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Mugabe makes first public appearence since military takeover

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe arrived at a university graduation ceremony in the capital on Friday, his first public appearance since a military seizure of power that political sources say is aimed at ending his 37 years in office.

According to Reuters, wearing a blue and yellow academic gown and mortar board hat, the 93-year-old sat in large wooden chair at the front the hall. He was greeted by ululations from the crowd as he declared the ceremony open.

The president, who has been under house arrest, capped more than 1,000 graduands amid reports that the military is still negotiation for his ouster.

Bishop Paul Verryn of the Johannesburg Methodist Church told VOA Studio 7 that Mugabe is likely to stay in office until December.

“Apparently, some of my sources indicate that they are wanting Mr. Mugabe to remain in authority until December and then he will retire and handover to another president. I believe that his wife, this is supposed to be one of the deals, will remove herself from the running … I’m not sure how true that is …”

He claimed that President Jacob Zuma’s envoys would ensure a smooth transition. Bishop Verryn expressed fears that the unfolding political drama in Zimbabwe may lead to the creation of an autocratic state.

Zanu PF is planning to hold an Exra Ordinary Congress in December, which initially was targeted at elevating Mrs Grace Mugabe to the position of vice president.

Indications are that Zanu PF delegates at the congress will vote for a new president. Sacked Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who allegedly enjoys a lot of military support, is expected to take over from Mugabe as the next president.


0 #11 Akot 2017-11-18 14:58
Abalang, understood, yet,

How & who will put things right so that this kind story is told when those of Mugabe's age are long dead & they young only knew him & no other?

Let's not forget that life span of Zimbabweans is 45 years & they look 60 at that age!

How many who are museveni's age are still alive in Uganda & how old are those who United to bring in him now & in what physical/financial state are they?

How is it normal mugabe goes for holidays in S.Africa when Zimbabweans he made so so poor come to the same country for just chance to survive?
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0 #12 Akot 2017-11-18 15:12
The steps taken by Zimbabwe army is not illegal, but realistic: the ruling party is there thanks to armed struggle that gave chance to Independence: the army has not taken over but locked down/asked mugabe to stand down!

Mugabe refused & now the army is going to let parliament go for impeachment: both Mugabe's party & opposition agree with this!

Now Zimbabweans MUST come out in UNITY, to support parliament in the move to set the ball rolling for the country & it's future!

Have we forgotten T.Blair's labour party had to come in to force him to stand down & another membner takes over, for the sake of the country?

Zimbabweans MUST UNITE NOW for the sake of their children, opposition today will only bring division-chaos-war & this is not necessary - Zimbabweans are so so tired & need peaceful start!
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0 #13 Akot 2017-11-18 15:19
Wooden K.,

Have you seen how Kenya was calm for 10 days while Odinga was out on holidays in USA & the moment he gets back, Kenya is on fire?

Odinga can only be happy when his country is on fire! How can an old opposition leader who didn't dare rerun for presidency, be so cruel & use the young to destroy the future?
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0 #14 Akot 2017-11-18 15:27
ricardo nyanza, agreed.

Now we know to whom the future belongs to in Zimbabwe really!

Mugabe is 93 & life span for Zimbabweans is 45 years!

Well Ugandans' life span is 50 years! But Ugandans are locked in museveni's age bill, while the demon is making Ugandans even put in question their belonging to their land as if it's us the migrants!
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+1 #15 Wooden K. 2017-11-18 16:41
Greetings to you Ricardo Nyanza !

I Ssebo , I am not kupowaring .
In one of my philosophies, I declared that Zambia will have a new president by christmas. I don`t know why Observer did not print that one.

I have also said that at 93 , Mugabe is a small baby again. Like a stubborn babies do , he is resisting to go to bed.

It is just a matter of days , if not hours, before all the lullubies from all corners put him to sleep.

-----and Africa will go ahead with one despot less....
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0 #16 Akot 2017-11-18 18:44
Wooden K., how are you?

I wonder how long it takes for Mugabe's wife to toilet him & take him to bed! I am sure if she left the old baby in the bath, he would drown: too old & not able to get out alone!

This is may be why she wanted so much to be the next president & feel a real woman & not a baby sitter!

Yet, we must be proud of what Zimbabweans are doing now, even if it took them so so long to wake up!

Let's hope Ugandans won't wait any longer, more so, mseveni is not mugable who cannot own his country, while museveni can own Uganda & make Ugandans migrants-foreigners-slaves... forever!

How many Ugandans who were 30 when museveni came in are still alive/living well/in good health?
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+1 #17 Wooden K. 2017-11-18 19:04
Kopango nyako aper Akot !

Odinga should have suggested and fought for federo. Kenya is tribal place like Uganda.

Instead of Odinga ordering his Lou tribesmen who live rotting lives in Kibera slum to hit the streets and riot in Nairobi , he would do better by developing Kisumu so that no Lous would need to immigrate like that.

Odinga`s time is up.
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0 #18 ricardo nyanza 2017-11-19 00:16
Amen! N it's Zimbabwe.
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0 #19 Akot 2017-11-19 17:19
Wooden K., thanks!

Odinga is not different from Acholi tribal leader: you know luo & Acholi are brothers who disagreed & the other went to Kenya while the other remained in Uganda!

See how Acholi tribal leader ignored museveni killing his own people while he lived so well with hand outs from museveni!

What did Odinga do for these poor young after they klilled people for him in 2007/8? Odinga even didn't go to see them when he shared power with Kibaki!

Leadership for Odinga is destruction & he uses poor desperate young while he enjoyes the drama! Has Odigna not been in USA on holidays?

I agree with you Wooden K.: Kenyans are in better position than Ugandans for federal states; their country is not under colonisation by a migrant who wants a country for his own people!

If Ugandans don't Unite & throw museveni out, he will own the zone & throw them out!
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