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Museveni has hijacked age limit bill - Opposition

As a group of mainly NRM members of the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee travelled to State House Entebbe to interview
President Museveni on the age limit amendment bill, some opposition members of the committee accused the president of hijacking the process.

MPs Mathias Mpuuga (Masaka Municipality) , Medard Lubega Sseggona (Busiro East) and the ‘rebel’ NRM counterpart Theodore Ssekikubo (Lwemiyaga) addressed a hastily organised press conference at which they accused the committee chairman Jacob Oboth-Oboth (West Budama South) of acting on Museveni’s demands.

Oboth-Oboth on Monday called a closed committee meeting, during which he communicated to the members that the planned upcountry hearings had been put off since there is no money to facilitate the activity.

Mathias Mpuuga and Medard Sseggona (R) addressing the press

Oboth-Oboth also told the committee that Museveni had agreed to interface with the committee on Tuesday afternoon to give his views on the Igara West MP Raphael Magyezi’s bill that seeks to amend Article 102(b) of the constitution.

The Article is the only remaining legal hurdle to the extension of Museveni’s more than three decades hold onto power.

“We take with serious exception any allusion to the fact that there is no money to facilitate a very critical national exercise, but the same Parliament has money to dole out to MPs but cannot afford to do a dire minimum for the committee to carry out a very serious activity,” Mpuuga said during the press conference at Parliament.

According to Mpuuga, Oboth-Oboth told the committee that Parliament had availed money for the committee to go into a retreat and compile a report on Magyezi bill within five days. This, the Masaka municipality legislator said, is irregular since seven members of the committee are out of the country on official Parliamentary duties.

“We also take exception to the fraudulent and irregular manner in which six new MPs were added to the Legal [and Parliamentary affairs] committee alone and not any other committee. All the MPs that have just joined Parliament, and have not even afforded their maiden speech have been added to the committee; of course for the purposes of getting more signatures for this particular bill,” Mpuuga said.

Last week, government Chief Whip Ruth Nankabirwa assigned more MPs to the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee bringing the committee’s membership to 29, seemingly in response to NRM fears that they could be lacking the support of the majority of the committee membership.

On October 31, Magyezi, the bill’s mover, stormed out of the committee after committee members forced him to take an oath, citing his past record in the ninth Parliament when forging a report on KCCA wrangles.

Surprised by the conduct of its own members on the committee, the NRM pushed for the committee to be replaced but failed to convince the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga.


To Mpuuga, the current developments confirm their long held belief that their Igara West counterpart is simply the bill’s conduit.

“This bill is essentially a Mr Museveni bill and Magyezi was used just as a conduit. Why the hurry to go and meet Mr Museveni? We of course agree that bonafide, he can address the committee on this bill and other matters but this should have been the last exercise, not the first before consulting with Ugandans because this constitution is a contract between Ugandans and their leadership,” Mpuuga said.

He asked the committee leadership to delay the retreat until other committee members return from their foreign trips than turning the committee into an avenue for rubber stamping the interests of a single individual.

Ssekikubo accused Oboth-Oboth of allowing to be used as a hatchet man for the passing of “the Museveni bill” instead of the Constitutional amendment bill.

“We shall not allow the six MP who were appendaged to the committee for purposes of getting a majority in the committee to append their signatures on a report whose hearings they have not been part of,” Ssekikubo said.

Sseggona, the shadow Justice and Constitutional affairs minister said that despite the ongoing machinations, the MPs opposed to the amendment will continue to fight the bill.

“As you may be aware, they are trying to rush the process because some bonafide Ugandans including the Leader of Opposition in
Parliament [Winfred Kiiza] have challenged the process in the courts of law and what they [government] are trying to do is to circumvent a due process,” Sseggona said.

Sseggona said that the MPs opposed to the amendment would shun the retreat and work on their own which they will table as a minority report.



0 #1 Akot 2017-12-05 21:01
Museveni has not only hijacked age limit bill, but

- office of Mayor of Kampala,
- parliament too!

