's church during one of the 'Celebrity Sunday services

Bugembe allays fears that the demolition was on the directives of city authorities. He adds that while tents will be erected in the short run, his plan is to erect a permanent structure which can accommodate up to 6,000 people within the same locality. The demolished structure could accommodate about 2700 believers.
"For the last two years, this church has experienced a tremendous growth and we thank God for that because it's a natural growth. We don’t sell 'holy water', 'holy rice', we don’t sell [candles] or rings or trees. We just read the bible and believe in Jesus. So we realised we needed to break down [so as to] grow. Characteristics of living things [is] they grow. So it is good news for us that the current church is gonna turn into the parking then the church will move down", said Bugembe. 
Bugembe officially started the ministry in 2004.


-1 #1 WADADA rogers 2018-01-02 10:56
So why did you write this article, from the reading of the story, it appears that the Church was demolished by Bugembe himself to pave way for another building.
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0 #2 Melton Mulumba 2018-01-02 17:21
Things that make me go hmmm!!!! Here's a man of God who has powers to directly intercede between ordinary folks &God, only to have the house of worship demolished.

Could it be the work of Satan & its helpers? Mad world.
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