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Resist Museveni life presidency by any means - Besigye

Former Forum for Democratic Change president and presidential candidate, Dr Kizza Besigye has said this week's lifting of age limits and extending the MPs' term tenure amounts to the abrogation of the Constitution, and must be resisted.

Besigye said although as opposition, they believe in nonviolent means of changing government, he personally wouldn’t have any problem if any Ugandan chooses to use other means that are violent.

Addressing a press conference at Katonga road yesterday, Besigye said starting January 9, 2018 they will be rolling out campaigns aimed at resisting what he called the subversion of the will of the people.

“A lot of work is going to be undertaken to prepare for that. You must understand that this is protracted struggle and some people don’t realize the kind of progress this struggle has made. A lot of progress has been made; the mindset of Ugandans has changed, they now know the struggle is theirs”, he said. 

Kizza Besigye addressing the media yesterday

Besigye said even though the highlight of the amendment was probably the reinstatement of term limits, this he added would have no consequence because of the way it was done.

“You cannot use fraud to achieve good; we now have a worthless Constitution. Anything there is of no value because the way it is removed is the way it can be put back,” Besigye said.

He said Ugandans shouldn’t celebrate the apparent 'milestone' as long as Museveni is still interested in being president as nothing can get in his way.

“Once the sanctity of the Constitution has been overthrown, provisions in there make no meaning. I think anybody would be a fool to celebrate term limits in the Constitution.”

However the four-time presidential candidate said that in principle term limits are good, because they get in the way of an incumbent who wants to use his position to advantage himself.  

“Parliament has no power to make them cling to their seats; the power that is abused is the executive power, its money and guns that cause fear. Kenya has had change of leaders but no incumbent has lost power, they only change when the incumbent is not on the paper.

The country that you can say has made a leap is Ghana where the incumbent loses and then hands over power. So the introduction of term limits would have made sense if they said that those who have served two terms shouldn’t serve again,” Besigye said.

Besigye joined a growing section of Ugandans who are criticising the MPs for the amendments, saying it amounted to a coup and subversion of people’s power. He said every Ugandan should join all forms of campaigns to resist what happened.

“The Constitution commands that all citizens of Uganda shall have the right and duty at all times to resist its overthrow. Parliament is perfectly in order to start a campaign provide that all of them are in the answer of the command to restore the effect of the Constitution.”

Besigye added that they will also be supporting all those who will be going to court to resist the amendments. He called on all Ugandans to come together in order to restore the constitutional order.

Speaking at the same press conference Jeema president, Asuman Basalirwa said the ruling party, NRM duped people when they said they were bringing the amendment as an answer to the Supreme court orders and recommendations in the 2016 Amama Mbabazi election petition case.

He said none of the recommendations that the court made were reflected in the bill.

“The amendment in parliament was a fraud. The complaints we made before court in the Amama Mbabazi case had nothing to do with age limit. We have to make choices as a country to confront that fraud,” Basalirwa said.



+3 #11 Abalang 2017-12-25 12:08
As Ugndan's, we need to grow into a new political era.

When we elect MPs who urinate in public, they will also urinate on the freedoms of governance and the liberty of the people to express and effect their demands.

Such MPs do not belong in parliament where national discussions are legislation is enacted.

When we elect MPs who have criminal records or inclinations, simply because they gave you a bottle of waragi, or 2000 shillings (and then they misrepresent you for 5 or now 7 years), they will go to parliament with one same goal--to make money because they know it was their money that voted them in, not really your vote.

How then do you expect them to reflect your views--which are not money--when in fact they went to parliament to make money?

Learn to vote for those leaders who do not dish out cash, but dish out constructive ideas and are vested in their people. I salute the few MPs who stood by their electorate!! Looks like you got your ticket already for the next election.
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0 #12 Akot 2017-12-25 19:08
Abalang, agreed, yet,

As long as museveni stays on, there is no need for mps any more! Present mps who want to work for their people can do so without being in the demoniac government to legitimize it & blind the world that it's democracy working for electorate when the country is musevnei's business that serves only his needs!

Without Unity & that just ONE opposition leader, musevnei is going no where & he will even get more evil if Ugandans elect mps again!
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0 #13 Akot 2017-12-25 19:19
gwok, understood!

As you put it & I will add: Unity will FINISH museveni off & for good! So, will Ugandans put aside their tribal identities, tribal leader stand down & NOW so that museveni is thrown out head long by armless people who just want their country back?

How can a people not at armed war against one another be slaves to a common enemy & provide the demon with tax money in peace & without opposition leadership?

How can a people, even tribally divided, yet will lose EVERYTHING to a demon, stay divided when they can just UNITE & throw the demon out & go for the kind of governance they want without any fighting another?

How can museveni continue to enslave/empovrish Ugandans through a tribalistic system when the demon has no tribal land in the country, yet is going to own the entired zone under our noses?

Then, will our tribalism get back our land from the demon & how?
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+2 #14 Akot 2017-12-25 19:30
[Resist Museveni life presidency by any means - Besigye]

Just ONE opposition leadership is needed to Unite Ugandans for this!

Ugandans hould be reminded that if they Unite & throw museveni out, they will have to either:

- reform the Republic, or as tribal leader hold on to their posts it will have to be

- independent tribal states!

Why should museveni control tribal land riches while people go poor & are thrown out of their rich tribal lands?
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0 #15 WADADA rogers 2017-12-27 09:13
These 22 if they were not playing games are the real heroes of this country, history will judge them correct
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