Tribal leaders MUST stand down & ALL MUST UNITE & throw museveni out, before he throws Ugandans out of the country!

What is so difficult for Ugandans here?

Brussels is like museveni & believes UK belongs to that eveil-destructive union & UK has no right to defy it, just as museveni in Uganda!

Yet, there are still naive British who don't see their existence from now on lies in them being a real Nation directing their business without making UK the lame country that cannot/must not go on without Brussels!

I do hope British are not like Ugandans who don't see things the way they should!...
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0 #2 Akot 2017-12-05 21:04
...Unity for British as for Ugfandans is the only way out to end being molested-spat on-made laughing stock... in their own countries with no right to go on!

Power belongs to Ugandans & British in their countries & without being in full control, museveni & Brussels will reduce these 2 countries to what they want NOTHING & I remember EU boss already said UK was from now on NOTHING!

Ugandans must by now know their only chance of survival lies in UNTIY against their common enemy who has turned them against one another/rules through tribalistic system, while using them as fire balls against one another!...
Report to administrator
+1 #3 Akot 2017-12-05 21:11
...Oh, Brussels, like museveni, counts on division of British to bring UK to complete standstil/disaray with the people so confused & forgetting their only chance is through UNITY, instead of fighting themselves as Ugandans do!

Are British going to be like Ugandans, because there is no difference between museveni & Brussels, you go by what they or you are crashed-destroyed-eliminated-erased...!

UK problem, like Ugandan one can only be solved through UNITY & this cannot wait much longer because museveni & Brussels are demons that do not accept defiance; you are their slaves doing as they want or you are good for the pit toilet!

British must not underestimate the anger caused by wanting to be a real nation running their affaires without Brussels dictating!...
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0 #4 Akot 2017-12-05 21:17
...Oh, Brussels counts on division of British to bring UK to complete standstil/disaray with the people so confused & forgetting their only chance is in UNITY & NOW, instead of fighting themselves as Ugandans do!

Don't British see how Brussels is happy with Ugandans being slaves of museveni & helping them resettle refugees-migrants they don't want in Europe?

Are British going to be like Ugandans, because there is no difference between museveni & Brussels: you go by them or you are crashed-destroyed-eliminated-erased...!

Brussels power hunger has turned European democracy into dictatorship of another kind, but UK has chance to regain it's dignity & position in world throuth Unity for common purpose: stop Brussels sinking UK!

Do Ugandans want their country or are they letting museveni have it?
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+1 #5 Kent Mawa 2017-12-05 21:49
If Museveni summons MPs for an official meeting and he offers them money , that money is a bribe .

Lets stop beating about the bush.
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+1 #6 Lakwena 2017-12-06 10:04
For the moment, by hook or crook, Mr. M7 may have things his way. But in 2021, who will vote for this arrogant man and his "people", is the mother of all question.

E.g., there is this nasty audio spat between the Bahiima and the Mwiru (other Nayankole and Bakiga) on Social Media, which has gone viral.

The spat and nastiness has even spilt over onto the rest of Ugandans; as Ugandans from other part of the country have been lumped together with the Mwiru who are referred to as fecal matter.

In other words, except at gun point, only the his tribesmen and idiots from among the rest of Ugandans will vote for M. M7 in 2021.
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+1 #7 WADADA rogers 2017-12-06 11:27
How can any one hijack his own project, it was his from the on set
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0 #8 Akot 2017-12-06 20:07
Kent Mawa,

No president any where would give money to any one & remain in office, except in a country ruled by a thief-looter who owns that country & has no account to render to any one!

I do not understand Ugandans!
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0 #9 Akot 2017-12-06 20:13
Lakwena, understood, yet,

Even if Ugandans don't vote in 2021, museveni will still win!

Is it not time Ugandans join the living world & Unite to throw museveni out then go back to their tribalism, but withut the demon?

Why do Ugandans want museveni to own the entire zone when they can throw him out them go seperate ways without any one fighting another?

How much is museveni giving tribal leaders?
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