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Museveni praises KCCA councillors for defying Lukwago

President Yoweri Museveni has applauded Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and urban division councillors who defied a council resolution to attend a one-week leadership training at National Leadership Institute (NALI), Kyankwanzi.
The leadership training started on November 21 to November 28. When Kampala minister Beti Kamya announced the training schedule, city Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago convened a council meeting on November 8 which vetoed it. Lukwago argued that the training could not be described as a KCCA event since it had not been authorised by his office.
As the political head of the institution, Lukwago asserted that Kamya's motive of organising the training without the mayor's authority was inconsistent with the provisions of the KCCA Act, 2010. However, a section of councillors led by NRM's Bruhani Byaruhanga who represents Kyambogo University attended the training.

President Museveni addresssing KCCA councillors at State House

Byaruhanga says a total of 12 councillors went to Kyankwanzi. With the addition of urban division councillors from Kampala Central, Rubaga, Nakawa, Kawempe and Makindye urban councils, the number went up to 218 councillors according to a letter issued by Kamya.
The councillors met Museveni on Friday at State House, Entebbe. Museveni told the councillors that it's good they defied the resolution and broke away from people who never wanted them to attend.
"Those who think leadership is like flu that is caught will make you fall into trouble…it is good that you defied the resolution and broke yourselves away from those people who did not want to help you," said Museveni.
He urged them to encourage the youth to find ways of fitting into the four sectors of agriculture, industries, services and Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) in order to create wealth and employment for themselves.
"Leaders are like doctors. If you find a sick person, you advise them. Encourage youth to find employment in these sectors because minus that, you will have betrayed your people. If a youth is wearing a red band [symbol against lifting presidential age limit], which sector is that?" he asked.
He also asked councillors to be alert and use political pressure to advocate for more fund allocation into the youth and women funds. Museveni says a lot of money was being wasted into irrelevant expensive trips abroad by their leaders.
KCCA executive director Jennifer Musisi last month introduced a number of austerity measures including reducing foreign travels as the institution battles low revenue collection.
Byaruhanga says they were equipped with political, economic and military training. He says the training helped them to appreciate the roles they should play in transforming Kampala.


0 #11 Empayippayi 2017-12-04 03:30
Quoting kabayekka:
Is this African Chairman of a political party encouraging citizens' rebellion outside of his party or as well inside his most obedient party?

Well, Monsieur Museveni is ageing quite rapidly although he won't admit the fact!

It's a natural process for goodness sake, let him go and rest before we force him to do so, if he's bloody lucky......................
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0 #12 Lakwena 2017-12-04 08:35
If "defiance" is against KCCA Act, 2010 and Mayor, Lukwago, it is a good thing. But if it is opposition's defiance against Mr. M7/NRM draconian leadership, it is a crime.

In other words, except his inherent criminality, what else does Mr. M7 think he is?
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0 #13 Phalanch 2017-12-04 12:36
[quoting "Lakwena"
In other words, except his inherent criminality, what else does Mr. M7 think he is?[/quote

He is the Breeding ground of all Uganda's problems as we speak to nation it's sucidal .
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0 #14 Sam Bakubye 2017-12-04 17:16
If the councillors act of going to Kyankwanzi, is in defiance of the KCCA Act, then the Lord Mayor should pick up his rod and apply it to the councillors before they get spoilt.

Let him assert his power!
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0 #15 Akot 2017-12-04 20:25
dembula, agreed, yet,

Would museveni be spitting on Ugandans if they Unite against him & block him/throw him our of State House?

Museveni has brought almost every one on his side or silenced those who say NO to him, even MPs!

With Unity of Ugandans & no more tax money for the demon, whould he still be there?
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0 #16 Akot 2017-12-04 20:30
kabayekka, understood, yet,

Museveni is only paving way to make Uganda his land, under the nose of every body!

Independence is brought about by a people who want it & they Unite to get it!

Ugandans must now surely know the outside world consider Uganda a very peaceful prosperous country under museveni!

If this is not so, then it's up to Ugandans to let the world know their truth!
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0 #17 Akot 2017-12-04 20:33
kirya, agreed, then,

Why is he still in power preparing the next 30 years & with a people working in peace for him to have the tax money, while there is no opposition leadership to Unite Ugandans for common purpose against the demon who wants to own their country?
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0 #18 Akot 2017-12-04 20:38
Lysol, agreed, yet,

This is what makes museveni more dangerous than before!

Tribal leaders MUST stand down & NOW so that Ugandans Unite & throw museveni out, then go for the kind of governance they want, in peace!

Ugandans MUST stop museveni & time is running out, more so there is no opposition leadership while our continued tribal allegience is guarantee for museveni's future of owner of Uganda!

Ugandans MUST stop being stupid-naive-unconcerned... about the future of their children!
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0 #19 Akot 2017-12-04 20:50
It's time to remind us of what Lakwena said in answer to Akot's "These young are not suspects, but citizens robbed of their future by museveni!

Akot, because of M7, millions of Ugandan youths are in a state of heart-breaking lock-down. many graduates, who are now past 35, can't get a job and start a family; simply because they will only multiply and spread poverty and more misery.

In other words, whoever supports M7 continuity past 75, is heartless and a criminal first class. The arrested youth were simply wishing M7 death, but M7 has personally killed, and caused the demise of million lives, in the Great Lake region.}

In short, there will never be a future for Ugandans unless museveni is thrown out in Unity, more so he has no tribal land to fight back from: he has overstayed & abused Ugandan's kindness/invitation!
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0 #20 Akot 2017-12-04 20:55
Phalanch, yet,

The entire world is waiting to see if Uganda is really 'one people one Uganda' & this can only be shown by Unity that will block museveni/throwing him our of State House!

Not to forget Uganda won't renew museveni's passport after!
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