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Explosive speech that cost Muntu the FDC presidency

On Friday FDC delegates gathered at the Mandela National Stadium in Namboole to elect their new party president and when the last vote was counted, GEN MUGISHA MUNTU was no longer the party president of the largest opposition politi- cal party.

Delegates whom this newspaper spoke to talked about Muntu’s attack on Kizza Besigye who is believed to have been the engine behind Patrick Amuriat Oboi as reason the four star general lost.

But what did he say? Baker Batte Lule was part of the audience and brings to you the slightly abridged speech of Muntu that last about 19 minutes and 31 seconds.

In FDC we have a practice of competing for the presidency and also the flag bearer something that has been lacking in this country for 54 years.

We are giving solutions to the problems of this country through these democratic processes; we in the FDC were are introducing and I’m glad to say that Muntu who is speaking in front of you now my fingerprints are all over these processes...This country is at crossroads again, the level of corruption are so deep ...the country is up for sale, there is no equality before the law.

An ordinary person now cannot afford to take his kids to good schools even when they can and send them to university they come back they cannot get employment.

The level of frustration in this country deserves change, corruption; Shs 500 million stolen every year, infrastructure is broken down, no drugs in hospitals, injustices, stealing of people’s land, there is pain in the population; you can almost touch it... there is nothing new I’m saying many of you a conversant with that.

Our country is in deep problems and it requires change, but it must also be qualitative change because we have had change before.

With us all together we need to focus. FDC is positioned as we speak to be the salvation of this country. To create an environment in which we can resolve the problems that have oppressed us for 54 years.

There is no individual that can solve the problems facing this country; it can be only through institutions with internal systems that function that can be able when you put it behind a colleague to be able to solve the problems facing this country.

We need the FDC to become an actor in the change process which is inevitable...We need to start the process of building branches at the village level, at the parish level at the sub county level.

Those are the main focus and in the next few years we must have achieved 100 percent at all those three levels. What we must focus on is strengthening ourselves to be able to manage change in this country.

We must put the organization of FDC just like they did in parliament the other day and exploit that opportunity so that we keep pushing this regime... We need to do branding, branding, branding. How many of you were in Serena in 2014?

You remember we launched what we called the policy agenda, it was in response to the propaganda that was going on in this country at that time that FDC is a one agenda party that our focus was to remove Museveni.

We have not been able to exploit the necessary branding that we wanted to do so that FDC acquire its brand regardless of whether it is Museveni there or somebody else.

You see what happened in Zimbabwe Mugabe is no more; I don’t know whether MDC had positioned its self or whether it had built its own identity regardless of whether Mugabe is there or not.

Mugabe has gone but it’s the same infrastructure that has been oppressing the people that is there and now ... don’t put feelings in politics.

We are well positioned to take leadership in this country but we must build our own identity not based on Museveni because Museveni might wake up in a comma and does no longer exist so if we don’t build ourselves an identity we might find ourselves in an identity crisis.

We want to go fundraising but then we cannot this unless we resolve our internal contradictions. I’ m glad to say that we have moved a long distance to stabilize the party and therefore...give me another five years to concentrate on that. We must position FDC to ensure that we retain the members whom we have we have a strategy of expansion have candidates for councilors of LCV and chairperson and MPs so that we can prepare them early and have early primaries...

We must ensure that we relate with others in the change process internal as well as external change is inevitable but we must have a change and FDC we are the core of that process we would like to focus on that as well.

Ugandans must look at us and say that is a party of mature people, a party with internal capabilities to manage internal contradictions, a party they can trust. If this regime collapses before the next election that would be the shortest route but we must be organized to mange that power.

Our main objective is not power but to use that power responsibly for good governance... Many of you here are focusing on Hon Patrick Amuriat, Malcom Matsiko and Moses Byamugisha because we are the candidates but don’t forget that this country has had party presidents and presidents of the country itself so it is not the individual who matters... in our case this is the fourth record to be.

I hear some say Muntu has killed the party. Look at these journalists here why do you think they are here?

