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Parliament passes age limit bill

Parliament has this afternoon approved a motion for the continuity of the controversial 'age limit' bill, which seeks to lift the cap on the Presidential age from the constitution.

A total of 317 MPs voted in favour of the motion to lift the upper age limit of 75 years while 97 members voted against. Two members abstained from the vote.
NRM's Evelyn Anite voted yes
Voting was  by roll call and tally, in line with rule 89 of the Parliament's Rules of Procedure. The rule stipulates that voting at the second and third readings of the Bill for an Act of Parliament to amend a provision of the Constitution has to be by roll call and tally.
The National Resistance Movement (NRM) party which commands a numerical advantage in the 10th parliament needed 290 votes, constituting two-thirds of the 436 legislators entitled to vote, for the bill to sail through to the next stage.

Parliament has now constituted a committee of the whole House to review the clauses in the bill, and vote on them, one by one. After this stage, the bill will be read for the third time and passed. 


0 #21 Akot 2017-12-21 19:20
Quoting Akot:
Ugandans must by now know museveni wants to have the country for his own people & that no negotiations will lead any where!

Why don't those who United to bring the demon in Reunite NOW & throw him out before he throws every Ugandan out of even tribal lands?

Is 32 years not long enough for Ugandans to understand museveni will not stop tryingn to own the country, unless stopped in UNITY?}

And sn said:

[A people united cannot be defeated!]

The rest of the world know this has been proved as the only solution to throw dictators-bad rulers out & Ugandans are no exception to this, unless they want museveni to go on!
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-1 #22 Akot 2017-12-21 19:25
As things are, Kato is so right!

Ugandans are greedy, selfish, tribalistic, mediocres and what have you. they will never unite. and M7 has used the status quo to his advantage to rule his kingdom for ever!

very few countries can allow a leader to abuse them the way its in Uganda]

Ugandans have joined N.Koreans & will be reduced to even more poor state than now when museveni finally completes conquest of the country! Then, even MPs won't have the 7 years they have awarded themselves without earning the right to because they work for museveni/themselves & not for electorate!
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+2 #23 Edward mukyanda 2017-12-21 21:20
Absurd. One says he is removing age limits because they are discriminative, but then reinstates term limits which are equally discriminative, watering away their argument.

Do we have any ability to reason in our heads???????????

God, only you can save Uganda
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0 #24 Lakwena 2017-12-22 10:17
Quoting Akot:
Juma Kato,

Why are Ugandans keeping museeni in power even knowing he is doing his best to own the country & make every Ugandan a refugee-foreigner?

Museveni has shut up every defiance & will get our country, yet we are locked in his age bill & there is no National opposition leadership while the tribalistic system keeping the demon in place is held intact by Ugandans!!!

Akot, M7's vanity will soon or later come to an end. Qaddafi thought he owned Libya, the Libyans and the oil.

But as fate had it on 20th October 2011, the man was shocked at being sodomized with a bayonet, by the very Libyans he thought he owned.
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0 #25 Lakwena 2017-12-22 10:40
Hitler thought he would own Europe. But as fate had it, he blew himself up in a bunker.

Saddam thought he owned Iraq and wanted to annex Kuwait: but that was his Waterloo. he was hanged like an old dog, on the eve of Ramathan.

Therefore it is not a prophecy of doom that Mr. M7 will one day be shocked out of his delusion, that actually he is a nobody as far as this short life of ours is concerned.
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0 #26 Zaitun 2017-12-24 15:58
As responsible country men and women, we the real owners of this country SHOULD STOP PAYING TAXES so that these so-called NRM men and women whose appetite knows no frontiers should stop playing with us.

We pay them, house then, cloth them, buy them expensive vehicules, pay for the fees of their numerous children in overseas Universities... But what do we get in return?

Smelling, rotten insults that come around, hitting us in the face!!!

Time has come for us to come together and drive them down the sewages. We only need coherent, political and structured organisation to drive them out of our midst.
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