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Massive queues at Namboole for free yellow fever vaccination

Ugandans have responded massively to the National Medical Stores’ two-week free vaccination offer that started on Tuesday this week. The queues started from the nearby roads, snaking into Namboole stadium.

The vaccination costs about Shs 100,000 or more at health facilities around city. The vaccination is a requirement for travelers before they are allowed into some countries including Uganda, South Africa among others. The free vaccination offer runs fron November 28 to December 8.

The queues start from the nearby roads and then snake into the stadium
Medical personnel take records of some of the people who turned up for the vaccination
A nurse vaccinating people against yellow fever
The queues snaked into the stadium
One girl's fear for the injection is written allover her face


+1 #1 Akot 2017-12-02 20:27
Uganda has really changed: before Dr Obote was overthrown by Amin, we used to get vaccinations at schools, while parents go to local dispencaries!

We never got any vaccinations during Amin!

When museveni came on, there was established dates for delivery of medicine to all dispencaries-hospitals in the country!

Why did Uganda allow museveni to destroy the little they have without better alternative?

Even Kampala City had vaccination services right in the City before museveni came on stage!
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