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Doctors strike: no salary increment, unshakeable gov’t insists

Minister of Health Jane Ruth Aceng

The minister of Health, Jane Ruth Aceng, says government will maintain the current salaries of all medical workers in the country until a comprehensive salary structure review of all public servants.

Aceng disclosed this on Wednesday at press conference held at the government owned Media Center on the ongoing strike by medical doctors across the country.

The medical doctors laid down their tools at midnight on Monday to compel government to give them a pay rise and improve their welfare. They vowed not to resume work until government addresses their concerns. 

The health workers want government to increase the salary of medical interns from Shs 960,000 to Shs 8.5 million. They also want medical and teaching assistants to earn Shs 15 million, get a two-bedroom house and a 2.5cc vehicle. 

They also want government to pay a senior consultant doctor or professor Shs 48 million including allowances; provide them a five-bedroom house, 4.0cc vehicle and three domestic workers. Currently, a senior consultant doctor earns about Shs 3.4 million, consultant Shs 2.6 million, and a medical officer Shs 1.1 million.

The doctors also want salaries for nurses and midwives enhanced to about Shs 6.5 million besides providing them a three-bedroomed house, 2.0cc vehicle and one domestic worker. However, Aceng says government will only act once the salary harmonization process is completed. 

David Karubanga, Public Service state minister, says they will engage Uganda Medical Workers' Union and Uganda Nurses and Midwives Union on the doctor's strike.


0 #11 KK 2017-11-09 20:47
Quoting muhereza dan:
just like any other public servants who are demanding for a salary pay rise the Drs are right to do so but they seem to be over demanding. they need to be realistic in their demands so that it carries meaning.

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0 #12 Phalanch 2017-11-10 00:53
Where in the world can entire nation go without medication and u say there is a govn't , as people are dying across the nation, Rugunda got the guts to preach about RACISM as reason to remove age limit !!!!! ???

Evidently this shades a clear picture to Ugandans on who are the racists of this nation.

Lets not wait for change but help in bringing about it.
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0 #13 A k mukasa 2017-11-10 03:41
Those in position to enhance the wellbeing of improve doctors go abroad for treatment or go to private doctors.

They don’t care if doctors go hungry as long as they continue to provide a substandard service to the wanaichi to keep the wanaichi quiet.

The only profession to benefit from Museveni’s 31 year misrule are the politicians thus the reason why everyone wants to be one.

They are paid so well to either keep quiet or whip are professionals into line.
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