Why is there a ray of journalists here? Because; let me tell you for those of you who might not be capable of analysis we have positioned ourselves as a party that is attractive...We killed one another in the 1960s, 1980s let’s hope that where we are heading we are not going to another bloodletting.

I have subordinated my own individual interest to a collective interest of our people. I don’t concentrate on promoting myself but I concentrate on promoting the party...I have heard my colleague Patrick who says that there are internal contradictions in the party that he wants to come in and manage them but let me tell you that before you come and manage these internal conflicts you need to know the source of those conflicts.

I’m glad Dr Kizza Besigye you are seated here, I’m very glad. 2009 we competed with you, you won and I went behind you without even a question, 2010 were competing for flag bearer you won, I didn’t question I went behind you.

In 2015 incidentally I was already party president we competed, you got the flag Dr Kizza Besigye I saw you were fearful you didn’t know what was going to happen. You remember what I said when I stood on the platform, I told you I’m a democrat, I accept people’s choices I side, I will swing behind Dr Kizza Besigye.  Did I do that or not? Don’t put feeling in politics.

In 2012, I defeated colleagues and they stood on this platform and conceded defeat but within a week I got a petition from the chairman of the campaign Hon Rubaramira Ruranga saying the election was rigged.

We spent one and half years trying to resolve that. I was already in the position I would have resisted that but I didn’t do that. Then after that another team came and said my term was supposed to be of three years we resolved that.

Since 2012 we have not seen stability since people couldn’t accept a loss and unfortunately Patrick, the people who couldn’t accept a loss are the people behind you. I want to know today for sure whether the people of FDC either trust me or not.

I don’t want to be a bother to you ladies and gentlemen...I’m a military man when you are on the front and you have soldiers if you don’t have trust you can’t win that war. The Bible says whatever man sows so shall he reap...



-2 #1 WADADA rogers 2017-11-27 08:27
Prophetic words from Muntu, Patrick has sawed a very bad seed, guess it will germinate to give him a bad fruit and since he planted it, he must eat it.

I hope Besigye will not come back trying to aspire for FDC Presidential candidate for 2021.
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+4 #2 WADADA rogers 2017-11-27 08:31
Indeed unlike Besigye, Muntu did not seek to promote his own name but that of the party, "..I have heard my colleague Patrick who says that there are internal contradictions in the party that he wants to come in and manage them but let me tell you that before you come and manage these internal conflicts you need to know the source of those conflicts"

Certainly, the source of the problem is Besigye who wants to leave a personal legacy at the expense of FDC.
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+1 #3 Rwot 2017-11-27 14:32
I warned you years ago, Besigye thinks he is an angel somewhere there, he does not care that peoples property are being spoilit because he wants to be a president and fulfill Byanyimas dream of becoming first lady and have a ga at Janet who made her miss out. good leader guides his sheep to safety.

Munt has promoted the party diligently but Besigye wants to be a patriarch. Look over the world, you lose twice, you let others try. Any difference between Besigye and Museveni?
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-1 #4 Zungulu Zzungulu 2017-11-27 15:22
Quoting WADADA rogers:
Prophetic words from Muntu, Patrick has sawed a very bad seed, guess it will germinate to give him a bad fruit and since he planted it, he must eat it.

I hope Besigye will not come back trying to aspire for FDC Presidential candidate for 2021.

What happened to South Africa even after Nelson Mandela left the presidency? are South Africans not still yearning for such a cult leader?

Zuma, mbeki have all failed to make such cult following? are South Africans deluded? I think they only yearn for a people's leader, someone who understands their problems, tries to bring change, not a spendthrift on self, may be you need to ask yourself why FDC has been losing all the lower seats e.g District Council seat?

what has happened to the institution building then for the last five years?
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0 #5 Didaz 2017-11-27 20:13
Muntu needs time to process whats happened.We may as well share our different perspectives.

There is always more than one factor for one to stare defeat in the face for example; being out of their depth,not reading the mood of the people,appearing as low energy, previously being one of the establishment and so on.

Usually the most compelling reason is unspoken.
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